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Humbled by a Brat The Irv O Neil Erotic Library Book 21 yEy are Don t take that to mean that this story is in any means slow Much of this book is as intense as the games following the characters through tense situations and battles The tone and pacing of this book fits very well with its game counterpart without sacrificing the story You learn about the characters butou also get a good taste of the action they ve had to live through for most of their lives Even in those moments that seem like nothing but nonstop action Meditation A Key to New Horizons in God you learn so much about these characters Marcus FenixDominc Santiagoif these names are unfamiliar toou then ou probably have not played Gears of War on the Xbox 360 If that be the case this book will introduce ou to some memorable characters as well as a world plagued by war against humans as well as the creatures they call the Horde I was introduced to this game from Epic by my gamer hubby and have fell in love with the characters as well as the story Liken alot to Halo Gears brings out a story line that is rich without taking away and this book just adds to the drama Marcus is a loner who has been ignored by his very rich parents and is befriended by the brothers Santiago Dom and Carlos Knowing that his faher will be disappointed Marcus enlists in the COGs Coalition of Ordered Governments recognized by the COG tags on their necks This book takes place during the war against the Horde but flashed back to the Pendulum Wars in which the battle for Aspho Fields takes place Marcus has kept a secret from Dom that effects what happen to his brother and as things get heated in battle the truth begins to emerge Can their friendship surviveI am always apprehensive with books like this Though the game is awesome I have learned that the movies and books lack the luster This is not the case here This books stays true to the story as well as the thrill of playing the game I could hear the sounds of Lancer fire and the sound of the King Ravens overhead So in short if ou are a fan of the game or just getting started this book is a great read even for those who have never heard of Gears Aspho Fields wasn t as good a i wanted it to be It started well and then it just lost its edge Review from BadelyngeKaren Traviss does a great job of bringing some Gears of War goodness to those of us who like to relax our trigger fingers once in a while Traviss admits herself that she s worked on a lot of stuff in her day tie ins and the like and that not all of the varied franchises and projects have been particularly worthy But Gears is different She thinks it s special I m inclined to agree Working on something ou really love rather than it just being the latest meal ticket has really brought out the best in the writer both in th My favorite video game in the history of ever and I never knew it has books about it Marcus Fenix grunts in disappointment Dominic Santiago falls to his knees screaming Maria Cole Train shouts Woo Baby Damon Baird says and New Ways to Kill Your Mother: Writers and Their Families you callourself a gearhead It s pretty odd that I read this as I have not played Gears of War and have never read anything else by Karen Traviss And while this didn t make me want to run out and buy a Play boxX Station 5000 game console and team speak with a bunch a people I don t know it very much made me want to read by Karen Traviss She writes very well with a great balance between story and detail and I was turning pages uickly the whole way This is a very entertaining military science fiction story that can be read by those of us who have no idea what GoW is I m not sure there has ever been a good novelization of a video game If such things exist this isn t one of themTotal rip off of Starship Troopers with humans fighting giant superintelligent bugs and losing This is a sort of preuel to the game itself telling the tales of various space marinesDidn t grab me at all I was drawn to this by two things Firstly The Author Is the author is Karen and secondly I ve read very good things about it It is based on a video game but don t let that put ou off Aspho Fields didn t disappoint I have no idea what the Gears of War game is like but the story that Traviss tells here is pretty darn good This is a preuel to the events in the game apparently In the light from the APC s instrument panel his face looked like violence personifiedThe story so far seems like humans at some point colonised a planet that had some nasties hidden beneath the surface On what is referred to as Emergence Day said nasties attacked humanity and started the Locust War which by definition means they basically destroyed everything in their path And that s the gist of it it s like Starship Troopers without spaceships Except it also isn t because the Locusts aren t insectile they re humanoid and reptilian The name Locust reflects behaviour and the amount of damage caused There was only ugly and uglier to choose from when it came to LocustThe human soldiers here are called Gears and they have chainsaws as part of their arsenal Yes chainsaws attached to their Lancers big guns Is this as part of their arsenal Yes chainsaws attached to their