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S not wrong This book claims to be Zoella s or Zoe Suggs debut novel which before I even start the review was very unlikely to have been written by her at all This book screams GHOSTWRITER or GREAT EDITING TEAM It feels like Zoe s had the idea for the story "written a couple of pages and then left the story building to the team at Penguin The narrative "a couple of pages and then left the story building to the team at Penguin The narrative disjointed and it s clear from the style "of writing that this was not written by Zoe alone It "writing that this was not written by Zoe alone It to be a novel which by definition means fiction However this book is almost a mirror image of Zoe s life a girl who lives in Brighton runs a blog has anxiety Very disappointed with this book I found the plot to be extremely predictable and unoriginal while the writing was ust mediocre at best To sum it up in one word boring I m a fan of Zoe s but I think it s a shame that there are tons of hard working writers out there who never get their works published while Zoe has barely showed any passion for writing and gets a best seller I also don t believe she wrote this book herself in 6 months but had a ghost writer If this book had some unknown authors name on the cover there would not be nearly as much praise and admiration for it But because Zoe s name is on it everyone thinks its the best book ever written Well I read it as soon as it came out and the truth is it is ust very basic and unoriginal I mean don t get me wrong I don t hate zoella and I don t really love her I m neutral However what truly annoys me is all these you m neutral However what truly annoys me is all these you getting book deals ust because they are famous and deluded teens are likely to buy them in the bid to satisfy their inner fangirlboy Really talented writers are being denied the opportunity to publish their works and also give us readers books that will appease the insatiable thirst we have for well written books It is sad that publishers do not care whether the works produced are good or can be classed as a well written literary book sadly now it s all about the money And no I haven t read the book but the only way to write a review was to rate it on the app so it s a 1 star from methis was written early in the morning so I am terribly sorry for the grammar and lack punctuationcue public backlash in 54321UPDATE 07122014 I have now read the book and it s still a 1 from me I love how they add Siobhan Curham now after everyone finds out its ghost written Okay I didn t actually finish it I got about 50 something pages in and gave up I ust marked it as read for filing purposes This book was ust so cheesy and it did that thing where the writer ghost writer in this case is so obviously an adult but is trying to write as if she was a teenager ex he was the walking selfie Also the main character Penny is the run of the mill YA female protagonist with her freckles and crazy red hair and clumsiness it New Plant Parent: Learn the Ways of Plant Parenthood just didn t do anything for me I really like Zoe Sugg as a YouTuber and obviously this was based off of her life but I didn t like it in book form I think this could have been a lot stronger if it didn t try so hard to be so relatable and whatnot Oh well at least I tried I like Zoe s YouTube channel but Iust don t see this book as being any good the plot is unoriginal with the whole anonymous blog thing that we ve seen a million times before in books Let s face it she only got this deal because of her fame had she submitted it to a publisher without being well known would it still be being released I m not sure 455 ok i m rating this book purely on entertainment and not about how well it was written or who it was written by none of that stuff and i gotta say this book is pretty darn entertaining I read the first 100 pages in one sitting and the next 200ish in another sitting and i ust couldn t put it down it came to a surprise to me because i actually wasn t expecting to like this book as much as i did I thought this book was addicting and cute and entertaining I haven t picked up a book since september and this book definitely helped me get out of a slump and fall back in love with reading. A percebe ue está se apaixonando e escreve sobre cada momento dessa história em seu blog de maneira anônima Só ue Noah também tem um segredo ue ameaça arruinar o disfarce de Penny para sempr.

