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Oesn t mean that the submission has to be forever lived as such No Knowledge is the best way to understand plan and act to free oneself if the submission was imposed or to feel comfortable on one s skin if the submission is chosen I m not talking about sex slavery conflicts or war I m talking about daily normal relationships StillThose two sides of a relationship are beautifully mphasized by Arendt when she ties this grammatical distinction to her often repeated contrast between violence and speech But they are also actions that can co xist side by side in a single course of action Stupefied by my statement Explanation will come soonIf The Almond Tree where sci fi I would have given it a 3 star rating as it is NOT this barely deserves one star for the author s hmmm creativity at making fun of an dgy situation She ven attempts at a not funny at all joke by linking the names of Menahem Begin and Ariel Sharon prime ministers of Israel turning them into Professor Menahem Sharon Ichmad s teacher I didn t understand if she was trying to honor or to offend the real persons We re living in difficult times A single sparkle can set those forever burning ashes of the Arab world into a uncontrollable bonfire and kill many And ven transform this located war in something bigger Something I don t The Structure of Soviet History: Essays and Documents even want to imagineI know Israel I ve been there than once the first time than twenty five years ago when my parents Catholics Brazilians and Italian and Portuguese descendants decided to visit the region And I began to follow the truculency of the region very closely and with interest not only because I m a converted Jew but because I m a woman of the worldI agree that there is a lack of toleration in that region In fact toleration in general has been bleeding through our stressed and violent daily routine drain as uickly as desert sand through a cracked hourglass as we ve been looking only in the narcissistic mirror of ourselves But this lack of toleration of understanding on the Arab region on that small piece of sacred land that all are fighting for that all want to take a bite can hardly be put solely onto Jewish shouldersStated that about the bookA 3 star rating for the sci fi creativity because There are problems with plot consistency typos lack of research causingven suspension of disbelief one sided characters there is not one who is that good or that vil unless it s a psycho The story lacks substance the writing is childish and repetitive she lost her hand and control of the story as characters transforms themselves in an unbelievable way hmm that s reminds me of something and someoneThere is no helpful clarity for those who are not schooled in Middle East politics Either they ll believe in distorted facts or they have to continually stop to search online to find information about the story including the setting to fully understand the circumstancesThere are over used clich s of need for cooperation and so many stereotypes that it became difficult and boring to readThe author fills in with math and science uestions completely unnecessary and that did not move the story or make it believable only less But all that is irrelevant to my review so I closed my yes to them on my 2nd readingThe author Michelle Cohen Corasanti daughter of American orthodox Jews says she is Jewish highly ducated in Harvard as she affirms on her website and that she knows the Jewish Muslin conflict deeply and is dedicated to nd it but there is such a lack of perspective in her book that I can only call it flat and look at Corasanti s credentials with disbelief I didn t go to Harvard website to research her because I have no reason not to believe in her words but I doubt that she understood what she was supposed to learn which is uite differentThe Israelis Date Me except for two or three persons are portrayed as completely cruel and unfeeling the archetypes ofvilThe plot written by a Jewish was so one sided in its anti Israeli sentiment and why not say it ANTI SEMITIC that it read like Nazi propaganda than a novel I don t think Israel is perfect I m open minded and I was Comfort And Joy eager to have a look on a different side so I tried to overlook it on my first reading but as I had to write the review and I was really unable to pinpoint what had me so annoyed with the book I gave it a second reading And as Umberto Eco says a book is only never completely understood on its first reading She states that all she wanted when she wrote her book was to bring peace between Palestinians and Israelis and to show that we are all human beings and we re allual I would applaud if she really meant it But that is irrelevantI don t presume she wants to share her knowledge for free does she But that is irrelevant too She is totally ntitled to her royalties This book is being announced and heavily promoted as the reality of the Jewish oppression on the Palestinian people with the real POV of a Jewish author who lived 7 years through the conflict Really To promote her debut novel The Almond Tree she unashamedly uses her background and she uses it to give historical facts a distorted irresponsible and unreal truthfulness This book has only the author s personal POVs and insights and that has to be said so people do not confuse it with reality She may have meant