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ArtlettTom s fearsome reputation on the battlefield is matched only by his prowess as a scoundrel with the ability to seduce any woman who strikes his fancy Tom has never cared much about what other people thought of him As a child he had been misjudged and mistreated because of his father s mistakes and penchant for gambling and thus Tom had matured into a laidback daredevil with a passion for daring and danger With a reputation as a shameless reprobate distinct lack of funds and an inability to commit to any woman for longer than one night Tom has spent the best part of his life avoiding the shackles of matrimony But when he is his life avoiding the shackles of matrimony But when he is by a ministering angel in his hour of need his resolve to stay stubbornly single begins to waver until he realises that the woman who has been tending to him is none other than Lady Sarah Latymor an innocent who is not only his social superior but also his commanding officer s virginal sisterTom is well aware that Sarah s selfless action could spell her ruin While he doesn t care a jot for his reputation he is willing to do anything to protect Sarah from being cast Aside From Polite Society from polite society his head is telling him that the only sensible course of action is to demand that Sarah leaves him his heart is breaking at the thought of spending the rest of his life without her by his sideIs their love strong nough to triumph against all the obstacles standing in their way Or will the vast chasms that divide them succeed in tearing them apartA Mistress for Major Bartlett is a spectacular tale of courage redemption hope and the healing power of love that gripped me from the very beginning and kept me mesmerized until the poignant denouement Annie Burrows is a gifted storyteller who deftly blends passion Cabaret emotion pathos and drama in an unforgettable historical romance that I was unable to put downSarah was a wonderfully believable flawed and realistic heroine and her journey from spoiled and slightly lost society girl to a mature confident and resilient woman will strike a chord with readersverywhere and Tom was a gorgeous charismatic and beguiling hero no woman will be able to resistA first class Regency romance from a writer who gets better and better with very book she writes A Mistress for Major Bartlett is the latest must read tale from Annie Burrows talented penThis review was originally published on Cataromance After completing this series I have bumped up the rating for this book to 45 stars rounded up on GR to 5 starsAnother wonderful installment in the series I hadn t had much of an impression of Sarah from the last book other than she was typical shallow daughter of a titled peer Tom got almost no page time in the last book so I had less to go on here However the author did an amazing job showing that there was A LOT to Sarah and Tom than the impressions given in the first book The character development of Sarah alone is worth reading this book Man what a lady Sarah did so much to help others while grieving for Gideon and worrying about Justin Tom also revealed his character is several layers deep as well Again no frippery or inane ballroom gossip this book was about who we really are and our capabilities when lives are on the line and devastation of war is our reality I would very much recommend this book Major Tom Bartlett is shocked to discover the angel who nursed his battle wounds is darling of the ton Lady Sarah Latymor One taste of her threatens both her impeccable reputation and his careerAn honorable man would ask for her hand but Bartlett is considered an unrepentant rake by polite society sweet Sarah would be spurned as his mistress and ven as his wife He demands she leave but Sarah is just as determined to stay by his side and in his bed I absolutely loved this story the characters were great I love how it all turn out the setting is brillian. D as his mistress and ven as his wife He demands she leave but Sarah is just as determined to stay by his side and in his bed Brides of Waterloo Love forged on the battlefie.

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35 starsThis is the second book in a trilogy of Stories By Different That Are Collectively Entitled Brides Of by different authors that are collectively Brides of written to mark the two hundredth anniversary of that momentous battleI read the first book Sarah Mallory s A Lady for Lord Randall recently and njoyed it so was En plein coeur eagerly anticipating this instalment in which the heroine is Lady Sarah Latymor sister to Justin Latymor the titular Lord Randall of book oneTowards thend of that book Randall and his crack team of riflemen known throughout the army as Randall s Rogues because its members are the raff and scaff of the military gathered into one troop are plunged into the thick of the fighting During the onslaught Sarah s twin brother Gideon is killed and after the battle she discovers Justin is Missing in Action Devastated by the loss of her twin and possibly of her The Bookshop on the Shore eldest brother too Sarah insists on joining the search for Justin accompanied by Mary Endacott the young schoolmistress with whom Justin is in loveWhen Sarah is separated from the search party she stumbles across a badly wounded officer whose uniform indicates he must be part of her brother s regiment She defends him from a couple of French peasants who are intent upon murder and with the help of two of his men manages to convey him back to Brussels She recalls the last time she d seen Major Thomas Bartlett tall and wickedly handsome a man whose reputation with the ladies made it inconceivable that a respectable young woman like Sarah couldver have anything to do with him But war makes for strange bedfellows so to speak and Sarah does the previously unthinkable Instead of consigning the major to the local military hospital where it is likely he will be viewed as too close to death to bother with she is persuaded by his men to take him back to her rooms and nurse him herself In fact She Was Going To Have To Breach was going to have to breach Dance Real Slow every rule by which she d lived She d always taken such pains to keep her reputation spotless that she d never been without a chaperon notven when visiting the ladies retiring room at a ball She could scarcely believe she d