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Black IceThis was of a survival book than an adventure book which I wasn t really expecting I have read at east two other fiction books about things buried in the polar ice but this was much different It just wasn t uite As Exciting As I Thought It Would Be But I exciting as I thought it would be but I earn a Captured lot about the conditions of the Antarctic I did read it almost entirely in one sitting though so it had that going for it The writing seemed a bitamateurish at times Not aot of character development either Neither of those would have been a big deal if the plot picked up a bit I guess I would recommended it for fans of survivalexpedition accounts who want to read something fictional for a change This book was mis shelved at the the used book store and one of the tag خاطرات یک زن توده ای lines on the front cover confused me as well I was expecting some sci fi under the ice adventure but it turns out not to be the case It is an adventure novel set in an Antarctic science research base but the science aspect is a minor plot point in the story I probably wouldn t have picked it up if it had been shelved in regular fiction or in an adventure section but as it turns out I really enjoyed it view spoilerThe ending was predictable but not very believable In fact I think at times the author glossed over or didn t stick toikely reality of the physical impact of the cold climate He would mention it and use it some situations But in general it seemed that the extreme temperatures didn t seem to effect the characters as much as I would have expected or he glossed over the protective clothing that everyone must have been wearing hide spoiler Book of the Month for me The crew on the Capricorn scientific base in Antarctica are called on to rescue a pair of explorers who have failed in their attempt to cross the continent at its widest point After a hair raising rescue mission the explorers plus a reporter who survived a rescue plane crash have to spend the dark winter months at Capricorn until another plane can come into Is Government the Source of Monopoly? and Other Essays (Cato Paper ; No. 9) land Whilst two of the three are grateful for the food warmth and medical treatment the other one has murder on his mind and such selfish intentions he jeopardises theives of the whole baseThe author knows his Antarctica fascinating details that make you feel you are there or to the point glad you aren t Each page of the developing story makes you feel increasing anger towards the villain and heart breaking sympathy for the rest of the team A wonderful roller coaster of a read that had me reaching for the book to read a few pages at every opportunity Finally Finally Finaly A cant put down adventure book Wrencked the entire eveneing and next day because I stayed up until it was over read it in one sitting and everything else went on hold its and everything else went on hold Its so wnderful to read a book that has adventure and man against nature and true catastrohic events in an alien but scientifically sound environment that happen within a reasonable plot One Too Many Blows To The Head line including a really bad guy and a really cool good guy girl in this case And it was sooo so good I dont have ANY complaints If I had to pick one item that might give someone pause the bad guy is aittle too bad and the good girl is a The Dressmakers Gift little too good but these are minor complaints becasue in the world of antarctic exploration you kinda assume they re gonna be a bit intense than the average person and not unrealistically so for me it was right on the money I LOVED LOVED LOVED IT Nothing seemed contrived except perhaps for the altruisim of the heroine But she is Adventurer Carl Norland and celebrity explorer Julian Fitzgerald have teamed up in an attempt to walk across Antarctica at its widest point a crossing of some 2000 frozen miles Success would place their names alongside those of such polaregends as Scott Shackleton and Admundsen but when their goal proves beyond their reac. ,
Street Without a Name: Childhood and Other Misadventures in Bulgaria less although Fitzgerald is by far the most memorable for his never ending selfishness and his utterack of care or concern for his fellow man One aspect of the book that sadly got Running from Strangers lost is the discovery of newife in the underground ake After a pretty enticing tease as to what might be down there the book never manages to get back to it A gripping page turner that easily entertains on a slow weekend just don t read it when its cold outside Lauren Burgess is fulfilling the dream of a ifetime running Capricorn Base a scientific research station in the Antarctic interior Three hundred miles away an expedition consisting of famous explorer Julian Fitzgerald and his companion Carl Norland has run into trouble The two men would have been the first to cross Antarctica on foot at its Widest Point If They point if they t run out of supplies and begun starving to death 80 miles from the goal The rescue plane they summon crashes so Lauren and one of her four teammates Sean ride to the rescue taking the two explorers and Richard a journalist who survived the crash back to Capricorn to wait out the winter It is soon apparent that Julian Fitzgerald is not the hero the media has made him out to be rather he is dangerously reckless with resources and If It’s Monday It Must Be Madurai: A Conducted Tour of India lives and Lauren and Sean believe he kept food supplies to himself whileeaving Carl and Richard to starve while awaiting rescue When he announces his plans to finish his trek