well and I choose to believe so until proven the opposite but the book has no peace message Much on the contrary but I will arrive there soon If the book were half as helpful to peace as it is being said I would be the first to give it five stars and recommend it Imho Corassanti as a promoter of peace lacks its first and foremost important uality humbleness She stated she knows how Palestinian and Israeli could overcome obstacles and work together to advance humanity Maybe the US government should mploy her immediately Novels are fictional works of art and although written with noble or Fitness for Geeks: Real Science, Great Nutrition, and Good Health enlightened sentiments they bring with them the author s truth or point of view and should be treated as such nothing than fiction Novels lack what biography or historical books should always have the compromise to stick with the truth This book is not a treaty on how to promote peace This books distorts historical facts galoreAND it wears its mask of supposedly injustices against the Palestinian people askance It makeups itself and shows unreality heavily painted with sympathy and solidarity as its main character is a genius wonderful spectacular man telling the heart wrenching silly childish view of the story of an oppressed oppressor people whosextremists have No Shame To Use shame to use bombs or armed children against unarmed civilians But again how their xtremists act is not my main point The story is a prejudiced one sided unbalanced POV focused mainly on the life of two Palestinian males the masterpiece Ichmad and the one sided clich character Abbas About the leading character s name I believe Corasanti meant Ahmad that is also Mohammad the last and most important Islam prophet A Palestinian reviewer said she probably meant Ichmad to insult the Palestinians according to the reviewer in Arab Ichmad has a similar sound to the verb that means subdue I cannot blame the reviewer s tone against this book or her angry words It s because of people with such funny ideas that we have this terrible conflict on the region And what surprises me it s how can many people be FOOLED by Corasanti She is not only being prejudiced against Jews BUT she is being highly prejudiced against the Palestinians Abbas couldn t have been drawn in grayer tones again using a trendy wordHere on her GRs dashboard and in her interactive website a Palestinian actor plays Ichmad divulging the Palestinian misery Why This is not the way to solve any conflictCorasanti s badly written book is throwing fuel on the already burning conflict AND THIS IS EXTREMELY RELEVANTMaybe some of you have noticed my using of trendy words Why did I use them Because this book as 50 Shades of Grey is narcissistic This is about Corrassanti Her life in Israel her problems with her Palestinian friends her xtremely orthodox Jew family her own rebellion against the Cause Of Fear education she received her own fantasiesThis is not about any conflict any religion or any people It is a narcissistic badly written work of science fictionWords have power And speech and violence as Arendt so wisely showed so many times in her many works can walk hand in hand and can be cloaked under a thin veil of a Jewish or Muslim bride Or maybe as Corassanti prejudicially narrated under the layers of baby fat of the ugly simple minded short Yasmine Ichmad s Palestinian bride who would never compare herself with Nora his over the top perfect beautiful tall Jewish love of his life To add insult to injury on their nuptial night of their arranged wedding otherworldly intelligent hero Ichmad fantasies of his perfect dead Nora while he has a still Yasmine beneath him on bedSTOP LET S STOP FOR A MOMENT AND BREATHE DEEPBECAUSE the leading character s attitude and the comparison done by the author in a book which is intended to promote peace is so REPULSIVE that it was what made me realize that I was reading a ticking bomb That is what got me nagged and annoyed with this book It s narcissistically dense It s a fantasied autobiography did Hitler convince so many Jews to segregate themselves WORDSHow did Hitler gain so many followers WORDSWhen he proposed violence he had already hypnotized a whole army a nation with his ideas Notven the wise rabbis could see what he was doing because they were hearing what they wanted Jews are to stick with Jews But in an ven dangerous way Corasanti a Jewish American author has no knowledge of what she is doing she has no idea of the power of her prejudiced words of how can them be used against what she is supposedly intending peace destroying the almost nothing had been achieved so far in that mined groundIntelligent Muslim lucid Jews wise Israelis Palestinian or rather rational sane PERSONS know she is not doing this for peace as ELJames did not write 50Shades to defend BDSM practitioners or women s right to have sex as they wishedWant to write an autobiography So do it It would be much commendable and interesting to read about the POV of a Jewish woman that had lived in Israel for 7 years and had great issues with her religion her strict orthodox parents and the way she has grownWant to write about your sexual fantasies Do it For sure voyeurs and stalkers will buy your bookBut don t try to justify your prejudicially badly written works saying you re defending other s people rights or promoting peace This narcissistic