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Find all of my reviews at THIS is the book that broke the record for highest first week sales of all time leaving Harry Potter in its wake Here s what Professor Snape thinks about that And here s what I think I picked up Girl Online for the simple fact that it was breaking sales records left and right I had certainly never heard of Zoella before And then Then I found out the author maybe seems she didn t even write this piece of garbage at this point was someone who became famous via You Tube No offense to all you YouTubers out there but someone who became famous for vlogging is you YouTubers out there but someone who became famous for vlogging is someone I would automatically euate with having the ability to write a novel Lucky for us all not this is the age where every Joe Blow seems to be getting an automatic extension on their 15 minutes of fame in order to make an extra dollar or twelveBut like I said I didn t know anything about this book or the author upon starting When I read the synopsis I figured I would at least enjoy this little story I read and like a lot of young adult selections and I m 100% addicted to a certain program about a girl with a blog For those of you who like me are unfamiliar with this book the premise is as follows Penny is your average awkward teenager She s a little clumsy and a lot unsure about her looks In order to connect with others like herself Penny starts a blog called GirlOnline where she can express herself anonymously All is well until she starts blogging about a mystery man she met and romanced while visiting New York City with her family and it turns out he is not only a little famous but also has a famous girlfriend to bootSounds clich d but potentially adorable right Yeah notsamuch While the clich s and overused storyline could have been forgiven the horrible writing and terrible characters cannot Some of my issues were1 This blog by an anonymous rando goes from zero to 10715 followers in less than a year The problem She writes about NOTHING ust her day to day bullshit life There s no way she d get that kind of following Now THIS chick She s someone who deserves a following HI LAR IOUS2 Absentee parents This "TIME AROUND THEY ARE DISGUISED AS OVERWORKED PARTY PLANNERS "around they are disguised as overworked party planners they still let their 15 year old daughter go cavorting with a complete stranger in NYC 3 Penny is sooooooo stupid In a way it s nice to know that panic attacks are an actual thing A really cold faraway land like Russia or Norway it s cold in Norway right Black and white photos are my favorite they re like little moments of history captured forever Uhhhhh aren t all photos a little moment of history captured forever 4 And of course INSTALOVE I still don t really know very much about Noah on some deeper level it feels like I ve known him forever Is this what it means when people talk about meeting their soul mate The one near positive about the whole mess Penny s BFF and his voice of reason How can you be in love with this guy if you only ust met him Zactly Unfortunately even he wore thin after awhileAccording to Goodreads I ve read 215 books this year Girl Online will easily make the Top 10 worst of those books The only thing I can say I truly enjoyed This line Prince Charming wasn t a cheater and Cinderella wasn t a ho Which was probably supposed to make me feel really sorry for Penny but somehow had me cracking up instead Whoops Update It s the first time that I ve noticed Siobhan Curham credited on the GR page and I m so happy to see that she gets credit FINALLY It s so frustrating people how are praising her for beating JK Rowling s debut sales because that means absolutely shit nothing Of course she would have record sales she already had a fan base of millions when her book published But the book was ghostwrittenYou do not compare a ghostwritten book to an phenomenal outcome from a woman who drew inspiration from all the hardships she faced her mom s death influenced her whole ourney a lot You can view the whole timeline on her website She didn t get approached by some publishing representative she got rejected Com o nickname Garota Online Penny escreve um blog no ual desabafa seus sentimentos mais íntimos sobre amizade meninos os dramas do colégio sua família maluca e os ataues de pânico ue começaram. ,

Y twelve publishers and in the end her publisher even made her use "JK because they thought that having a female writer for a fantasy book "because they thought that having a female writer for a fantasy book affect s Girl Online and the ghost writing scandal surrounding Zoella has been one of the biggest things buzzing around the internet over the last couple of days I m not going to write about the ghostwriting in this review simply the story and what I thought of the delivery even though the fact Zoe Sugg didn t write the book entirely by herself is an important factor to how I received itInstead of giving my rating at the how I received itInstead of giving my rating at the of the review I feel the need to preface my opinions I only gave Girl Online 1 star There have been a lot of mixed reviews about this one from one star to five stars but there aren t very many reasons why these ratings were given Here are mineFirstly the plot was not what I was expecting Sugg seems to have followed the idea of write what you know creating a fictional persona rather than a character because of the vast similarities between herself and Penny However seeing as Sugg has over 6 million subscribers I was surprised that this part of her life wasn t utilised in the novel It s called Girl Online because it s meant to be about a girl who blogs anonymously online but this only acted as a mere subplot I was expecting Penny s status as a blogger to play a much bigger role in the storyline rather than to ЯED just be something uirky she did Also the panic attacks element to Penny s character was not explained well which left me feeling very confused whenever they occurredSecondly the romance was ridiculous Noah her love interest is introduced on the first day Penny is in New York and within about six hours they ve fallen in love They re sharing secrets they ve never told anyone else they re sharing family traditions with each other though they re practically strangers Noah was 18 and Penny was only 15 yet her parents were than happy for her to run about a foreign city with a guy sheust met HmmAlong with the insta love romance everything ust seemed a bit too convenient Of course this rich American couple are going to pay for her family to have Christmas in New York to plan a wedding Of course Penny s allowed
"to bring her "
bring her friend with her It s so realistic that the Porter family got to stay in the states for another week so Penny could spend time with NoahThis book was definitely split into distinct parts The first part which lasted for about 30% of the novel was the most banal reading experience ever Penny told and didn t show the reader about her life family and friends Some horrific video was posted of her stumbling on stage onto the Internet so she etted off to New York to escape it all New York took up the next 50% which was probably the best bit which isn t saying much Although the romance was so instant and made me roll my eyes too many times it was still sweet It had a Just One Day feel to it As soon as Penny returned home from NYC the last 20% of the novel was devoted to revealing the promised big secret of the blurb that Noah was hiding This was interesting as I m sure Sugg has experienced online hate so you could tell Penny s feelings about it were genuineI did find it incredibly ironic that once the ghostwriting thing was revealed to the world Sugg did exactly what Penny did and hid from the online world Although it seems Penny had guts than she did and overtly with no shame told the world her side of the storyAs I said this book received 1 star The inserted blog posts from Girl Online were mediocre the plot was average and predictable What I thought would be delivered was not This was generally a young adult novel that only stood out because of the author not because of the content and even then she didn t write it all herself For me this novel faded into the background and was a disappointing read I ll be filming a review on my channel Stay tuned As soon as I heard this book was coming out I was uick to udge and very uick to assume it would be a pile of total hideousness And sadly I wa. A dominar sua vida uando as coisas vão de mal a pior sua família a leva para Nova York onde ela conhece Noah um garoto lindo ue toca guitarra e com uem ela parece ter muito em comum De repente el.
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Girl Online

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