demanding a ride back to the crash site the resume his journey Lauren refuses and his behavior really gets out of control Suffice it to say the team at Capricorn Base finds themselves on the run with almost no resources in a race to find rescue in the most inhospitable place on earthWhile the story is intriguing and compelling there were a few minor weak points Julian Fitzgerald vacillates between being paranoid and just a spoiled brat in a way that Maker Lab: 28 Super Cool Projects lacks consistency Also while Iiked the outcome the ending eft me feeling cheated We had been with these characters through an entire Antarctic winter suffered every step with them on their arduous journey felt all their hunger and pain and in the end though we know their fate they fade into the background instead of having the book show us their triumph The same number of pages in the postscript that focused elsewhere would have been better spent with our team of six hardy heroes and delivering comeuppance to the villain That was an event I DESERVED to see after all I vicariously went through at his expense but it didn t happenWhile it is a black mark against it the ending does not ru. H a frantic rescue begins Hundreds of miles away at drilling station Capricorn scientist Laura Burgess and her team have made a discovery that will stagger the scientific world News of their discovery must wait however as an urgent plea for rescue reaches the remote camp Into a gathering storm the rescuers race to snatch

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In the book because I did ike the outcome and "Overall It Was Very Well Written Though It Contained The "it was very well written Though it contained the d scene of the good guy being too good to finish the villain when she *had the chance thereby needlessly further endangering her team before belatedly growing the spine needed to try *the chance thereby needlessly further endangering her team before belatedly growing the spine needed to try fix things when it was already too The Tomb of Iuchiban late it was still nonetheless a very good Antarctic thriller I don t think I ve ever read a book with better descriptions of that continent and its frozenandscape The heroes were also a ikeable ot and the villain deliciously detestable as he should be in a good adventure tale In all Black Ice is a satisfying page turner I read this book years ago but I still remember the book very well It was such a good and thrilling story Now years Advanced First Aid, CPR, and AED (Orange Book) later I had to put this on my booklist here in Goodreads This was a non stop action novel Unpredictable Didn t turn out the way I thought it would I thought the story was going to be about an unknown species coming to wreak havoc upon mankind via the Antarctica Instead it is a story about survival Survival between the good guys and the bad guys Which will win at the end You may be surprised Great book and easy to read Looking forward to reading by this author This was unexpectedly excellent I didn t really have any expectations going in but whew what a ride It begins with an Antarctic expedition in disarray with one of a pair of explorers wishing to throw in the towel and the other wanting to push on even though they re out of food After a botched air rescue results in the aircraft crashing and another person trapped on the ice a scientific base 300 miles away is contacted and coaxed into a risky rescue mission Whilst the rescue mission is ultimately successful it turns out that one of these explorers is a bit of a delusional sociopath withittle to no regard for anyone but himself As the story progresses his actions puts everyone at risk resulting in destruction of the scientific base and a race back across 300 miles of unforgiving Antarctic ice to the rescue beacon previously used to call in the ill fated air rescue It s uite an action packed survival adventure and the above doesn t even give a true indication of how much of a douchebag the explorer in uestion is The guy seems to be Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow living in a delusional world of his own caring for nothing but promoting his own exploitsOverall an excellent page turning thriller PROTAGONIST Lauren Burgess glacial biologistSETTING AntarcticaRATING 425WHY Lauren Burgess glacial biologist has built a base in Antarctica staffed with 4 others who are helping her to drill to an undergroundake She expects to find the existence of previously undiscovered species in its water The team is summoned to rescue 2 explorers and a reporter who are stranded about 300 miles away after a rescue plane failed in its mission After a strenuous trip they bring the men BACK TO CAMP WHERE THEY ARE to camp where they are to The Communist Manifesto lock down for 7 months of permanent night approaching A famed UK explorer Julian Fitzgerald sabotages them at every turn Then the unthinkable happens and they must return to the rescue site to obtain the emergency signal It s a mind boggling journey almost beyond humanimits In addition to the incredible cold they have no food and several of them are not doing well The conclusion disappointed as it took its focus off of the team Overall this was a remarkable piece of work I can t imagine how Dickinson did the reuired research to document the conditions so well. He dying adventurers from nature's hungry graspBut even the Antarctic's unending whiteness cannot hide the utter darkness of a madman's heart Just as salvation seems imminent a terrible secret threatens to turn the saviors into unwitting victims And all the while nature gathers her strength determined to ay claim to them ,