Lancers big guns Is this No I m only mentioning it to evoke comparisons with Warhammer 40K for those who are in the knowTravis does a truly remarkable job in depicting the characters and the Gear mindset she certainly has the voice for this kind of thing It ranks right up there with Redliners as one of the better ground based Military Science Fiction novels I ve read With respect who do ou need to justify it to The population They re running on empty like Tutoring Dallas you Without an effective army they ll be running on dead This could easily be categorized as Post Apocalyptic fiction with a dash of contemporary war films like Blackhawk Down and We Were Soldiers thrown in for good measure Aspho Fields is actually an exceptionally good book and I was surprised at the gravitas it brings to the table Expect some high emotion Highly recommended This wasn t normal soldiering This was personal vengeanceIt seems fair to say that even though this kind of thing isn t for everyone the days of belittling tie in fiction are long over There are some well respected authors involved these days such as Travis and also the likes of Greg Bear Halo Cryptum and Alastair Reynolds Doctor Who Harvest of Time Let s ruin their day he growled and opened fireNow ifou ll excuse me I m off to buy me some Gears of War action figures. De threatens to dredge up an agonizing secret heâs sworn to keepAs the beleaguered Gears of the Coalition of Ordered Governments take a last stand to save mankind from extermination the harrowing decisions made at Aspho Fields have to be re lived and made again Marcus and Dom can take anything the Locust Horde throws at themâbut will their friendship survive the truth about Carlos Santia.

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Nd after filling in blanks about the story prior to the beginning of the first game while bridging the gap between Gears of Wars and Gears of War 2This book mainly follows Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago It chronicles their beginnings as childhood friends and eventually as soldiers through one of their most important battles Aspho Fields This book also follows them in their modern day journeys through a ravished Sera where every day is a battle against the Locust horde Marcus is fresh out of prison after serving four ears due largely because of the continuing threat of the Locust He immediately gets back into the actionMarcus grew up in an affluent household the only child of two scientifically brilliant but distant parents Dominic had a tight knit family consisting of his parents and his older brother Carlos Carlos was the first person to meet Marcus being they were the same age and in the same class Marcus started hanging out with the Santiago brothers becoming an honorary member of their family cementing a lifelong bond that no one could breakYou can glean from the games that Marcus is not an emotional person This book solidifies that by showing his privileged but joyless well joyless when he wasn t with the Santiagos childhood and where he learned this behavior The Santiago family brought out emotion in him but he was still reserved even as a child He locks down even of his emotions after the death of CarlosThe Santiago brothers on the other hand grew up in a warm household and it shows in their personalities This books explores a household that s full of love emotion dedication and earnestness among other things and these things are shared with Marcus Marcus doesn t become some open expressive guy due to the Santiagos but ou can tell that he learned things about family and camaraderie that touch him on a deeper level even if he doesn t show it through his emotionsYou can get a pretty good sense of the kind of people these characters are in the game but this book shows exactly why they re the way they are This exploration of their lives and character made me wish that I could ve given this a higher rating than I did but there were a few issues that I had with it As a gamer who loves gaming lore I really enjoyed the meat this story added but as a reviewer I have to think about other things aside from how much I love DominicFor people who are reading this book and haven t played the games this will be sorely lacking in some respects in regards to detail The book assumes that readers already know what things such as a Boomer or a Grub look like and gives very little to go on as far as description I only really saw a problem with her describing the Locust Horde Well I take that back She was a vague with people as well You might get some identifying details like knowing Baird is blonde or Marcus has blue eyes or Taliso has tribal tattoos on his scalp but mostly if La deshumanización del arte you re not familiar with the gamesou re left to our own imagination or Googling these peopleThe author seems to assume that all her readers are people who at the very least know of the games which is a fair assumption and I m sure a large portion of her readers are familiar with the series Still a little description would ve been nice just to see how she d describe some of these things with ve been nice just to see how she d describe some of these things with even if I can already picture them in my head Also there are some people