(Elements of Agricultural Trade Policies) [EBOOK/PDF] ´ James P. Houck

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International trade in agricultural products

increased six fold the past years; this accompanied by rapidly world markets has created a demand for an up to date book on the economics of agricultural trade policies With concise easy to follow analysis Elements of Agricultural Trade Policies introduces the typical protective trade policy schemes and mechanisms used by the major agricultural trading nations both importers and exporters In add. .
Elements of Agricultural Trade PoliciesItion it clearly describes the Principles Of Comparative Advantage And Economic Gains of comparative advantage and economic ains trade Houck presents analyses of such traditional strategies as tariffs and uotas as well as such modern devices as market discrimination and #Export Subsidies He Addresses Exchange # subsidies He addresses exchange preferential trading and effective protection policies such modern devices as market discrimination and export subsidies He addresses exchange rates preferential trading and effective protection policies special emphasis on partial euilibrium analysis of various trade policy schemes Most important by focusing on the economic fo. Rces and conseuences associated with Specific Trade Policies Irrespective Of trade policies irrespective of nation imposing them Or The Product Involved This Book Remains the product involved this book remains as time Changes Numerous Diagrams Built Numerous diagrams built a flexible uniform model that clearly illuminates the trade policies discussed are included Researchers and policy makers with only limited economic training will find this volume packed with valuable ideas about virtually all major agricultural trade policy intervention.

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