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I am always interested in books about persons who aren t usually the subject of a biography but I m sorry to say that this book was disappointing and I learned very little about Katherine Knollys Mary Boleyn is not even given much in the way of focus While I believe that there may be some circumstantial evidence to support that Katherine was a daughter of Henry VIII by Mary Boleyn this book uses other recent works on this era and does little to explore this in any depth Nonetheless throughout the book Her Paternity Is Set paternity is set a given and supposed as a widely accepted fact by contemporaries this not being substantiated in contemporary works Many letters are presented in their entirety and at times it hard to discern the point that was being made with some of them perhaps to pad out the length of this very short work There is also the tendency to project emotions and intent on Katherine with no actual evidence her sorrow at I was very disappointed in this book I bought it hoping to learn about Lady Katherine Knollys and I ended up with a book that is about the Tudors than Katherine I was given this book as a gift and was very excited to delve into it as there are not many biographies about Lady Katherine Knollys The thinness of the volume did not deter me as I was guessing there would not be much material Sadly I was even disappointed in the amount of coverage on Katherine that there was in the text Watkins began by declaring Katherine was Henry VIII s illegitimate daughter with Mary Boleyn than in the next paragraph reasonably tones down that statement but threw in awkward references here and there She would "be discussing the Princesses Mary and Elizabeth and would say something about Katherine being able to "discussing the Princesses Mary and Elizabeth and would say something about Katherine being able to about the lives of her sisters Really So awkward and I may even say desperate to try to tie in her theme with what she actually was covering in the text If Katherine Knollys had been Henry s daughter with Mary Boleyn he could have still acknowledged her as his infatuation with Anne did not stem immediately after or simultaneously with his affair with Mary Yes to marry Anne after his relations with Mary was hypocritical since he divorced Catherine of Aragorn due to her marriage to his brother but Henry was very capable of such hypocrisy as history has proven Would he have acknowledged Katherine and then sought out and destroyed all letters private and State which mentioned her paternity when he wanted to marry Anne Perhaps but that would have been close to an impossible feat Regardless this is all speculation and speculation it must remain To write a book based on this premise was risky enough but to spend perhaps less than a handful of pages mentioning the subject of the title is close to absurd I apologize but this book was mostly an introduction to the lives of Tudor personages written at a very basic level making it mostly suitable for young readers except perhaps for the premise of illegitimacy Watkins could have even written extensively about Francis Knollys and even Katherine s brother Henry Carey and accidentally added information about Katherine than was presented in this dedicated biography of her As an aside Proof of Katherine not being a Tudor could well be in the fact that she had given birth to either 14 or 16 children the majority of them surviving Few Tudors especially of her generation had such progeny This was an engaging if uick read Unfortunately it s a general history of the fall of the house of Tudor vs a biography of Katherine Knollys She barely features in. Katherine Knollys was Mary Boleyn's first child born in 1524 when Mary was having an affair with King Henry VIII Katherine spent her life unacknowledged as the ing's daughter yet she was given prime appo. .

Lady Katherine KnollysEd with this book I wanted to read about Katherine Knollys not the Tudor monarchs with Katherine in the background That being said I did like what I read for the most part so I will give Sarah Beth Watkins another chance in the future Well This short non fiction book was nothing short of regurgitated fact interspersed with suppositionWas Katherine Knollys the daughter of King Henry VIII Maybe but this book does nothing to convince me that there is any evidence to this fact The author is not a historian even an amateur one This fact is glaringly apparent Book Lady Katherine Knollys The Unacknowledged Daughter of King Henry VIII Author Sarah Beth WatkinsRating 4 Out of 5 StarsI would like to thank the author Sarah Beth Watkins and the publisher Chronos Books for providing me with this book for free I must say that I really enjoyed this short book on Lady Knollys It was a very easy and engaging read about a woman who is often times over looked in history Sarah does an amazing job with telling the story of her life and how many different monarch Katherine actually went through I mean this woman saw the court four Tudor monarchs well five if you count Lady Jane Grey There s not a lot of people out there who can say that This alone was very interesting to me I have been in a Tudor mood for about the last two years and this just added to that interest Like many women in history Katherine s life wasn t easy I mean it was a lot easier than most but it was still hard Just imagine being the Riding Hard king s daughter but not recognized Now she still got along very nicely and grew up next to the royal children but still It s not the same Not only that but she was in the castle during her aunt Anne Boylan s execution Katherine of Aragon s downfall saw the changing of the crown five times saw her father remarried five times and Think about what younow about Tudor England and remember that Katherine was probably there Not to mention that her husband was Mary ueen of Scots jailer Just think about how much she got to see I Arabian Challenge know a lot of people are complaining about how the argument about Katherine being Henry s daughter didn t really come across They are right Inow that the title is really misleading It doesn t really argue that Katherine was Henry s daughter but is instead a biography type thing You now what I M Okay With This Don T m okay with this Don t that stop you from reading this book This book is a great addition to a Tudor library I mean it really is a well written book What I really liked was the use of first hand accounts To me those always add a special touch to a nonfiction book It makes the historical figures
