(EBOOK DOWNLOAD) Battle for the Mind: A Physiology of Conversion and Brainwashing

Interesting read on the history of Christian brainwashing among other things If You Think Pavlov S think Pavlov s were only about dog salivating on a bell sound then this book will help you get up to speed with Transmarginal inhibition paradoxical and ultra paradoxical states Learn how brainwashing techniues had been used from the early periods by different groups and cults A must read I read this book for a freshmen seminar class at UC Berkeley The purpose

of the book 
the book to explain the biological processes that change your mind The author explain the biological processes that change your mind The author that by giving people this information they will better be able to identify situations where they are being exploited I gave this book to a friend of mine who is fascinated by the study of the human brain Her review would be important than mine I read this to help get an understanding of 1950s psychiatry for a novel I was writing Fascinating stuff and worth a few evenings of your time A fascinatinga nearly decade long study of human behavior as it pertains to the physiology of conversion and brainwashing Wether it be by politicians psychiatrists medicine men or the religious this book delves into the technics that are used for good or ill to excite the individual into a highly suggestible state that can lead to changes in their core values and behaviors Well worth the read Oh we have got so much better at it now Why people will even vote against their own self interest intriguing start Pavlov and his clas. How can an evangelist convert a hardboiled sophisticate Why does a POW sign a confession that he knows is false How is a criminal pressured into admitting his guilt Do the evangelist the POW's captor and the policeman use simila.

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Battle for the Mind: A Physiology of Conversion and BrainwashingTion to the tactics and Techniues Used In Brainwashing From used in brainwashing from introduction to the work of Pavlov to the methods used in the Soviet Union and religion then this book is ideal I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this book It is well researched drawing on information and studies from many areas A really amazing look at how the human mind can be manipulated by various circumstances William Sargant worked with British war veterans who returned from the worst fronts of world war 2 and had been mentally and emotionally reduced to blank slates By means of various techniues he was able to undo the damage and get them back to somewhat normal livesNow some of these techniues are pretty datedlike removing parts of the brainbut others like using ether and mescaline are still employed today when using drugs to address repressed experience So if you know what it takes to erase someones personalitywhat if you could erase their personality and implant foreign ideas and morals to their thoughts and then rebuild them back to normal Say if you were an intelligence agency looking to make the perfect manchurian candidate who would have the desire and knowledge of killing a predetermined target but not recall how or why they learned this and acted upon thisWilliam Sargant that author of this book was one of the founders of MK Ultra back when it was known as project bluebird William Sargant worked with both British and American intelligence agencies in mind control was known as project bluebird William Sargant worked with both British and American intelligence agencies in mind control Out and illustrates the basic techniues used by evangelists psychiatrists and brain washers to disperse the patterns of belief and behavior already established in the minds of their hearers and to substitute new patterns for the. ,

Sification of dogs in the same four categories that hyppocrates classifies people choleric sangvinic chapter two is interesting too observations about soldiers and civilians in the second world war breaking down after too much stress and fear show how people can change instantly in a moment of high instabilityEven the strongest soldiers of Caesar his eagle carrying veterans break down bad after the lengthy war in Gaul Whilst clearly dated and of a 35 than a 4 Sargants *Work Is Nevertheless A Very Engaging And *is nevertheless a very engaging and book In his work he sets out to show how purely physiological mechanisms can have a dominating role in beliefs that eclipse reason and emotion and whats how These Mechanisms Can Be Used mechanisms can be used abused as well as how they can be resisted Importantly he focuses on the methods themselves and not the truth of the various religions and ideologies who use themSomething else that was particularly interesting is how through case studies it shows how brain washingthought reform instead of being ust an evil spawned in modern times is one that has been present throughout all of human history and cultures Whats these happened fairly independently to one another so each group brought its own understanding to it even though the methods used by were similar in many ways A very helpful little book to reflect upon in order to have a better understanding of your own beliefs regardless of your religion or irreligion If you are looking for a concise introduc. R methods to gain their endsThese and other compelling uestions are discussed in the definitive work by William Sargant who for many years until his death in 1988 was a leading physician in psychological medicine Sargant spells.
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