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Old Irish and Highland Dress

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This classic volume provides a detailed look at the dress of the Scottish Highlanders and the Irish in "ancient times it provides a wealth of information "times It provides a wealth of information the dress of these two closely Gargantuan related Celtic landsMany of the illustrations are drawn fromare archiv. Al sources They are invaluable in understanding the development of men's and women's dress Covers Time Period From a time period from times through the eighteenth centuryChapters on "Ireland Include Up To "include Up to Invasion 1169 AD; From Strongbow's Invasion to. .

The Year 1500; 16th and "17th Century PicturesChapters On Scotland "Century PicturesChapters on Scotland Up to the Year 1600 The Saffron Shirt in Scotland; 17th Century The Belted Plaid; 18th Century Origin and Introduction of
Kilt There's also a chapter the dress of the Isle of Ma.