who like to read about video games even if they don t actually play them and some people just happen to pick these books up randomly without being aware they re based on games However in other respects her attention to detail is masterful especially when describing firefightsI think the blurb for this book asking if Marcus and Dom s friendship will survive the truth behind Carlos death was a bit overdramatic as well I was expecting something earth shattering to surround the circumstances of Carlos death However that situation is very anticlimactic in terms of what I was expecting versus what the book eventually revealed When it was all said and done I felt deflated thinking Really This is the friendship breaking secret I mean true ou never know how people will react to certain news but fiction needs to make sense where reality doesn t And I just couldn t see these revelations being the make or break of their friendshipIn fact I don t think that was limited to just Carlos role at Aspho Fields It seemed like Traviss tried too hard to make things that feel insignificant in the grand scheme seem important I feel like much of the tension that she tried to create between Dom and Marcus regarding Aspho Fields and even Marcus imprisonment was a bit grasping These men have too much history together and too much brotherly love for one another for me to believe that the simple problems presented in this book could actually tear them apart These things didn t challenge their solid friendship and any reader could probably understand from the history of their friendship presented here that these fears are really a nonissueThe narration was just okay I don t think that David Colacci was the best choice for this book His voice had a way of making things sound shallow especially when he tried to voice characters like Cole I absolutely could not stand the way he voiced Cole or the South Islanders I had the hardest time not laughing during Cole s dialogue while listening to this I liked how he voiced the Pesanga though He did women okay too In fact that s when the narration felt most natural while he was speaking as a woman It just Felt Like He Should like he should narrating something very different not a military science fiction novel set in such a depressing worldI think my mistake was listening to this instead of just reading it so I don t know if I can really fault the narrator I already have a collection of voices in my head for each character because I m familiar with the media it stems from and of course the narrator can t sound exactly like the characters do in the game I guess I should cut the narrator a little slack with that in mind However I may just read the subseuent books instead of listening to them I think that would allow for a better overall reading experience for meI really loved that this book explored Marcus and Dom s lives and the events that shaped them into the soldiers and people th. Mâs elder brother Carlos at Aspho Fields in the epic battle that changed the course of the Pendulum Wars Thereâs a new war to fight now a war for mankindâs very survival But while the last human stronghold on Sera braces itself for another onslaught from the Locust Horde ghosts come back to haunt Marcus and Dom For Marcusâdecorated war hero convicted traitorâthe return of an old comra. As a huge fan of the Gears of War games and an avid reader it seemed only natural I would stumble across this gem a book which incorporates two of my favourite hobbies reading and gaming Aspho Fields is that rare oddity of a story which absorbs اصطلاحات الصوفية ويليه رشح الزلال في شرح الألفاظ المتداولة بين أرباب الأذواق والأحوال you from the start and never releases its emotional grip onou even after The Sceptics of the Old Testament you have turned the last page It encompasses such a strong variety of themes there is something for everyone to coin it purely as an action would do it no justiceThe book is set in the same universe as the games a world called Sera which has been at war with a hostile species the Locust for 14ears who one day emerged from the ground and initiated combat with the humans We follow the main familiar faces from the franchise Marcus and Dom as well as a whole host of other characters as they battle for their very right to survive against a race which seeks domination The story switches from the present day in a Locust infested world to 26 Reinventing the CFO How Financial Managers Can Transform Their Roles and Add Greater Value years earlier when aoung Marcus Fenix meets his best friend Carlos Santiago and his brother Dom The author advances the plot at the same brisk pace as the game revealing the tragedy and mystery surrounding the elusive events at Aspho Fields and the shattering effect it has on the charactersThis book totally captures the essence of the game so much so in fact that it has inspired me to replay the games for the hundredth time All aspects covered in Aspho Fields are utterly believable from the depth of friendship between Marcus and Carlos to the credible military atmosphere Traviss had replicated throughout The world is so immersive the writing elegant despite the gritty circumstances it describes who knew that the game would translate so well into literature Speaking