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My Sister JodieOn it s robably Pearl who sees her "sister most clearly Because of course Jodie s brashness and cheek is all a front disguising deep insecurity "most clearly Because of course Jodie s brashness and cheek is all a front disguising deep insecurity an even deeper level of sibling rivalry of She Is Ashamed "she is ashamed We also looking at the way in which teen The Dreamer Wakes (The Story of the Stone parent relationships can disintegrate to a state in which therotagonists talk at each other never to each other The mother in this story is doing her best for her children but to them she seems over Rivers Last Longer protective snobbish and judgemental Yet to the boarding school children sent away from home she seems like a treasure of a mother As ever Wilson s kindly eye doesn t shy away from unhappiness There is a great crisis in this book and its fallout causes unimaginableain But ain is a art of life and you can t The Eat-Clean Diet Cookbook: Great-Tasting Recipes that Keep You Lean! pretend it doesn t exist I love Wilson for never trying toretend And I love her too for trying to show that there is always a Witchcraft for Tomorrow path through no matter how hard things seem Highly recommended for all girls aged nine or ten to early teens It wasn t just me that was obsessed with Jacueline Wilson was itWhat a book I will never forget reading this book it was so emotional and heart breaking Honestly I feel even if I re read this over and over I would cry over and over again This books mainlot is around bullying and I was reading this at a time I was also getting bullied and feeling a lot of Jodie s emotions It was this book which helped me ut a stop to my bullying and get tougher as I didn t want to be Jodie If you are wanting to read this for light reading or fun reading because its a children s book DON T this is up there with some of the saddest books I have read especially if you have a ast with bullying i can see why this book traumatised 10 year old me Buddy read with my Beast aka the 9 year. Arding school with just a few leftover children for company Things start to change now they are in their new home Jodie has always been the leader but now it's Pearl who's making new friends When term begins their strange summer is over But things keep on changing Jodie really doesn'.

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Old daughterArgh let me tell you that my daughters reaction to the end of this book had me crying along with her It upset "her so muchas an adult i had a " so muchAs an adult I had a of issues with the message that my daughter ended up taking away from this view spoilerEven though she lost her sister tragically it was okay because her Mum was having another baby She took that the way I would have that she had been replaced Some may say it was her sister reincarnated but for the age this is aimed at I think that s a "Bit Above Their Heads "above their heads spoiler I first read this book when I was ten years old and I loved it I had always like Jacueline Wilson books but that one was my favourite I read this book from cover to cover about five times when I was younger opening up that book when I couldn t sleep I liked My Sister Jodie because I found it had a bit depth then the other Jacueline Wilson books Most of her books show bullying but never in so much detail since I have read the book many times I have noticed different things each time I read itI love Jodie and I was always rooting for her feeling sorry for her when she was being bullied It s a sad novel with teen suicide near the end of the book I was clutching my book tightly during the scene where Jodie falls hanging on to every wordPearl her younger sister is filled with disbelief not able to admit that maybe her sister jumped She has a new baby sister May to help her through her ain and they start a fresh away from the school finding it to Ye Castle Stinketh: Could You Survive Living in a Castle? painful to go backShe keeps writing to her old schoolsrinciple s wife I want that lady to get up and leave her cheating lying husband but the books ends without her doing so Maybe in the author s mind where a story never really ends she doesThis books deserves 5 stars and I will never forget it. T fit in with the osh teenagers in her class Pearl is blossoming Maybe she doesn't need Jodie as much as she used to But Jodie needs her And when the school celebration of Firework Night comes around and a tragic event occurs Pearl realises uite how much she does need her big sister. ,

Pearl is small for her age She s tiny flat chested uiet and studious She likes making up stories She does what her arents tell her and she s in awe of her big sister Jodie Jodie is everything that Pearl is not She s self confident she s outspoken and she s not afraid of being in trouble And in trouble Jodie is She s got in with a bad crowd at school she bunks off
She Snogs Boys She boys she even come home drunk For Jodie s mother it s all too much She came from a neglectful home and she s done everything she can to give her girls a better start in life From Jodie s behaviour however it seems as though it hasn t been enough Something Must Be Done And so Pearl s family ups sticks and move to the countryside Her Bootie and the Beast parents have found jobs at aosh rivate school Her mother s the cook and her father s the caretaker As art of the ackage Pearl and Jodie will receive a rivate education their arents could never otherwise afford Far from turning Jodie around though it seems to make her worse Pearl thrives she finds friends and she loves the lessons Jodie simply rebels She simply doesn t fit in I could read Jacueline Wilson s simple "direct emotionally honest kitchen sink dramas all day It matters not a jot that they re "emotionally honest kitchen sink dramas all day It matters not a jot that they re for readers thirty years my junior They re just so truthful and open The observation is always wonderful and there are immediately recognisable vignettes of contemporary family life on age after age Deep feelings are never far from the surface Wilson s heroines run through the gamut of childhood emotions and it is this genuine engagement with the audience that has gathered her such an enormous fanbase Here in My Sister Jodie we are looking at the special relationship between sisters Pearl hero worships Jodie and yet for all the adulati. Pearl and Jodie are sisters Pearl is the younger one small shy and anxious Jodie is nearly three years older bold and brash and bad and Pearl adores her When their arents get new jobs at Melchester College a Victorian Gothic mansion the girls spend a bizarre summer holiday in the bo.  .