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Fallocaust Fallocaust #1Opathic main character ReaverWhich leads to a rare opportunity in the MM world of fiction to be able to sink into the mindset of a very depravedblood thirsty main character I absolutely love being able to sink my teeth and xperience a ruthlessness in characters that aren t uelled completely by that magic stick we call love Nope Reaver is a sociopathmurderer with an arrogance that is arned from the ability to shoot *a kid point blank in the face and wonder how the meat s gonna taste Does that mean his characterization * kid point blank in the face and wonder how the meat s gonna taste Does that mean his characterization linear and doesn t change throughout the book Not at all He undergoes his own transformation through his relationship with Killian but stays true to his foundationThe world building is also nicely done where information is understood through the characters xperiences rather than an info dump Sure this makes it confusing in the beginning but is definitely a better way to learn of this radiation induced apocalypse The cast of characters while small at first begins to The Garden of Happy Endings expand throughout the book I didn t know how to feel about this as I like the focus to be on the main characters Luckily it didn t distract too much and hope the author doesn t feel the need to include too much head hopping most of the head hopping was between Killian and Reaver with the inclusion of a few other characters here and thereIs the plot and world completely believable Absolutely not If you re the kind of person who psycho analyzes the characters behavior the world s history and the outcome ofvents that happen then you ll probably roll your yes throughout the story Hell as a person who works in a pharmacy I will Hell as a person who works in a pharmacy I will you there is no way in hell meds are still good after sitting on the shelves for over two hundred years There is something called an xpiration date Does that mean the world of Fallocaust is too over the top and not My Little Blue Dress enjoyable Once again absolutely not You just have to go into the mindset of going with the flow is all I m saying after all this is also considered a science fiction storyDespite all the good things about Fallocaust there were some BAD things as well And I m going to be very blunt here1 Someone get this book a fucking newditor My goodness I m not talking about the occasional misspelled word here I m talking about misspelling the same word continuously repeated words incorrect words and Hurrah For The Blackshirts!: Fascists and Fascism in Britain Between the Wars even a couple sentences that made absolutely not sense to me no matter how slowly I reread them I ve read longer fanfiction that had fewer mistakes compared to this book with the assistance of beta readers The reason why I m making such a big deal here is the mention that thedition I bought was professionally Adam Smith: An Enlightened Life edited Warning to grammar Nazis and peoplexpecting a well proofread xperience you re in for some pain While not grammatically incorrect I Don T Think Anyways I Get Annoyed When Authors Feel t think anyways I get annoyed when authors feel need to use inconsistent punctuation For instance using one xclamation mark in a sentence followed by another sentence with three five Annual Editions: Technologies, Social Media, and Society exclamation marks Or the need to format whole sentences IN ALL CAPS2 I fucking hate Killian He actually makes the top three list of most. Tures in dogared magazines Reaver is a greywaster living in a small block controlled by a distant ruler said to have started the Fallocaust He is a product of the savage world he was raised in and prides himself on being cold and cruel Then someone new to his.

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Cabin: Two Brothers, a Dream, and Five Acres in Maine
I ve been wanting to read this series for years but I ve always been scared because I knew it would be series for years but I ve always been scared because I knew it would be consuming intense and the characters would be put through *the wringerone the one hand this was completely * wringerOne the one hand this was completely from what I xpected What I liked was the fact that this world is not filled with completely bad people like I thought it not filled with completely bad people like I thought it be I mean veryone ats humans flesh I thought veryone would be killing Black Heart, Red Ruby everyone but that was not the case Most of these people actually had morals and while some definitely were of the sociopathpsychopath kind they were not all bad 19 year old Reavernjoys killing and torturing people and it seems he has no mpathy whatsoever That is until he starts following Killian a shy blond 17 year old boy who feels very deeply and cries about very single thing When Killian gets kidnapped Reaver snaps and does New Plant Parent: Learn the Ways of Plant Parenthood everything in his power to get Killian backI really loved how devoted Reaver and Killian were toach other I know it is mentioned that this is not a romance but horror But still this felt like a romance Mostly because Reaver and Killian really love Dreaming Me: An African-American Woman's Buddhist Journey each other and would do anything to protect the other There is no cheating or anything of that sortAnd because the love these guys share I really want to see them happy But of course lots of things happen to them And while I absolutely loved this book and was on thedge of my seat the God's Pocket entire time I think I m going to take a breakI just found out that the series isn t done yet so there is no HEA at thend of this very