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GI gave it a 2 starup until the ending it was okAfter I finished this book I read some of the other reviews for this book Seemed like the majority also didn t like how it ends either But by all means please read it for yourself Maybe you ll be fine with how it ends Some people were ok with how it ended To each his own lolAs far as I know this series is the author s only books I liked his writing style ust not how he left stuff unfinished Please Mr Hart have a heart and continue this series. Re if it even exists before the whole state of Iowa #Goes Up In Flames With #up in flames With heartwarming blend of guts romance and spot on teen humor this road "heartwarming blend of guts romance and spot on teen humor this road paperback original is perfect for fans of Isaac Marion's Warm Bodies and AMC’s The Walking Dead Readers will devour Jeff Hart's fresh funny and irreverent take on love and life well unlife in an eat or be eaten world. .
Undead with Benefits is the seuel to Eat Brains Love by Jeff Hart The story picks up fairly close "To Where The First Book "where the first book off with Ja Engaging teen zombie book that meshed well with the original Its very nice

"though uite sad "
uite sad tragic around the end Again a very fun read Took my a little time to get into but once I did I enjoyed it there wasn t as much action and I actually found myself disliking I was so impressed with the first book but disappointed with this second bookThe way. The living dead are living it up in this hilarious and surprisingly romantic seuel to Eat Brains Love which Kirkus Reviews called “one hell of a road tripfunny gross and scary in eual alternating measuresJake and Amanda are in love on the run and undead They've teamed up with Cass who’s ditched her former ob as shady government psychic zombie tracker and they're headed Undead with Benefits
The book ends ust left to many things unfinished I thought for sure there would be a third book But a tweet by the author says he isn t intending to write a third one He said I don t intend to but you never know So I hope he realizes that some of his fans aren t too happy with the outcome of the book and writes another oneJust happy about being left hanging on so many different things "in the bookI try to be nice when I reviews but this book though I ust couldn t help complainin. "the bookI try to be nice when I write reviews but this book though I ust couldn t help complainin. Cross the border into Iowa where there’s rud to be a zombie CureArmed With A Trunk Full Of Guinea with a trunk full of guinea aka zombie snacks they're ready to take on the Midwest’s first undead warlord the psycho psychic out for their blood and their own superawkward love triangle But the virus is spreading faster than you can say zombie apocalypse and Jake Amanda and Cass have to find the cu.

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