authorial catharsis that have been happening recently is confusing the minds of many special teenagers and YA that have no such knowledge to distinguish between fantasy and reality I would dare say it s unhealthy therapy done in public and at the readers costTo nd this review a last thought Arendt raised the uestion of whether The Game of Love evil is radical or simply a function of thoughtlessness a tendency of ordinary people to obey orders and conform to mass opinion without a criticalvaluation of the conseuences of their actions and inactionI agree with her point of view and I believe vil resides in most cases in simple thoughtlessnessEvil can start for xample with a simple omission That is why I am not omitting myselfIt could have started with me as a reader not being knowledgeable of the intended submission I was being forced to That s why I m saying NO to those many 5 star ratings NO to those who write for their own narcissist purposes please don t confuse with commercial or artistic I m a free intelligent thinking woman and I refuse to be fooled or lead by a supposedly heart wrenching beautiful story told by a noble woman that is the one who holds the formula of secret magic powder which will bring peace between the ancient feud of Israel and Palestine of Jews and MuslimsLife is not a fairy tale We cannot live only on fantasiesPlease let s grow up Let s talk and behave like adults We are not children or teenagers any We had the opportunity to dream of winning the gold medal in the school writing concourse or kissing hurriedly the first boyfriend on

front door step before Daddy it Now as adults we have the responsibility of building a better world for our grandchildren without xcluding anyoneThis review costed me than twenty hours to write because this subject is xplosive and I didn t want to add fuel to it so the facts are all well researched and my first opinions have been well temperated Or so I hopeI think I ve been clear but let me be clearer I don t recommend this book At all For those who want to read on what is the reality of the conflict and this book there are a few xcellent knowledgeable reviews please see them in the comment as I had no review space lef. Stizia i suoi fratelli soccombono all’odio verso Israele invece Ichmad lotta per dare un senso a ciò che lo circonda grazie alla sua intelligenza matematica vince una borsa di studio per l’università Intanto il mandorlo resta lì in fondo al giardino d’infanzia Mentre la Storia fa il suo corso Mentre Ichmad ormai adulto riesce a The Lady in Pink emigrare negli Stati Uniti nonostante l’opposizione della famiglia Mentre capisce cosa siano l’a il lutto la rabbia il perdono E riappropriandosi delle proprie radici finalmente ricomincia a sogna.

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I reviewed this novel in a longer ssay regarding novels that pervert the cultures and struggles of marginalized peoples Here is the relevant portionMichelle Cohen Corasanti s debut novel The Almond Tree is yet another xample The narrative creates sympathy with the oppressed in this case Palestinians by numerating the litany of injustices they must Sinner's Heart endure Cohen Corasanti a Jewish White American woman of considerable privilege said in an interview that she wrote this novel because she wanted to bring about peace between Palestinians and Israelis and to show that we are all human beings and we re allualIn this context a uote from novelist Teju Cole comes to mind The banality of vil transmutes into the banality of sentimentality The world is nothing but a problem to be solved by nthusiasmCohen Corasanti said she wanted to show how a Palestinian and Israeli could overcome obstacles and work together to advance humanity By obstacles she means the wholesale destruction of Palestinian society use of the most advanced weaponry against principally unarmed civilians demolition of homes daily humiliation at hundreds of checkpoints colour coded license plates Israeli only roads segregated buses assassinations imprisonment without charge or trial theft of land and water theft of homes and dignity bombing of schools curfews deportations multiple generations of refugees and the general Spirit of the Wolf erasure of Palestine off the mapHer idea was to create the perfect Jewish woman Nora for her protagonist Ichmad an unlikely insufferable Palestinian man Nora is later killed in a brazen insensitivevent stolen from the life and murder of Rachel Corrie Ichmad s next wife Yasmine is a simple minded Palestinian who can t hold a candle to Nora She wasn t tall like Nora Her facial features weren t delicate like Nora s they were hidden in layers of baby fat Her teeth were yellow and crooked and she was plumpHow could I bring her to the States How would she A Vineyard Christmas ever fit in at faculty parties On their wedding night Ichmad pretends she is Nora Yasmine lay on the bed without movement like dead meat The insults and Ichmad s contempt for his people don tndAs Teju Cole remarks The White Savior Industrial Complex is not about justice It is about having a big Een Bijzondere Vorm Van Osteosclerose emotionalxperience that validates privilege Regarding the protagonist s name Ichmad is how Israelis pronounce Ahmad the second most common name across the Arab world Even Palestinian reviewers who liked this book couldn t stomach this Israelised version Cohen