"Seem A Bit Real A "
a bit real A of times people may forget that historical people were actually real people with real feelings By bringing in the letters it makes us remember that this is real Again this is a great short book about a woman who saw a lot of Tudor history in action If you really can t get enough of the Tudors or are just looking for a short nonfiction read then give this a try I thought Knollys sometimes got lost in the story though I realize there may not be that much primary source material on her I really enjoy reading anything about Mary Boleyn and her family and this book suited me uite well Probably nothing really new historically was presented but I enjoyed it My only criticism is that some of the letters of Henry Katherine and even Anne and Mary Boleyn were inserted completely when excerpts would have workedI recommend it and am now into Sarah Beth Watkins book on the Brandons I give it 35 stars. Lettice Knollys who created a scandal when she married Sir Robert Dudley the ueen's favourite This fascinating book studies Katherine's life and times including her intriguing relationship with Elizabeth. .
Most of the chapters Before I read this book i didn t now a lot about I didn t Der Verlorene Koffer: A Graded Reader for Beginning Students know a lot about Katherine Knollys and unfortunately after reading this book I still don tnow much about herFrom the title I expected an in depth and detailed biography of the daughter of Mary Boleyn and possibly King Henry VIII Instead the book is a short history of the Tudors and not that much about Katherine Knollys nee Carey The book starts with Mary Boleyn and her relationship with Henry then goes into great detail about Henry and Mary s sister Anne and Jane Seymour Catherine of Aragon Princesses Mary and Elizabeth and Prince Edward Katherine Carey s name is thrown in every now and again with not much detail and then she disappears for page after page after page she then reappears a few pages later with a one line or if she is lucky a paragraph describing what she has been up to then back to the Tudors who are the main players in this bookWe eventually learn that Katherine was married to Francis Knollys but there is no mention of their courtship how did they meet what did they think about each other There is no description of their marriage was recorded about her brother Henry s wedding to Anne Morgan than his sister It s almost as if Watkins suddenly remembers she is supposed to be writing about Katherine so she throws in a pregnancy here and there and then gets back to what she really wants to write about the TudorsKatherine Knollys is very much a background figure in this book She is married moves abroad to avoid the persecution of the Catholic ueen Mary then moves back when Elizabeth is She is married moves abroad to avoid the persecution of the Catholic ueen Mary then moves back when Elizabeth is has some children becomes a Lady of the Bedchamber has some children becomes ill then dies That s it The author has no emotional attachment to her subject so neither will the readers I certainly didn t there is no passion it s all matter of fact and very much rushedI was very disappointed with this book It may be that nothing is ILLERAMMA Kathalu known about Katherine Knollys and little has been documented in that case it might have been better not to attempt a biography when there is so little information available about the subject I m a bit torn on this one Going into it I was hoping to learn about Lady Katherine Knollys but I don t feel like I really did This book felt like it was about the Tudor monarchs who ruled during Katherine s life time I really love reading about the Tudors so I did enjoy the book but that s not what I was expecting to read about in this one I don tnow if there is just a lack of sources on Katherine but I really would have liked it to focus on her Like I think it s interesting that she had to flee England during Mary I s reign but I would have liked to learn a bit about what her life was like in Frankfurt I also would have liked to learn a bit about her relationship with her children and her husband My other issue has to do with one of Watkins central arguments Obviously from the subtitle we American Literature Student Text know that Watkins is arguing that Katherine was Henry VIII s illegitimate daughter Now I don t disagrees with that I think it s likely that Katherine was Henry s daughter My issue is that sheept trying to argue that Henry did not acknowledge Katherine because she could have been a liability in Henry trying to marry Katherine s aunt Anne Boleyn The thing is that Katherine was likely born in 1524 and Henry and Anne s relationship didn t start until around 1527 at the earliest so why didn t Henry acknowledge Katherine in those 3 years I just felt that she missed the mark a bit there with her argument thereOverall I was disappoint. Intments at court as maid of honour to both Anne of Cleves and Katherine Howard She married Francis Knollys when she was 16 and went on to become mother to many successful men and women at court including.