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Re we get that we get a little Zero Year story about clark Then we turn right into modern day where we get a reunited Clark and Lana Lang Except they meet up again because a big blue monster is attacking her What I liked I fucking LOVED the chemistry and dialog between Lana and Clark It s so well done and feels authentic I wanted THEM to get together Screw Wonder Woman Then you have the big blue monster who we later find out is someone special and it s the cutest thing ever and heartbreaking by the end I also loved Superman in here Even in his zero year part which is great you get to see inside what makes superman freaking SUPER Also how awesome was Lana lang in this THANK YOU What how awesome was Lana lang in this THANK YOU What didn t like Sometimes the art couldn t eep up with the awesomeness of the rest of this It felt off balanced Also the underground city is ind of silly even for a series that contains a flying alien Overall I really dug the shit out of this volume I wish the rest of action comics was as good as this it s not but this is a perfect volume you can pick up and enjoy without reading anything else Damn it I want Yes This title continues to get better better Pak did an excellent job with this volume and wrote a story that really showcased Superman s strengths as a character Ok first you have Clark s Secret Origins issue Now I d already read it in the Secret Origins vol 1 collection but I thought it was a good fit for this volumeIt s a touching story about ClarkKal told through the overlapping voices of the two women who loved him mostHis biological mother Lara who sent him away to save him And his adopted mother Martha who raised him to embrace his humanity It s sappy but it works as a short storyI have to say I believe one of the biggest mistakes the New 52 made was illing off Martha Kent The motherson dynamic between those two shouldn t be wasted Besides I think it helps All Roads Lead Home keep a character as powerful as Superman grounded humanized when you see him going home and helping his mom out with chores Zero Year also makes its way into this volume but it s not set in Gotham so I m not sure what the point was I guess it s just there to let usnow what Clark was up to while Bruce was off fighting the Riddlerand Learning To Be The Batman Eh Whatever It Didn learning to be The Batman Eh Whatever It didn suck It shows a cocky t shirt wearing Superman trying to beat back the forces of nature and finding out that sometimes a softer touch is neededOn to the main eventLana Lang is uickly turning into one of my favorites and stories like this one are the reason why These two share a deep trust that comes from years of friendship and it really make their interactions on the panel pop Not to mention they used to date when they were younger so there s still a tiny part of each of them that still wants to impress the other It makes for an interesting dynamic and one that you don t see done well very oftenOk the main story takes place before the events of Doomed I wish I d read this one first because it explains who the blue monster id was and where he came from It also explains who the hell Ghost Soldier #is and why Clark would maybe trust him Without giving away #and why Clark would maybe trust him Without giving away plot I just want to say that THIS Superman needs to be the role model for all the future incarnationsI m an immensely powerful being and FUCK YOU if you think you can make me do something that goes against my moralsThank you Pak Thank you Superman should ick ass and take names but he should not act like a bully or psychopath This volume is a perfect blend of that Clark has a great moral compass and he has the mojo to back up his decisions Excellent job on nailing his personality in this oneDefinitely Recommended For SuperfansGet this review and at. Rman as he is caught in the middle of the military's battle with subterranean monstersCollects Superman – Action Comics #25 29 and Secret Origins. .
It s been a while since I read a New52 comic I liked and I ve avoided the Superman titles like the plague after the spotty reputation they garnered their first year Scott Lobotomy dell among the worst of the lotSo shock the hell out of me When I Hear That Greg Pak Is Slipping The Bonds I hear that Greg Pak is slipping the bonds Marvel exclusivity and coming to rescue the morons running DC editorial And aside from an obligatory starterSecret Origins titles should be called beaten to death Origins Fuck me at this point any comics reader could probably uote the date on the calendar in Kal El s bedroom from the scene where he gets packed off to summer camp I mean Earth refugee camp Once we re clear of the torturous appetizer we get into territory insider think possible in New 52 Superman land characters I actually like First off I LOVE Lana Lang Snarky self assured smart as hell engaged with the world through her brains not her boobs and might just be my comic book crush if Power Girl didn t exist Next up I am shocked all to hell to discover I actually like reading Superman I enjoy his inner dialogue I enjoy his #not too glib repartee I enjoy his attempts to do good and his occasional screw ups for exactly the best #too glib repartee I enjoy his attempts to do good and his occasional screw ups for exactly the best I think Pak has humanised Supes to the degree that he s good at what he can do and not the omniscient chess grand master at nowing how it will all play out Which is totally a superhero I d like to read Supes here shares a little of the headstrong person of action that we ve met the last few years in Carol DanversCaptain Marvel Totally great character I d almost say the opposite of me but really just a little successful at pulling off leap before looking that I ve done less well than I d like The obstacles that Supes and Lana face here are nuanced as well and give insight into Clark than I d normally find in a God mode superhero book In fact I d venture to say that Pak must not be bought into the DC way being a Marvel zombie for so many years and it shows Best hiring decision they ve made in years OK so I read this right after Greg Pak Batman Superman Vol 2paired together the lesson is this Clark needs to be like Batman1 he asks Lana not to call him Clark just like Bruce asks of him2 he rushes in headfirst without analyzing and says how Bruce would wait and get Intelbecause of this innocent creatures die Had he waited it s possible some would have died as well so who nowsAlso the art is terrible and too many artistsThe Zero Year story is boring just a way to introduce Lana again The Origin isn t secret or needed For what it was its Ok thoughI dunno this just didn t do a ton for mejust not bad enough to be 2 stars Very interesting storyline I can certainly see why it was not received with critical acclaim although I uite liked them myself The art is clean and dialog crisp and you can tel that the fact that not all is as it seems is intentionalSupes makes new and powerful allies in Subterranea and discovers new and powerful enemies arrayed against him when he returns B 78% Good Notes A The Mephisto Threat (Paul Tallis keen exposition on predisposition the human condition and bold intuition it s told with duality and juxtaposition It s so refreshing to read a GOOD Superman book for a change I didn t hate this Is this series actually getting better I love when I m surprised by a book I ve read Greg Pak before he s not really myind of writer and after Grant Morrison left Action Comics I didn t expect the series to be as good but the first volume of Pak and Aaron Kuder s run is uality Lana Lang happens to be part of a mining operation in Venezuela which unwittingly unleashes a subterranean monster Superman to the rescue The book starts off with the chaff There s a wholly point. This BATMAN ZERO YEAR tie in features the reintroduction of a major character as a cocky young Superman battles the forces of nature to save Gotham. ,