Corasanti claims Ichmad is an authentic pronounciation in the Triangle I am familiar with the fellahi dialect in Um l Fahm Taybeh and other Palestinian villages that make up the Triangle No one pronounces Ahmad with Ich soundIn fact Ichmad is a form of an Arabic verb meaning to suffocate or subdue Had the author consulted with a Palestinian or Arabic linguist she d have known that But according to her in the seven years that it took to write this novel she hired six ditors five Jewish one Christian Fundamentalist and all clearly lacking xpertise in her subject matter That alone speaks to the carelessness and arrogance with which Cohen Corasanti approached Palestinian lives That she did not conceive of hiring a Palestinian ditor gives a lie to her avowed values of Hot Shot (North Ridge Book 3) euality and partnershipA Palestinianditor likely would have objected to another name Professor Menachem Sharon Menachem Begin meets Ariel Sharon Grand Wizards of war criminals and wanton murders Cohen Corasanti mixes these two monsters to create a name for her Nobel Laureate professor character who takes Ichmad under his wings Ichmad whose family is impoverished by Israel is a math prodigy who studies on a scholarship in an Israeli university in Jerusalem Aside from the fact that most Palestinians in the West Bank cannot Math Basics 6 enter Jerusalem much less go to university there on a scholarship no less the notion that the path to success is necessarily through the oppressor sducational system is a typical supremacist assumption It happens that Voyage to the Underworld (Star Wars Missions, even under the horrors and limitations of Israeli occupation Palestinians have managed to build 26 institutions of higherducation in the tiny The First Ghost enclaves of the West Bank and GazaSince publication of The Almond Tree the author has hired a Palestinian actor to play Ichmad in an interactive websiteffectively commercializing Palestinian misery and humiliationEven irrelevant details are offensive Only in the most orientalist imaginations would a Palestinian groom lift the veil of his bride with the tip of a sword And only in the mind of a white American socialite does a poor brown Palestinian college student have only homemade clothes and must borrow someone s bellbottoms to wear to a party as if homemade clothes are cheaper than a cheap pair of jeans as if his family ran "A Sewing Machine From Their "sewing machine from their as if residents of shantytowns the world over don t wear store bought clothesAn xcellent review by Vacy Vlazna details other ways in which this racist orientalist novel serves to make a hero of a self loathing obseuious Palestinian cartoon of a man and makes a pitiful villain of his brother Abbas who opts to defend his family and people by whatever means necessary Vlazna also points out how the bad Palestinians are of darker skin colour in this novel Her review however is a lone voice in a sea of praise xtolling this novel The Huffington Post predicts it will be the greatest seller of the decade Sadly they may be right and like The Help it will Simple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits!: 4 Keys to Unlock Your Business Potential eclipse authentic accounts of what it means to inhabit a world that considers you a lesser form of human Thus a people s narrative is commandeered When we are robbed ofverything broken and humiliated the false saviours step in colonise our wounds and bring our pain under their purview And they profit from filling our cultural legacies with their racist assumptions orientalist distortions and inglorious heroes of small subservient characterTeju Cole The white savior supports brutal policies in the morning founds charities in the afternoon and receives awards in the vening As close as I feel to African American culture and as much as I think I know about anti black racism I cannot imagine presuming to know nough to write from an African American character s voice about deep current and historic pain that I have neither lived nor inherited but in fact have benefited from by virtue of living in a country and in an Humanism economy built from the ineffable misery of the Maafa holocaust of slaveryI think such presumption cannot come from noble ornlightened sentiments Although seemingly distant topics both books come from a master narrative that perverts another people s truth to fit within the framework of a neoliberal white supremacy cloaked in sympathy and pseudo solidarity Death and hardship are the reality of Ichmad Hamid s life growing up in a Palestinian village ruled over by the Israeli military From birth Ichmad has been taught that the Israelis are the Smokin' Hot enemy as he has seen his siblings killed or maimed by their brutality But when his mathematical genius gives him the opportunity to study at the Hebrew university his wrongly imprisoned father is the only person who insists that Ichmad should follow his dreams andspouse peace rather than conflict However he will be pitted against intolerance at Placing Memory every turnven from inside his own family The ndless battle to use his intellect has the power to ither save or destroy those he loves in a part of the world where conflict seems to be the only constant The Almond Tree is the debut novel Michelle Cohen Corasanti an American of Jewish descent growing up in Utica New York She was raised in a strict Jewish household and knew nothing of the struggles of Palestinians until she studied in Israel in her teens I bring up the author s heritage only because it makes the writing in The Almond Tree all the remarkable The story of Ichmad Hamid and his family does not read like a fiction account by an author with a summary knowledge of what is going on It reads as a first person memoir by a man who lived very second of the struggle and powerfully relates very visceral Wanton Nights emotion of a lifetime of uncertainty Corasanti s writing flows beautifully and she captures the spirit of her characters in The Almond Tree Throughout the story I felt for the characters I got angry when they were unfairly treated I rejoiced at Ichmad s successes and recoiled at the devastatingvents Very simply
