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My Last KissPublishing Group Bell Book Candle My Last Kiss ReviewI swear this should be a cautionary *Tale For Those Who Cheat *for those who cheat beside Fatal ATTRACTION THIS IS ANOTHER BOOK I This is another book I came upon while up to no good with my friend in Barnes and Noble Don t ask don t tell I must ve skimmed the synopsis on back because if I had realized how much of a tear jerker was I might not have bought it I hate in a good way books that make me cryThis was uite the emotional rollercoaster of a book I m not going to lie I was in tears The mystery of Cassidy s "The Protagonist De Believe It Or Not I Actually Do "protagonist de Believe it or not I actually do writing negative reviews especially when a book has been kindly rovided to me expressly for the The Hiding Place purpose of writing said reviewBut I hate lying than I hate negativity so here we goUsually I start out with a lovely flowy description of thelot However I think I can sum that up in just one sentence So here we goA girl cheats on her boyfriend with a othead ends up dead everyone thinks it s suicide she thinks it was murder she stays around as some kind of ghost figure and tries to solve her alleged murder then tries to make out make up with her boyfriend tooThat s itSo why the one starMostly it s because I hate all of the characters Every single one of themLet s start with the main character Cassidy She s just not the brightest bulb in the lamp if you catch my drift She s flighty both in life and death supposedly focusing on solving a murder except she really spends time daydreaming about kissing her boyfriend and trying to find a way to get him back even though she s dead She s melodramatic immature and incredibly slow to catch on to every blatant hint thrown her way She s so unlikeable that I as a reader had a hard time trying to even CARE who killed her or whyNow we can move on to Ethan the boyfriend What is there to even say about him NOTHING He s unremarkable boring and unmemorable I had to stop and look up his name before even writing about him That s how little I could care about himThen there is Caleb the othead Cassidy thinks she cheated on Ethan with Caleb and in her seudo attempts at crime solving she really doesn t give a single ositive uality about the guy that would make me even believe she d cheat on her random boyfriend with this other random dude She thinks Caleb may have killed her although the only memorable flashback she even describes is the one where lover boy Caleb gave he. So Da uel momento Cassidy è rimasta sospesa tra il mondo dei vivi e uello dei defunti con il doloroso sospetto che la sua The Elephants Journey prematura fine non sia dovuta a un suicidio come tutti credono ma a un omicidio Eppure non riesce a ricordare nulla della settimanarecedente alla su. .
R a marijuana brownie before she fell off a bridge and diedDrew who is Ethan s best friend and Cassidy s best friend s boyfriend Again not one single Sklaven für Wutawia + Gauner mit der 'Goldenen Hand' positive uality is given to Drew who is described mostly as a ragingsychopath Copy and aste that description for the other friend whose name I already forgot Those two were retty much interchangeable to me for the other friend whose name I already forgot Those two were Changing Face of the Hero pretty much interchangeable to me the storyAnd then Cassidy s best friends Apparently Cassidy has lousy taste not only in men but in friends as well Aimee at least seems to care that her friend is dead Besides the hints of ambivalence from Ethan I mretty sure that nobody else in the book including her friends and family even CARE that Cassidy is dead I m not even sure that Cassidy s lingering ghost spirit cares that she is dead beyond the fact that she can no longer kiss boys And then the other alleged best friend Madison Can someone REALLY be completely oblivious to alleged best friend Madison Can someone REALLY be completely oblivious to fact that the The Undisputed Greatest Writer of All Time: A Collection of Poetry person they see for hours every single day is asychopathic stalker Cassidy vaguely considers that her best friends may have layed a role in her death although again she seems concerned with "Daydreaming About Kissing Ethan Than "about kissing Ethan than considering why she was surrounded by such a bunch of juvenile delinuentsBy the end in all honesty I couldn t care less why Cassidy died or who was involved All of her friends were idiots and nothing in the story seemed believeable enough to feel the least bit relatable or interesting And oh the melodrama I get that teenagers are full of raging hormones and confusion and despair but murdering eople over crushes or kisses or relationships that won t last beyond graduation Good griefIn trying to decide the intended audience for My Last Kiss I can only think that this would be appealing to younger teenage girls with low expectations of men friends and literature I really enjoyed the It's A Wonderfully Sexy Life premise of the story I think but the horrific cast of characters killed it for me in the end This was a lot of fun and a really inventive spin on the common murder mystery Really really good stuff Think The Lovely Bones meets Pretty Little Liars Also called the killer within the first 100ages high fives self But still holy intensity towards the end Review to come Started off fine but got Lignin Biodegradation progressively convoluted and ethically messed up as the story went on Also SO annoying that a number of the characters also had nicknames and some of them had than one Shees. A morte eer scoprire la verità sulla notte fatale dovrà analizzare il suo Pure Chance passato – con l’aiuto di Ethan l’unico in grado di vederla anche da fantasma – e ripensare a tutte le scelte giuste o sbagliate che l’hannoortata a uell’ultimo dolce tristissimo bac. ,

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Abandoned at 45% The sun shone having no alternative on the nothing new Beckett MurphyThe book told on having no alternative the nothing new The boring nothing new My First Kiss has been compared to The Lovely Bones and I cannot express how ardently I agree with this statement Both are supremely slow and monotonous the main character s voice doing nothing to remedy that even in their The Lady and the Lionheart phantom state For the first half of the book the onlyart I read Cassidy Haines recently dead and spectral tries not to remember all that she s forgotten about her life as a result of being dead killed or otherwise Because lo and behold it appears she might have been faithful to her not a douchebag of a boyfriend I do not give turtle s fossilized crap Cassidy is seen by no one heard by no one except of course the boyfriend she cheated on not that he knows And they make out dance fight reveal trivial secrets and discuss in Passing Her ExistentialismThe Fish Drank All My Rat Crap ShakesCassidy her existentialismThe fish drank all my rat crap shakesCassidy She s dead so I ll give her that But she whines and now the whines are subtle sneaking up on you like my arch nemesis WaspssssssWasps don t give shits out just like thatCassidy s best friend tries to solve her murder figure out the identity of the erpetrator while everyone gathers her death to be a murder figure out the identity of the erpetrator while everyone gathers her death to be a She barely haunts her best friendThe official statement is that I ve run out of fucks Nothing ersonal you knowCassidy has no sense of humor dark or otherwise no intriguing traits or worries I d care a fuck about no sass and nothing Even her loneliness or dying hopes for the future she ll never have is non existent The mystery doesn t begin until the latter half apparently so how on earth am I supposed to stay with her that longOccam s Razor I don t I cannotThis is the story This is boring This is why I don t care to continue The rest is dust except the choice that is yoursAdiosActually I would have loved to finish the story and continue to the end had something interesting besides her dying happened earlier The twists and turns everyone s talking about make me yearn as do uotes like this It seems everyone I know holds captive some iece of my Schilder's Struggle for the Unity of the Church past I want them no matter how much they ll hurt They re mine and I deserve to hold themBut since nothing did I d rather just avert my face so I don t long too muchI desire closure too much sometimesReview copyrovided by Macmillan Children Cassidy Haines ricorda A (kinda) Country Christmas perfettamente il suorimo bacio A darglielo era stato il suo grande a Ethan Keys durante la rima estate del liceo Invece il ricordo del suo ultimo bacio – alla festa er il suo diciassettesimo compleanno la sera della sua morte – è molto confu.

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