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LAPD 53 Author James EllroyDown As he states in the book the photos are open "To The Viewers Input And Interpretation It "the viewers input and interpretation It not meant to be voyeuristic but to show the brutality and inhumanity of mankind Instead of progressing over the last 62 years we ve become ven brutal A very haunting work Almost the first half of this book is dedicated to lionizing police chief Bill Parker and though Ellroy makes it clear that he s aware of the man s contradictions righteous reformerracial oppressor and states that he s writing in *An Absurdist Right Wing *absurdist right wing to En plein coeur evoke the dominant spirit of the times the book winds up glorifying Parker in a non ironic way so judge that as you willWhat works though is the pairing of Ellroy s tabloid be bop with the rest of the crime scene photosach giving you a short hot pop of fact and speculation a drive by thrill ride through the underside of LA 53 If you ve read John Butin s LA Noir Glynn Martin s foreword to LAPD 53 is interminable and unintentionally funny If like me you re buying this book for Mr Elroy s wonderful prose you will probably get some pleasure out of it But let me get this across you need to see these crime scene photos about as badly as you need to see another I Love Lucy re run There is nothing in these photos of the least interest to crime buffs I think I can say without The Bookshop on the Shore euivocation that I have NEVER seen a duller collection of crime scene photos Anyone can feel perfectly safe leaving this book on their coffee table and allowing their children to peruse This is a great book I m really loving it It s a major hoot but the language is a little artsy fartsy for me And I find myself laughing in spite of myself on a regular basis I m wondering if Ellroy meant it to be that way But the fact is Ellroy is trying too hard Trying too hard to sound poetic academic and learnd He repeats certain words constantly like interdicted or interdicting along with interdiction The word interdicted generally means to prohibit or forbid and generally in the old days meant someone had been interdicted from drinking alcohol in a certain Dance Real Slow establishment I cayn t serve ya no Bill ya been interdicted The book details the crime from a very busy year in LA during 1953 Ellroy goes on and on about his perceptions some of which are really interesting and he can be very funny but the language is florid and a little out there in terms of hisxcessive first person hard boiled detective voice Ellroy was never a cop but probably wanted to be than anything He s definitely a fender lizard and his tone really conveys his love of LE. The year featured a wide array of stark and unusual imagery and he has written 25000 words that illuminate the crimes and law The Art of Memoir enforcement of thera Ellroy offers context and layers on wild and rich atmosph. .
Which I find ndearing He also grew up in LA and is very familiar with many of the areas mentioned in the book The photos of which HE SPENDS A GREAT DEAL OF spends a great deal of xplaining why they are so important and amazing are really not that great Scenic for sure some being great long shots of hidden crime scenes but they re nothing special as crime scene photos go I ve seen far better in my years studying crime Still its a great book with lots of photos not very long but it takes a few pages to get into Ellroy s particular groove *great book on crime though but certainly not *book on crime though but certainly not best I ve ver read This was such an irritating read that the text almost cancelled out the value of the photos that were supposed to be the core of the book Ellroy does not seem to get that beyond a certain density level the stilted bebop xpressions in his ultra noir writing style obscure the meaning of what he is trying to say What does come through is that this guy is very nostalgic not for the year he turned 5 but for all the hideous tragic things that were happening around him that year He makes it sound as if he knew all about it as it was happening and was thrilled by very minute of it unlikely This was 5 years before his mother s murder and does create a compelling picture of the background and underpinnings of that terrible vent This might be worth your time if you have a high tolerance for PostgreSQL Server Programming - Second Edition ersatz jive talk James Ellroy s characters do not walk They run They dash They freak Theylectrify That is how Ellroy writes His career has mostly involved Los Angeles crime stories garnished with some autobiographical nightmares and a clutch of frenzied crime stories built on a larger stage which always involves LA In LAPD 53 we have a collection of police photographs taken in that pivotal year accompanied by page long reflections on the scene or the person All high octane stuff Either you dig Ellroy or you don t Either you can find intrigue or insight in the photographs or you can tGlynn Martin a former LAPD officer and now curator I received this book in a Goodreads giveawayThis is a dual personality book It S Photographs Contain Fairly Sanitized Versions Of The Crime Scene photographs contain fairly sanitized versions of the crime scene some very Dragnet looking detectives following procedures No problemWhat makes this book special is the author s control of the prose It s Beat its scatological it s noir it s THEN This Integrity Restored: Helping Catholic Families Win the Battle Against Pornography element juxtaposed with the stark sanitized photos just worksThis is a must for LAPD historians noir lovers and anyone interested in taking a uick down and dirty look at crime in LA in Ere this is the cauldron that was police work in the city of the tarnished angels than six decades ago More than 80 duotone photos are spread throughout the book in the manner of harddged police vidence?. ,

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A fun read but not xactly usual kind of read Although read the book version of this it s clearly a visual book likely a coffee table style book and the formatting doesn t really translate to book well But that said it s The Road From Home: The Story Of An Armenian Girl engaging nonetheless insofar as Ellroy s captions for the various real life LAPD crime photos from 1953 are concerned Sometimes Ellroy s writing is a little bizarrespecially when he posits his 5 year old self into theoretical sordid and very adult situations involving assorted name individuals from the time period "It can be humorous but such fantasy is a bit out of left "can be humorous but such fantasy is a bit out of left Exile and Pilgrim especially since much of the rest of his captions are firmly rooted in the cold hard reality of LA history However the man is unuestionably deft and talented when it comes to the written word and you remain intrigued by what he might say next Recommended particularly for Ellroy fans those interested in the darker side of Los Angeles history crime fiction and nonfiction aficionados mid 20th centurynthusiasts and lovers of the written word 35 The description tells how the great James Ellroy got involved in this project He xplains the history of the LAPD and LA in straight forward language Then when talks about a crime he moves into the hepcat crime noir speak He shows how 1953 was a turning point in the path of a city How it went from a spread out area with growing dreams To 53 when the first superhighway was built a menacing police chief ran the city and was instrumental in creating strong thnic sections and growing dreams To the cesspool it has become still with growing dreams just for handouts and sanctuary nowA fun read as far as real murders and suicides go though it got dull toward the Hannah Montana: The Movie end used up the best storiesarly I guessOther than a few gruesome photos at the beginning it was not gory with a lot of sheets and distant shots And in BW Ellroy called them beautiful a few times I would call them sort of artistic A lot of inclusion of buildings and crowds in the background with several with detectives and policemen with interesting looks and approaches No close ups But mildly disturbing nevertheless I love approaches No close ups But mildly disturbing nevertheless I love about LA and specially this time period James Ellroy is always good The photos were a little graphic than I xpected but this is a great addition to my collection This book was a give away from Goodreads and I certainly appreciate it The photographs are vocative the dialog ven so James Ellroy has reaffirmed himself a master at words The images will stay with you long after you put the book. James Ellroy the undisputed master of crime writing has teamed up with the Los Angeles Police Museum to present a stunning text on 1953 LA While combing the museum’s photo archives Ellroy discovered that.

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