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Trying to kill her Not too shabby The characters have a lot of conversations and discussions about life I really feel like they get to know each other as people and like each other as people That s good I despise romance novels where the main characters end up together because they like to fuck Or they think each other is hot Erotica fine Romance No But Giordano has these two interact as human beings who also want to fuck sure with emotions complicated histories complicated Giordano has these two interact as human beings who also want to fuck sure with emotions complicated histories complicated etc etcThey oke with each other but are also pretty upfront with each other They have a pretty good relationship dynamicCONS Jenna calls Brent big boy all the time I ust can t Jenna s fucked up in her head about her weight She s a former beauty ueen She s fifteen pounds heavier than she was on the circuit and she s fucked up about it Even though she s currently a size eight Which she refers to as fluffy oO Giordano is mealymouthed and unclear about what is going on with Jenna Was she anorexic on the circuit She eats cake now and says her dieting was unsustainable but Giordano is not clear about if she had an eating disorder Every so often Giordano throws in some aside about Jenna s mother that makes her seem abusive or at least unhealthily obsessed with her daughter s beauty and appearance But this isn t straightforward either We never meet Jenna s mom We are never exactly sure how abusive she is or if she is even abusive Giordano tells us her brothers give her shit about her fifteen pound weight gain as well but it s hard for me to tell if she intends for this to be teasing or something sinister If Jenna had suffered from an ED then it s definitely sinister and a form Of Abuse But Again We abuse but again we t knowI don t mind this kind of storyline but Giordano s weak mealymouthed handling of it was frustrating and sloppy We get no answers clear or otherwise and we are left to fumble around in the dark He acts a little paternalistic sometimes and it got on my nerves but then again she acts a bit stupid sometimes and that also got on my nerves so I guess we ll call it a wash One glaring mistake in the suspense plot the villain checks Jenna s voicemail I m pretty sure you can t ust check other people s voicemail I m pretty sure voicemails are password protected This was a huge error Made no sense UPDATE 07072019 Ok Trish has let me know this is INDEED possible With an iPhone So theoretically this could happen I retract my criticism on this particular point Thank you TrishHOW S THE SEX CARMENYet another book in which the hero Redeeming the Republic Federalists Taxation and the Origins of the Constitution just shoves it in with no foreplay Then later the author makes sure to tell me that Jenna experienced multiple orgasms and I m like Yeah right LIES It s ludicrous Write better sex Orust fade to black I don t care but don t ust have zero foreplay and then convince me the sex was great I m not buying itThey use condoms That s goodI m baffled on Jenna s past sexual experiences I know she s not a virgin I m pretty sure Giordano would bring that up but the book doesn t really talk about her sexual past ever And when she ends up in bed with Brent she acts like I don t know sex is very rare for her or men have never seen her naked or something While Giordano is certainly not afraid to tell us that Brent fucks women regularly and that he uses one night stands to tame the savage beast or something Jenna s past is a big black hole I wish authors were less sexist about if a woman s had sex she s a bad person kind of bullshit but it s still the case even todayTL DR Decent romantic suspense book despite some minor stupidity Romance book that involves the characters actually getting to know each other and

Having A Relationship Which Is 
a relationship which is plus Some annoyances such as Jenna referring to Brent as big boy all the time and Giordano being mealymouthed and unclear about Jenna s possible ED history possible abusive family and possible although not verifiable previous sexual experiencesA mixed bagSERIES 1 The Prosecutor 2 The Defender 3 The Marshal 4 The Detective 5 The RebelROMANCE CATEGORIESContemporary RomanceRomantic SuspenseNon Virgin Heroine Police Romance Brent is a US MarshalHe s a US Marshal She s a Private Investigator NAMES IN THIS BOOKview spoilerBrent mGerald mPenny fPamela f PamCamille fJenna fFreddie mRobin fRuss m RussellHerb mJamie f James Cheryl fMason mSylvie fDoug mTerrence mMaria fCarlton mMike mLenny Marcie f hide spoiler. Sion and a steadily rising attraction that eopardizes Brent's resolve to stay unattached the pair must work together to get answersbefore the murderer makes them his next victi.

