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Ue pronto so I said “Let’s GET THOSE UNDIES OFF SHALL WE” those undies off shall we” okay” she answered kinda nervously as she reached #under her gown for them “Yup this here’s the gyno room” I explained n a #her gown for them “Yup this here’s the gyno room” I explained The Great Divergence: China, Europe, and the Making of the Modern World Economy in a voice as she slowly stepped out of them Man they sure were cute Nice and white – just like the ones that the Catholic schoolgirls wear under their plaid skirts and that the horny priests call “tighty whities” Mm mm good “That’s better” I said “I mean how can I check your pussy and stuff with underwearn my way right” “Yes sir” she answered softly while she stood there waiting for my nstructions It was time to start havin’ some fun I patted the exam table Okay honey I want you to hop up on here so I can check out your titties first She hesitated for a second then took a deep breath and climbed up real slow onto the chilly stainless steel table So here I was trying to maneuver myself so I could get a uick peek at her ass Shit no dice – the shy little gal was holdin’ the back of her johnny closed I couldn’t see nothin’ “Oh well” I said to myself “A few minutes and I’m gonna see plenty. ,

The Doctors Twin Brother Professional Perverts Book 4WARNING This 7000 word Erotic Contains Adult story contains oral sex and anal sex and s ntended for mature readers 18 years of age or older Drop out and lifelong loser Mick Sloan s so ever loving jealous of his super successful brother Prescott that he just can't stand t Prescott s an Army doctor who spends his days giving gyno exams to nubile young #Female Recruits Mick A Pervert Since Kindergarten Would Of Course #recruits Mick a pervert since kindergarten would of course nothing better than to have a chance to do the very same thing So he devises a clever but nasty scheme where he locks Prescott out of action for a while steals his uniform and arrives at the base ready willing and able to feel fondle and finger one young hottie after another But things don't work out the way Mick's dirty mind has been hoping Three young patients come n but no exams are given And when patient number 4 arrives t turns out to be his favorite hooker Carla Carla has decided to join the Army and nvites Prescott to not only examine her but have her Crossing Boarders in ways he never has before Naturally his furious brother walksn at exactly the wrong time But Mick has a shocking announcement to make that just. ,

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Might keep him out of Trouble With Both His Brother with both his brother #the military HERE IS A BRIEF TASTE Holy shit holy shit #military HERE IS A BRIEF TASTE Holy shit holy shit ever lovin’ shit I couldn’t believe t Naked hotties were coming to me And I was gonna see ’em and feel up every one of their good parts Shit that old pecker o’ mine was burstin’ at the seams now let me tell you Fifteen seconds later there was a knock at my door My knees could barely carry me there I opened t My first patient Ooh hoo and what a patient she was Nice pretty brunette with long hair and nice perky titties poking out from beneath her johnny Oh mama I couldn’t wait to get my hands on – and The Outcast Highlander in – her y’know what I’m sayin’ I said g’mornin’ to her and she said g’mornin’ back Then she handed me her clipboard that I guess I was like s’posed to fill out or something I tookt and then she walked n acting all casual and shit But I could tell she was nervous I liked that – made me feel really powerful Anyway as she walked by me I turned around to check out her ass It looked really good even with her cute little panties still on Still I decided to take care of that little ss.

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