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Less rehashing of Superman s origins taken from the SHORT LIVED AND UNPOPULAR SECRET ORIGINS SERIES IS THERE lived and unpopular Secret Origins series is there anyone reading this who isn t 100% clear on Superman s origins at this point and a Zero Year tie in where Morrison s t shirt and jeans Superman saves a ship in a storm The latter isn t bad but totally unnecessary Bullshit aside we finally get into the main storyline What Lies Beneath which looks like a straightforward Superman hits Godzilla type monster story at first but develops into something nuanced and interesting Pak writes a really good Superman The inner monologue sounds right his actions and it lives up to its title of Action Comics with some big action scenes are bang on he s putting preserving life ahead of everything this feels like Superman as he should be Without giving too much away about the monster the story is broadly about misunderstood outsiders being perceived as one thing because of their looks and being rejected a very Superman theme The non human characters tend to behave humanely than normal humans as the Godzilla monster Baka isn t the real threat an American called Ghost Soldier is The best Superman fights are the ones where #he s not just stupidly hitting something as hard as he can a la James Robinson s #s not just stupidly hitting something as hard as he can a la James Robinson s with Ghost Soldier s phased weaponry which can pass through solid objects he can cut into and damage Superman s body without the MacGuffin of ryptonite which I m pleased to say isn t in this story at all Superman is shown to be vulnerable and has to think of other ways to defeat his opponent Better yet Ghost Soldier actually has character development too showing that he isn t one dimensionally evil I look forward to seeing of him and his shady organisation Harrow in the next book Pak writes a strong Lana Lang who s sorta like Lara Croft here whose friendship with Clark is convincing and enjoyable Refreshingly there s no Lois Lane being forced into the story to get Superman to talk about himself and there s no Daily Planet or Lex either Pak shows Superman needn t be formulaic and that s a big part of why his take works so well Maybe it s because his style reminds me a little of Chris Burnham s but I loved Aaron Kuder s art There are some really striking images throughout and I didn t even mind the New 52 Superman outfit as much with Kuder drawing Baka does sorta look a bit like the Bamfs from Wolverine and the X Men though and the Ghost Soldier design is a tad unexciting and bland Their Action Comics isn t as cerebral as Morrison s but Pak and Kuder prove to be an excellent creative team for Superman Their first book together is full of great stuff from strong characterisation wonderful art and a fast moving compelling storyline The test of a worthwhile Superman writer is someone who can stay true to the character without resorting to making him dark or evil and still eep the reader engaged I m pleased to say Greg Pak passes superbly Definitely check out What Lies Beneath if you re a Superman fan Well holy crap that was just freaking spectacular The first truly awesome Superman volume the New 52 has put out I can t believe I skipped this one on my initial Acton Comics reading run See I read volume 1 3 and after 3 I was drained cause Morrison wrote the last two volumes to hurt me So then I read volume 4 and it was OKAY But still I was burnt So I didn t return till near the Truth arc and skipped volume 5 6 and went into 7 8 I shouldn t have done that Though I ll skip 6 cause here it s awful Volume 5 is really a book you can pick up BY ITSELF It s very good self contained superman story that hits all the right marks Clark is going around the city saving the world but befo. City Superman must also figure out who or what is the Ghost Soldier and what mysterious ties does he have to The Man of Steel Will he side with Supe. .

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Superman – Action Comics, Volume 5: What Lies Beneath

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