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The Marshal by Adrienne Giordano is a fast paced and complex suspense that kept me turning the pages until I finished Jenna Hayward works for Hennings Solomon as an investigator Brent Thompson is a US Marshal who has becomes friends with the Hennings family in Brent Thompson is a US Marshal who has becomes friends with the Hennings family in previous book Brent is definitely a tortured soul who needs closure so he can finally move on with his life The attraction between Jenna and Brent is hot from the beginning and yet they both take their time to consider all of the angles about a physical and emotional relationship before the passion Does Explode I Liked explode I liked Adrienne gives her characters that time to get to know each other before falling to bedIf you enjoy a romantic suspense filled with a little action twists during the investigation emotional layers in all of the characters and a love that could last a lifetime this is a great read THE MARSHALL by Adrienne Giordano a Romantic Suspense A continuation of the series with The Defender and The Prosecutor with a cold case mystery which in itself is uniue An entertaining passionate tale of a cold case murder mystery suspense romance with snappy dialogue re appearance of characters from previous titles a smart savvy investigator heroine Jenna Hayward and US Marshal Brent Thompson who is obsessed over the two decades old murder of his motherFast paced with danger mystery and romance A uniue but intriguing tale from beginning to end The characters are absorbing engaging and intriguing The storyline is very intriguing The chemistry between Jenna and Brent is hot engaging and passionate A must read for any romance mystery or suspense readerReceived for an honest review from the author andor publisherRating 45Heat rating HotReviewed by AprilR courtesy of My Book Addiction and More Brent Thompson s waking moment has been consumed by the need to find his mother s murderer an obsession that has lasted 23 years Finally Jenna Hayward gets on this case and as a former beauty ueen turned investigator puts them on the path to discovery and danger Brent is interesting enough a character I ve always found tough nuts to crack and repressed but devoted and dutiful types alluring than the garden variety womaniser but Jenna rubbed me the wrong way from the start with the way she uses her cleavage to get information her extreme insecurities about her looks and the constant need for approval Nope not too much sympathy from me there I couldn t really buy the cliche of her being a former contestant as though we need untouchable beauties in romance novels any who later tried and failed to Plato and Parmenides: Parmenides' Way of Truth and Plato's Parmenides join the FBI despite Adrienne Giordano s effort in making her realistic Asking for a plastic surgeon when she got a cut on her face then hiding it later was pretty much the last straw for me vanity trumps the urgency of the case I imagine and I started skimming through the pages from that point onwards I really enjoyed this book and was immediately drawn in to Brent and Jenna s story It had a great balance of romance and suspense and had a great cast of characters The mystery had me guessing right up until the end and watching Brent and Jenna fight their attraction and try to keep things professional was so much funBrent and Jenna were such great characters and I loved them as a couple My heart went out to Brent having to deal with his mother s murder when he wasust a boy and then the frustration he was dealing with from his inability to solve the now cold case Jenna was such a great heroine smart strong sexy although under the surface she still carried around the insecurities from her beauty pageant days Brent and Jenna together Il metodo dell'ovulazione. Atlante just made me smile Whether it was professionally where they balanced each other out and challenged and supported each other in their investigation or personally where their attractionust couldn t be denied Brent and Jenna ust seemed to get each other and seemed to understand where the other was coming from Not that it was all smooth sailing between these two there certainly were a couple of alpha male goes all caveman moments but the angst was kept to a reasonable level and usually worked itself out rather uickly As far as romantic suspense novels go this is one you should definitely not miss it will draw you in from the first word and keep you turning the paged until the endI was given a copy of this book by the author for an honest review This on. His painful past is their present danger The last thing US Marshal Brent Thompson needs is distraction from his work But distraction in the form of a sexy Chicago investigator E is a page turner Keeps you on the edge of your seat and you end reading into the wee hours of the morning ust to see what s going to happen next The chemistry between the charterers is hot This is definitely a book to read you won t be disappointed Brent Thompson is a Deputy US Marshal He is dedicated to his ob but he has only one goal that drives him He s determined to find the person who murdered his mother He was five years old when he discovered her body The case is cold but now he has help Jenna Hayward is the private investigator assigned to this case Will she be a help or a distraction Brent is a powerful character He s strong and dedicated but he s bottled up his emotions Jenna is his eual She s feisty stubborn and smart She wants to prove her worth by solving this case The Marshal by Adrienne Giordano has everything you re looking for in a romantic suspense Mystery intrigue and sexiness With witty banter and simmering emotions both Brent and Jenna are heading for love Can Jenna keep her emotions in check when Brent is so emotionally unavailable Can they both work together to solve his mother s murderI liked the fact that Adrienne Giordano gave us background on Brent there was so much information on how he became the man he is today I was able to see what made him tick and I wanted to root for both the little boy who lost his mom and the man who didn t know how much he needed a woman Jenna is smart driven and sexy Three the man who didn t know how much he needed a woman Jenna is smart driven and sexy Three that Brent may not be able to resistThis was the first book that I ve read from author Adrienne Giordano but if this is the uality of her writing I ll most definitely be grabbing a few off the shelf There were uite a few twists and turns throughout the book all while trying to get to uite a few twists and turns throughout the book all while trying to get to answer of who killed Brent s mom Be sure to find somewhere comfortable to read this one because you ll be hooked to your Kindle for the duration If you enjoy a mystery with your romance don t miss The Marshal It kept me up half the night reading but it was so worth it Awesome addition to the series I totally recommend this book to anyone who likes suspenseful romantic story lines Marshal Brent Thompson is a troubled soul who has built his life around finding out who murdered his mother when he was a small boy The need to solve this is why Brent went into law enforcement not to mention cause him at a young age to be the backbone of his small family and see to the raising of his sister Brent finally gives in after 23 years and agrees to outside help perhaps a new perspective will help In comes the Very good book with excellent suspense and steamy romance Brent and Jenna made their first appearances in The Defender as secondary characters I was rooting for him to get his own story and this is it Brent is dedicated to his work as a marshal not ust professionally but also personally He went into law enforcement because of the murder of his mother when he was a child Her killer was never caught and he spends his off time continuing the investigation When he is offered the assistance of investigator Jenna he takes it hoping that a fresh outlook will turn up something new He doesn t expect that the attraction he s felt since he met her will begin to consume his thoughts He doesn t want it because it is a distraction from his purposeJenna was very happy to take the case She has been looking for something that would be a challenge for he I don t really have an opening uote for this I looked and looked but I m going to have to say no US Marshal Brent Thompson s mother was murdered when he was five years old He wants ustice Jenna Hayward whom we know from the previous book The Defender is an investigator working for Hennings Solomon Think Kalinda Sharma although Kalinda Sharma is way kickass than this woman Gerald Hennings gets guilted by his wife into putting Jenna on Brent s case pro bonoSo 23 year old cold case Jenna on point trying to prove herself Brent a big ole mess about his mother s murder even though he tries to present as very tough and machoPROS Pretty decent mysterysuspense Wouldn t hold up to an ACTUAL mysterysuspense novel but for the romantic suspense subgenre it does pretty well for itself I didn t know who had committed the murder or why Not that Giordano really gives the reader enough information to figure it out I was on edge especially after someone started targeting Jenna and. S exactly what he gets Jenna Hayward is as alluring as she is determined driven to help apprehend the murderer who killed Brent's mother twenty three years ago With a shared mis. ,
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The Marshal