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Enjoyed this a lot but I would have been interested in a HEA for Jimmy and Minnie than Antony and Julia who I did not much care about Another charming BOOK IN THIS SERIES HOWEVER1 HOW in this series However1 How the author name the main characters Mr Mrs Latter then introduce other characters named Mr Mr Latimer What was the author thinking Thank goodness they only appeared for a few pages but why employ such similair names2 I am not convinced that the ending held up view spoiler Couldn t Lois tell that her coffee already contained sugar and cognac and be suspicious If she didn t know and proceeded to add them again wouldn t her coffee have been oversweetened Either way I can t imagine her dranking that coffee hide spoiler I ve now ead 19 of the 32 Miss Silver mysteries This is the 11th in the series They are all pleasant cozy St Lucy's Home For Girls Raised By Wolves reads with different plots and new personalities for Miss Silver to observe and analyze but other than giving a synopsis of the plot it is hard to give a meaningfuleview of each one It does seem that each one has at least one eally disagreeable character that either becomes the Victim Of Murder Or Turns of murder or turns to be the perpetrator and in a way that makes them satisfying "Patricia Wentworth Really Knew "Wentworth eally knew to make you dislike certain characters It also seems that often than not blackmail is involved and central to the crime than the other big motivators of greed and hatred I particularly enjoy how the Mr. Majeika and the Dinner Lady and Mr. Majeika and the Music Teacher relationship between Maud Silver and the Scotland Yard man Frank Abbot continues to developRecently I viewed new presentations of a couple of Miss Marple stories on PBS Masterpiece Mystery and do think there are some similarities between Miss Marple and Miss Silver It has been many years since Iead the Agatha Christie mysteries but I am finding that I eally like Miss Silver as a personality better and I think she is much clever and subtle and not so doddering I wonder why PBS has not done these mysteries and if they did who would they get to play Miss Maud Silver Lois Latter was a nasty piece of work and nobody is upset when she dies unexpectedly from an overdose of morphine but was it suicide or murder Miss Silver is called in to solve the case and gently coughs her way to victory leaving the police trailing in her wake. Things had never been uite the same at Latter End since Lois had taken over Suddenly life see.

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At On Her Tedious Husband shockhorror and not even shown to act on it enough that she thinks about it is Shocking makes sure Lois s death isn t simply swept under the gentry s handy Ninth City Burning (War of the Realms, rug Maudie arrives Lamb and Abbott arrive secrets areevealed misunderstandings are Der Ritter und die Bastardtochter rife the couples who should be together either get there or are pushed that way I m not the least bit averse to the coupling up drive that inhabits formeromance writer Wentworth s fiction This time however it s simply too perfunctory too splodged on the plot like Chinaberries and Crows runny buttercream frosting on a hot cake GBBOeference for me to feel the warm glow of sentimental pleasure as they go two by two into the sunset The highly conventional extremely judgmental nature of the author s ouevre is here a spinier presence for the thinness of the story dressing over itSeries mysteries lend themselves to illiberal world views By their nature they uphold ma at and the desire we have as a species to see wrongdoers who are actually wrong suffer for their actions The killing in this book was by its internal lights so ichly deserved that it was hard to see how Miss Silver would be able to deflect the Awful Hand of Justice from its obvious yet incorrect course Given what the experienced eader of series mysteries and of this author s works in particular knows the solution to the crime was obvious though how the puzzle was to be unraveled was not And that how was simply not credible by even the most generous modern eader s standardsAuthor Wentworth s 1910 debut novel A Marriage Under the Terror was set in the French Revolution and features a young couple falling in love against the backdrop of betrayals and misunderstandings compounded by the awfulness of "the Terror It won her a prize which carried a substantial sum of money with and "Terror won her a prize which carried a substantial sum of money with it and a career of some fifty years duration She died at 83 having completed the final Miss Silver mystery it was not a la Curtain a farewell But fifty years in the lists left us with a massive pile of eading to do Much of it is in the public domain and a lot of the Miss Silver mysteries are available for 99 which is a bargain If you e not utterly epelled by the bygone era conservative politics and social attitudes the stories have their charms. Latter is murdered it's shocking to discover just how many people might have wished her dead. ,
Latter EndExactly three stars While the manner in which Miss Silver collects final clue the murderer s identity worked in the "final clue to the murderer s identity worked in the it s so utterly incredible today that it d be cause for the MS to be firmly ejected by any publisherThe standard country house mystery a basically unoriginal plot the surprise twist concealed by a very limp curtain nothing too taxing but nothing out of place in its day and time The strongly moralistic tone of the thing was well honestly I found it less heavy handed than in some entries in the series It s pretty much confined to the expected Honour Above Crass Materialism and A Village Knows and Sees All Middle aged bachelor Jimmy Latter is variously depicted as being on his uppers accepting in marriage beautiful widowed gamine Lois who is involved in a nasty lawsuit with her dead husband s family then Virtuously Refusing the Gelt she wins in said lawsuit after her death Despite the fact that she used a chunk of it to enovate his shabby home Which he esents since he liked the shabby way it crumbled around him You get ithe married Lois Because She Was A Damsel she was a Damsel Distress and now she s got agency he doesn t like it one little bit She s painted to be such a slimeball that he s uite Right to dislike and esent her uppity way of making things fresh and new so she can enjoy them A Man s Home and all that eyerollBut she goes too far when she wants his Reform, Red Scare, and Ruin relatives to move along get themselves a new place to droop their depressing sadnesses and generally makeoom for the Lady of the Manorthe job she was seeking from the get goto spread her wings This seems to me to be a bit Grauwacht rich since it s now her money that pays for things presenting her as a selfish wretch for wanting to enjoy her homewellyes it s clear she wasn t theight wife for Jimmy and his life was unpleasantly upended by her youthful prettiness and its attendant selfishness but someone please tell me why he couldn t simply have said Darling it s marvelous that you ve finally got this pile of dosh and lovely what you d like to do with it but I must insist that you pay attention to my not unreasonable needs But then there wouldn t be a story When she turns up dead her loud strumpet of a henchwoman a not our sort broad shown to be willing to Che. Med to be an endless succession of bitter family ows which Lois invariably won But when Lois.