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Bette DavisT the stake and who clearly passed on her witchy personality to Bette dwelling on her tantrums and fastidiousness as a child and often insinuating that a streak of madness mental disorder runs in the family If this was not enough according to the author and his PhD in psychology Bette had serious daddy issues which are brought p way too many times to justify her insecurities and problems with the male sex Apparently it also Influenced Her Acting Abilities her acting abilities wouldn t be the last time that Harlow s departure from the Davis family circle would inspire Bette to a brilliant performance PleaseIt goes on blaming Bette for practically everything her sister s nervous breakdowns an actor s suicide in the early 30s who allegedly had an nreuited crush on her her second husband s death the author had access to the coroner s inuest transcript and goes out of his inuest transcript and goes out of his to prove his thesis that it was all a cover p and that Bette was actually responsible for his death AND the brain damage of her adopted daughterBette is described as a high strung irrational Nuestra propuesta inconclusa. Ecuador-Perú unstable sexually frustrated this is so offensive and sexist woman who fought with EVERYONE just for the sake of fighting which perpetuates the idea that she was just a temperamental bitch and not someone who cared deeply about her work and who had to fight in a man s world in order to have a career The author instead givess a very The Volleyball Coaching Bible - Volume II (The Volleyball Coaching Bible, unpleasant one dimentional portrayal At a certain point it got so bad that I couldn t help thinking surely in 81 years of existence she must have done ONE nice thing It is just baffling to me how someone could spend 3 years of their life in research access to tons of material and comep with something like this that seems to be focusing only on the negative side of things Some of the sources are laughable interviews with ex husband Sherry his wife fired cooks and nanni. And Dangerous She won two Academy Awards was the first person to accrue 11 Academy Award nominations and became the first woman to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Film Institute But who was this actress Based on three years of research and over 150 interviews with close family friends and co workers this Hollywood legend biography reveals for the first time the devastating effect on Bette of her father’s desertion; her oddly close relationship with her mother; her massive self doubts and numerous tempestuous marriages and extramarital affairs Spada exposes the disturbing cover p of the facts surrounding the sudden death of Bette’s second husband Arthur Farnsworth; the truth about her relationship with her daughter BD.

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A fascinating look at a wonderful actress but sometimes horrible human being I think the author does a good job of trying to remain objective when chronicling the events of his subject good job of trying to remain "objective when chronicling the events of his subject life he shows how Bette could be cruel jealous " when chronicling the events of his subject life he shows how Bette could be cruel jealous petty but then goes into descriptions that show her humane side such as founding and putting countless hours into the Hollywood Canteen and constantly giving to her thankless daughter This book is a must read for classic movie fans I am embarrassed to admit how glued to this book I actually was although not for the reasons most would think Never having been much of a fan of any celebrity certainly not of Bette Davis nevertheless I was curious as to how a virtual nobody could have risen to such heights of stardom even to attaining two Oscars and then to have seemingly lost it all Although remembered fondly as a great actress which may or may not have been true nevertheless Bette Davis was shrewish and miserable for much of her life and through many marriages and abortions Most certainly money fame and celebrity can only buy just so muchand not of what matters most My problem with this biography is that the author tries to push a certain narrative down the reader s throat namely of Bette being a temperamental bitch which makes it really hard to sympathize with anything she ever did or said even if she was right In a way this is worse than a book blatantly against its subject because it tries to put certain ideas in your head but in a subtler way I believe the writing style which includes detailed descriptions of places dialogues and people s thoughts and feelings almost as if you were reading a novel contributes to this kind of deception It starts from the very first chapters describing her predecessors women in particular as rebellious and domineering not failing to mention the ancestor who was burned “Irresistible revelatoryBursts with film lore gossip countless affairs and family secrets” Publisher’s Weekly starred review “This is a truly riveting read chock full of meticulous details juicy anecdotes and profound insight” Liz Smith “James Spada has certainly done his homework and he charts Davis’s climb to fame with a meticulous attention to detail that his subject would surely appreciate and without ever losing sight of the woman who motivated the actress” Time Out London Best selling author James Spada has written the definitive biography of one of America’s greatest actresses Bette Davis Bette Davis participated in over 100 roles as an actress including the films What Ever Happened to Baby Jane Jezebel Dark Victory.
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Es Seriously among which BD s book My Mother s Keeper anyone who ses her book as a source is dead to me and Fasten Your Steatbelts by Laurence J irk possibly the trashiest biography I have ever read What made me realize how biased this book is is the fact that I recognized some Of Interviews Uoted By The interviews oted by the now available online for everyone to hear in which Bette sounded perfectly fine and pleasant and yet the author managed to twist her words and make her sound like the terrible person she wasn tBette Davis was determined and strived for excellency and as a result gave Twisted (LOST, us some of the most powerful performances ever seen on screen How did she accomplish that Can we maybe talk about this She could be difficult I m not denying it but she was so much than that She could be very generous with the people she liked she had a wicked sense of humor andnder the hard exterior she was For the Love of Texas (The West Texans uite down to earth and vulnerable Why do I rarely read about this As she often said she was larger than life and rightly sooting Margo Channing peace and iet is for libraries Bette Davis fans should be warned about reading "This Book Which Includes " book which includes most cursory treatment of her film work but a cornucopia of embarassing stories of drunken arguments with 3 of her 4 husbands professional feuding and personal contrarinessIf I must read hundreds of pages describing Davis fairly appalling behaviour at the very least I would like some in depth acknowledgement of her extraordinary contribution to the golden era of filmI was filled with great sadness pon finishing this book I admire and respect the body of work that Davis produced and found it distressing to be forced to look away from it towards the salacious material that fills More Than a Woman Bette deserves better than this One way and a rough one at that to Survive 81 Years As 81 years as tightly wound nervous wrec. Who wrote a scathing Mommie Dearest style memoir and the disturbing possible reason for her adopted daughter Margot’s mental retardation And perhaps best of all you will get an intimate glimpse into Bette and her working relationships with numerous other Hollywood legends This film star biography explores her feuds with Joan Crawford Miriam Hopkins Helen Hayes and Lillian Gish; her affairs with William Wyler and other directors her impossible behavior on sets created by her insecurities; the “fire and music” she was able to bring to every role; and her fights against sexism for the control of her creative destiny By turns inspiring shocking and poignant Bette Davis More Than a Woman is a captivating film star biography you won’t soon forg.