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Fundamentals of Sequential and Parallel Algorithms lEct even on an iPhone wouldn t catch ateast some of these errors The plot can be summed up in one word rushed They meet almost immediately he bites her then they re dry humping and she hates him but then she oves him then bam they re mated story over all other subplots are forgotten Her constant angst about having sex with him One session of dry humping and it doesn t matter Her worr The first book wasnt written well at all There were tons of grammatical errors it was hard to read but I Did Enjoy The Story enjoy the story I kept on But I can tell you I ve officially given up The fact that it s on the galatea app is frustrating The background music is unnecessary you can only read one chapter a day or pay double that the book is worth in point to read Why not just get your book actually published It would also be nice if it was removed from ads for other apps ike inkitt so people dont download the app to be vastly disappointed when they realized that it has gone to galatea too I enjoyed reading this book but I m not a fan of the format of reading this book Your Only Allowed To Read allowed to read chapter per day iterally

1 in a 
in a hour period You can skip ahead if you buy points The amount of points needed to download each book to me doesn t seem worth it The book series is available through the Galatea app I wish I could read the series ike other book series all available at once either digital or hard cop. G' for nothing for the stakes of meeting your mate throughout the Season are much higher than usual and with the Season in full swing and a certain alpha's contemplative interest Sienna finds that most ikely this Season she'll be virgin.
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Mate Me If You May The Millennium Wolves #05

Read Mate Me If You May The Millennium Wolves #05

Well I try to read this story to be honest I ike it so I upload the Galatea App But I Hate It To app But I hate it to to wait every time before you can read a new episode And to buy the point and read with them is for my opinion very very expensive I prefer to read a story all at once and just buy a book or a epub book so I can read it when I want not very very small parts every day Sorry not *For Me This Expensive *me this expensive app I feel sad that this writer had it done this way and not by a normal publisher The story Almost Alchemy line of this book is cute but I m Aittle frustrated with the fact that I have to wait to continue to read it or pay out the ass I tried reading it everywhere it says I can just to be redirected to galeta Cute uick read kept me entertained on my flight Yes there was issues with grammar etc but et s not forget 50 shades of grey before we start complaining great story but I need to end it for now and wait until it is traditionally published this Galatea app isn t working for me it ruins the whole experience I would invest money but the money I would have to spend to the whole experience I would invest money but the money I would have to spend to the whole book euals easily 4 6 ebooks I could buy instead so sadly I must shelf it as dnf due to this ridiculous app I m not sure if the author even comes here because she has probably heard this many times First off I hope that your share of the profits from Galatea is substantial enough to cover your schooling I read abou. During the Mating Season every werewolf must find a partner to help relieving the sex craze aka the Haze Since all werewolves who're sixteen and onward have sex during the Season it is widely regarded as a social code Not Sienna Mercer Ni. ,

T that in an article The platform realized the blurb for your book would hook people in and the writing is actually good It s no surprise your book is one of book would hook people in and the writing is actually Good It S No Surprise Your Book It s no surprise your book one of top sellers and the profits for the app from this book alone is over 1 million You made the app worth the creators time However the fact that readers get maybe a 14 of a chapter each day is frustrating To read the entire book I would either need to pay over 60 or wait 180 days I cringed at the idea of paying 60 for a college textbook years ago and would never pay it for a fiction book unless it is a rare book When I get a new phone in a few weeks I will ose the chapters I have unless I keep reading it on my old phone It s kind of ridiculous Please consider publishing your books via or another platform Galatea hooked us in and I think you l find people will actually google you to find your book elsewhere if You Publish Nice Uick publish Nice uick in one sitting great characters and HEA grammar etc needs work but since it s self published on inkitt I m not going to criticise too much but nice story I LOVE IT I ove the strong female ead and how dominant she is plus the whole romance story God himself could not do enough to get me to read the rest of this series or the rest of this author s work The spelling and grammar were terrible I have to assume this was written with her eyes closed and spell check off there is no feasible way auto corr. Neteen and very much a werewolf Sienna prefers the human way of waiting for the right guy or in her case her future mate even if it means suffering a great deal of sexual torture during the Mating Season But the Season isn't called 'Matin. .

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