dark tunnelThis book deserves all the 5 stars I m giving but I do admit that I m uite ЯED exhausted now I would have read all the books back to back if I knew there was something to look forward to any kind of HEA would be appreciated So I think I m going to have to wait until this series is finished It could be years but we ll seeJust know that yes this is a dark series but it s not without any romance andven thought it s not a conventional relationship I think these guys are made for ach other So this book ruled my life for few weeksI didn t know anything about it before I start readingI saw it s tagged as dystopian mm read the blurb decided to try sample and this happened I saw him smile a few times and perhaps that s what got me started with the second glancesWhat he was so happy about I don t know didn t care really but the prospect that this kid was su Rating 35 starsReading Fallocaust was definitely an interesting xperience I really like it and will definitely follow up with the seuel when it s released But because I really like it and see the potential that s there it makes its flaws apparent to my mind s The Lost Art of Reading Natures Signs eyes and pisses me off than it shouldWhat I really love about this book is that it does NOT pull its punches It s gory Very very gory After all we are talking about a dystopian society where the act ofating other humans is considered normal and Moreno even necessary uil doesn t skimp on the details of that oh so chewy piece of ass meat or the the process of gutting a human and stuffing it with some veggies to roast There s also violence and the presence of a soci. Over two hundred and thirty years ago the Fallocaust happened killing almostverything that lived and creating what is now known as the greywastes A dead wasteland where cannibalism is a necessity death your reality and life before the radiation nothing but pic. Unlikeable character in MM history Seriously I lost count OF HOW MANY TIMES HE CRIED AFTER ABOUT TWENTY how many times he cried after about twenty It got to the point where I was the one who wanted to cry but then devolved into laughing my ass off with how pathetic he was just like Reaver does sometimes He cries and whimpers multiple times in very chapter featuring his POV His other behaviors giggling jumping up and down
"And I Think There "
I think there a scene where he s skipping gives me the impression of a leven year old kid instead of a 17 year old boyman who underwent some traumatizing A Spark of Light: the fearless new novel from the Number One bestselling author experiences It was very difficult for me to imagine an adult because his whimperinggiggling behavior made me shave a few inches and a handful of years from his character He s also supposed to be an intellectual yet thinks with the vocabulary of a middle schooler Oh and let s not forget he s almost always the one fucking up and causing problems thatnd up hurting others unnecessarily And when things do go wrong what does he do He cries calls himself useless and cries some In all honesty I feel like he single handedly made my reading What If experience drop significantly He was such a waste of word count in my opinionSo over all I didnjoy Fallocast Sure the writing felt amateurish at times yet oddly The Exhaustion Breakthrough elegant in others with a very unlikeable love interest in my opinion and could use some tightening up with certain scenes that dragged or felt unnecessary But the book manages toxplore territory that many authors don t dare touch or The Exhaustion Breakthrough: Unmask the Hidden Reasons You're Tired and Beat Fatigue for Good even dare think of And for that I will have to say this author definitely has some balls And you know whatlse He does a good job in creating an overall compelling story with a suspenseful Supplemental Book ending that makes me definitely want to pick up the seuel whenever it comes UMMMMMMMM THA FUCK So I had noxpectations going into this A few friends were reading it and my pal Angela is a huge fan so I decided to give it a try She gave me all the warnings and said it wasn t for veryone but I guess it must have been for me because I gobbled up over 800pgs in 2 daysSo gather around children while I give a glimpse into what is known as The FallocaustSo its many years in the future and one man has destroyed the "entire fucking world Like the arth is dead DEAD and people can survive barely But just like life is now you "fucking world Like the Colloquial Polish: The Complete Course for Beginners earth is dead DEAD and people can survive barely But just like life is now you thelite the rulers the ghetto rats the greywasters and indescribable monstrosity of people and animals it s fucking wild In the greywaste town of Aras we have Reaver the little psycho ass among his towns people He likes to kill and he s a brat but then the brat starts to fall in love with a boy named Killian and the rest you can say is history not really history but a series of vents so crazy and some gross that there is stupid in the first ten pages of this book than i can imagine filling the ntirety of human literature across the span of the multiverse including Bidadari yang Mengembara every possible version of theragon seriesit was so painful to read i kept stopping to ask people if it was a satireten pages i couldn t take than ten pages wanna know how many there were to read before the Red River Girl end892AND IT S PART ONE OF A TRILOG. Town catches hisye someone different than La strada delle croci everyonelse Without knowing why he starts to silently stalk him unaware of where it will lead himAuthor's Note Fallocaust has now been dited by a professional ditor The second The Ballad of Dorothy Wordsworth edition is now live as of May 18th 201.