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Ood Knights i Another Blood Knight gets to tell his story in the third book of the Vampire Moons series where obligation freuently clashes with desire These seven extraordinary immortals have existed for centuries after being chosen to carry out specific commitments using their new capabilities More about these fascinating beings is learned in the latest book and each new fact only adds to their honorable reputation The world created by Linda Thomas Sundstrom for her paranormal beings i BLOOD NIGHT CHRONICLES WINNER Best paranormal romanceactionsuspense Paranormal Romance Guild s reviewer s Choice awardsA long time ago a group BLOOD NIGHT CHRONICLES WINNER Best paranormal romanceactionsuspense Paranormal Romance Guild s reviewer s Choice awardsA long time ago a group the Seven was formed from seven of the best nights of the Round Table These nights were offered immortality in order to protect a holy relic KNOWN AS THE GRAIL WHICH CONTAINS as the Grail which contains powers best ept hidden from the massesSeven immortal n.

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Of ancient that run the London underground which puts her in dangerChristopher St John has lived for centuries and can’t escape the dark legacy that created him But that legacy also makes him a rogue vampire’s worst enemy. Ights protectors of the Grail will live through time until we find Them Now In The Current now in the current in this series Called Blood Knights because of the way they became immortal Not vampires though they do possess not only fangs but longings for the ind of justice no mortal men could conceive of Undefeated in battle Unearthly gorgeous If not exactly righteous something close with the will to protect humankind from monsters that lurk in the shadows of a modern worldOne Blood Knight per book in this series Seven books 5 so farGolden Vampire Immortal Obsession Guardian of the Night Immortal Redeemed Angel UnleashedThrilling reviews Here s one I wanted to shareRomantic Times Book Reviews TOP PICK The book offers a sexy and fascinating hero an original Blood Knight sworn to protect mankind and pits him with Madison a woman who refuses to back down even when her life is on the line. So his desire for the redhead who digs into the past Though Immediate And All Consuming Is Forbidden And As Madison’s immediate and all consuming is forbidden And as Madison’s continues she must discover if St John is a trusted Protector or if she’s being seduced by a monste. ,

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Immortal ObsessionI do so enjoy
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into this s worlds where I now I will encounter characters that will give me their all Some will capture you so much you WILL FORGET THAT THIS IS PARANORMAL forget that this is paranormal In this one Madison will be on a story that will lead her into the unknown christopher will capture our attention but unknown Christopher will capture our attention but be lending a hand but discoveries will cover many aspects Some things will be all consuming with the intrigue having us not wanting to look away We also find out why St John is so special but also be ept on a dance of danger they must be prepared for With each of these stories we are consumed by that special one swooning when it turns out in a way that warms our all the way to our toes I finished this in a whirlwind read a thon because I was enthralled by the story and always love Linda s Blood Knights In this book Christopher St John one of the seven ancient Bl. Can his dark legacy protect her Madison Chase an American newscaster is in London to follow a missing girls case But her priority is to locate her brother who has also disappeared Research leads Madison to the discovery of an enclave.
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