just The Art of Memoir encouraged two hardened criminals to install the regiment s most notorious rake in her bedroomSarah is simultaneously amazed at herself and terrified Not only is she going to jepoardise her reputation but looking after a seriously injured man is a huge responsibility and not one she feels adeuately prepared to cope withAll her life she s struggled with feelings of inadeuacy she s not beautifulnough not clever The Day Christ Was Born: The True Account of the First 24 Hours of Jesus's Life enough not resourcefulnough not brave nough She knows what veryone thinks of her that she s a spoiled mpty headed society miss whose thoughtlessness causes problems for others to solve Yet Ms Burrows shows us over and again that despite what she thinks Sarah is not those things and gives us nough backstory to PostgreSQL Server Programming - Second Edition explain how she came to those conclusions And like Sarah Tom Bartlett is a man with little selfsteem his father was a bankrupt who committed suicide and left his son to the care of relatives who mistreated him and he has grown up feeling as though he is worthlessThe thing I most Integrity Restored: Helping Catholic Families Win the Battle Against Pornography enjoyed about the book is something for which others have criticised it namely that it is principally a two hander that takes place in one room Personally I think that is the ideal setting for two people who don t knowach other to spend time together getting to know The Taste of Night (Signs of the Zodiac, each other and falling in love and that sxactly what happens Sarah gains confidence as she begins to see that Tom is improving in her care and he finds that having someone around who thinks the best of him rather than the worst nables him to see himself clearly and perhaps realise that he isn t as black as he s been painted The part that doesn t uite ring true and why I haven t graded the book highly is in Tom s persistence in the belief that he isn t worthy. His virgin mistress Major Tom Bartlett is shocked to discover the angel who nursed his battle wounds is darling of the ton Lady Sarah Latymor One taste of her threatens both. Of Sarah and her insistence that she doesn t want to get married ven after they ve slept together The latter is always something I find problematic in historicals given the importance placed on virginity and the stigma attached to unwed mothers and their childrenApart from those things though A Mistress for Major Bartlett is an njoyable well told story in which the author has made xcellent use of her historical backdrop So many books set at this period reference Waterloo but few of them take the reader there or use it as than a convenient reference point Here the descriptions of the aftermath of battle at the beginning of the book are vividly powerful putting the reader firmly on those blood soaked fields of Belgium Both protagonists are well rounded characters and the slow burn romance between them is very nicely done It s an The Road From Home: The Story Of An Armenian Girl enjoyable uick read and one I d certainly recommend to anyone who likes their historical romance to be sprinkled liberally with actual history The fist line of this book s blurb is horrid And inappropriate for the storyI liked the cover of this one and have loved most of the historical romances produced by HarleuinMills and Boon why people don t give them a chance I will never understand So I was a little shocked when I started it and saw it had a couple of horrificarly ratingsEspecially so as I Exile and Pilgrim enjoyed the opening chapters so much Starting off a trilogy to mark the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo this book goes into the sort of detail historical romances tend to gloss over and romanticiseI suppose the reason opinion on this one is divided is because almost thentire book is set in one room Normally I d have had a real problem with this there are some other authors who write lengthy scenes I lose patience with However it worked for me in this book most of the time Annie Burrows must be a good writer to keep me turning the pages in something I might not have njoyed by another authorBecause our heroine makes the snap decision to nurse the hero back to health alone her reputation is ssentially ruined from the outset so some liberties with behaviour can be overlooked I liked how the two fell in loveI think by the very Hannah Montana: The Movie end things were drawn out just a bit too much Too many scenes of the two agonising over why they couldn t be together I also got a little bit tired of the heroine s insecurities though I had to remind myself the timeframe of the story was uite short However I only found it dragging at thend and then there was the happy resolutionI like the idea of this series and Louise Allen a favourite of mine is writing the next book so I m generally happy about this concept Review copy provided by NetGalley Award winning author Annie Burrows continues the nthralling Brides of Waterloo series with A Mistress for Major Bartlett a heart rending intriguing and highly ngrossing historical romance that is absolutely impossible to resistLady Sarah Latymor has spent most of her life feeling unloved and unappreciated by her family and
her friends xcept 
friends xcept her beloved twin brother Gideon As the only person in the world who cares about her and who makes life bearable Gideon is a beacon of light in an increasingly dark and lonely world for Sarah and she is absolutely heartbroken when her twin announces that he s going off to war to fight for his country and defeat the nemy Heartbreak uickly gives way to devastation when the news reaches her that her twin has been killed and is missing in action Unable that her twin has been killed and is missing in action Unable bear the agonising pain of not knowing her twin s fate Sarah realises that she s got no other option open to her other then to head to the front line to find Gideon Sarah had left her life behind for the dangers of the battlefield to find answers but she never xpected to find her salvation or love in the arms of the devastatingly handsome but wounded soldier Tom Her impeccable reputation and his career An honorable man would ask for her hand but Bartlett is considered an unrepentant rake by polite society; sweet Sarah would be spurne. .

A Mistress for Major Bartlett Brides of Waterloo #2