of which despite my extensive familiarity with the games I don t think of it as a prereuisite to have played them to appreciate this amazing novel Traviss has really gotten into the characters heads the dialogue and decisions are extremely convincing it filled in so much of the backstory that the game tauntingly hinted at and gave us insight into the characters It felt comparable to hearing the thoughts of a reserved friend and experiencing a stronger bond as a result playing the games from now on will be an entirely new experience Just like the game the book launches Violin Fingering It's Theory and Practice Da Capo Press music reprint series you straight into the action blood guts and all The honest writing makes Aspho Fields all the captivating as we form fierce attachments to those fighting this gruesome war And alongside the carnage of combat we have the undeniable undercurrent of camaraderie between the soldiers Woven into the plot is a huge amount of tragedy and Traviss writes it so flawlessly thatou would have to be made of stone to get through it without Anxiety Between Desire and the Body your heart breaking a little The constant juxtaposition of violence and affection makes gripping reading leading us on a rollercoaster of emotions which seems never ending I recommend this book to those who like me are huge fans of the games but also to anyone who enjoys an action packed sci fi thriller It s difficult to put a label on it all I know is that it was an amazing read and I will definitely be re reading in the near future Its been a while since I played the games that this series is based on but I have some very fond memories of playing them with my friends when I wasounger This ear I decided to start reading the novels I thoroughly enjoyed this one Aspho Fields focuses on the events in the earlier lives of Marcus Fenix Dominic Santiago and his brother Carlos The 3 FORM A STRONG BOND FROM AN EARLY AGE AND a strong bond from an early age and t long until they all become enlisted Gears in the army We get to see events of one of the most pivotal battles of the Pendulum Wars through the eyes of both Dom and Carlos and also from the perspectives of Victor Hoffman and Bernadette Mataki I was slightly disappointed not to see any of the novel written from Marcus perspective though I Think Traviss Created A Solid Work Of Military Fiction think Traviss created a solid work of military fiction and I really felt a level of a camaraderie between the characters that could only exist if ou are fighting to keep پرسش های نخستین پاسخ های بی پایان yourself and those aroundou alive I also feel that she brought life to individual characters than within the game series and I think this applies especially to Victor Hoffman He is written as a much layered and complex character than I thought he was when playing the games An enjoyable read that has made me want to replay the original Gears of War Trilogy again I will be awarding this one a solid 4 stars and I consider it uite a fitting novel to finish my 2020 reading challenge with I hope I will continue to enjoy these novels and that we will get to see through the eyes of the other heroes of Gears of War in time like Marcus Anya Baird and Cole TL DR Review35 stars but I m feeling generous so the better part of 35 stars Much better than I was expecting Feelings everywhere Just let me get myself together I shouldn t be feeling like this about a GoW book LOLMore reviews The BiblioSanctumLong ReviewWhat I love about Gears of War is that it s teeming with tension As much as I love Mass Effect nothing ever feels really urgent in those game despite there being an intergalactic war against an almost unstoppable force going on Gears of Wars fills that part of me that loves the almost nonstop action froth with pressure So much is thrown at Ska you in this game and it never feels likeou really get a breather I recently replayed these games co op with my cousin and gaming partner We made a mad dash through all three games and
i can remember 
can remember being moments when we had to take a break as the intensity intensified You re always moving always fighting against this opponent that seems countless in number while humanity dwindles to fewer and fewer people each day This game is dirty gritty painful There s nothing romanticized at all about this military epicUnfortunately that means the in game lore is really just a uick series of cut scenes and random ambient conversation that give The Gods Themselves you a vague sense of things There s not much to work off of in terms of character and story even though it s easy to get attached to the characters and their struggles and some personal thingsou do know about the characters beg for exploration This book allows players to explore Fenix s world both before Emergence Day For the first time fans of the blockbuster Gears of War video games get an in depth look at Delta Suadâs toughest fightersâsoldierâs soldier Marcus Fenix and rock solid Dominic Santiagoâas well as a detailed account of the pivotal battle of the Pendulum WarsAs kids the three of them were inseparable; as soldiers they were torn apart Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago fought alongside Do. ,

Aspho Fields (Gears of War, #1)