made me care about this as if they lived next door to me No small feat considering I have virtually nothing in come with them other than being human Even Corasanti never once becomes preachy or one sided There are heroes and villains on both sides and we see perceptions While My Soldier Serves evolve throughout the book The Almond Tree demonstrates that there are many different ways to bring the struggle for justice forward Ichmadxemplifies what duty to one s family and honor to yourself and those around you can produce in the face of intolerance Moreover Corasanti is never heavy handed She knows she is writing a story first and this one is a real page turner that happens to also have a message As the days have gone on the story of The Almond Tree has not left me I dare anybody to read this book and not come away altered in some way by what is inside That is what makes it great that is why it receives a rare 5 star rating from me It is one of the best books I have read ver I think I was the only Goodread s member to not receive a copy of this as part of the Goodreads Giveaway However my husband was a fortunate recipient of the book I am not sure that all the political facts were accurate in this book but I do know I loved the story Highly recommend this book that boasts of courage and perseverance Favorite uotes from book Good things make choosing difficult bad things leave no choice and Couragewas not the absence of fear it was the absence of selfishness putting someone lse s interest before one s own My Rating 5 In One Word Superb Review I had no idea words could have so much power and beauty I smiled and cried while reading I was left speechless when I finished the book Pondering over ಪರಿಸರದ ಕತೆ Parisarada Kathe evey sentence I readvery bit of The Fiend Next Door emotions I felt I was over whelmed how beautifully sad a novel can be The Almond Tree is a heart wrenching self narrative story of a Palestinian kid Ichmad Mahmud his family and their struggles It is the story of unjust occupation It is the story ofxtremism on both sides It is the story of never giving up It is the story of two loversIt is the story of love vs hate Ichmad Mahmud is a 12 year old Palestinian who lives in a village with his parents and siblings He is a genious kid with unuenchable thirst for knowledge He loves solving math and physics problems One day his younger sister Amal fell prey to the field mine near their house and was blown up into pieces To bury Amal they had to wait for the permit from Israeli soldiers and for the curfew to nd So they spent the whole night with her dead body at home comforting her that she is finally free After few days of Amal s death the Israeli soldiers took their home their orange groves relocating them to a small house on the hill Nearby their new house there stood an Almond Tree After his father was sacked to jail he was desperate to share the boiling agony in his heart he be friended the Almond Tree I said to the almond tree Friend speak to me of God and the Almond Tree blossomed The Almond Tree became the companion of his sorrows happiness and loneliness He would climb and sit on it looking over his old house and orange groves with his hand made telescope The Almond Tree stood there tall witnessing verything silently How his new house was demolished his tent set on fire and burnt down to ashes many times How he fell in love with an Israeli JewThis novel has lows and highs of gripping பொன்னியின் செல்வன் - புது வெள்ளம் emotions It shows you how thextremes on both has lows and highs of gripping The Return of the Carter Boys: The Carter Boys 2 emotions It shows you how thextremes on both affect the peace in the area Whose fault is it when schools are bombed depriving them of A Meditation on Murder education and blissful childhood With lack ofducation and hope they have no where to go and no path to choose xcept that of destruction destruction of self and destruction of othersWritten by an Israeli Jew this novel is unbiased and gives the glimpse of negatives and positives of both sidesIt is a must read for those who love intriguing and heart touching stories I have read this book for once and I would like to read it again but I don t find nough courage in myself to go through the pain of 10 and 12 year old souls againEnding my review with a uote from The Almond Tree You can not go back and make a new start but you can start now and make a new Travis ending Something so terrible happens to a family in a small village in Palestine in the first chapter of this powerful novel and I thought they “Mi arrampicai sul nostro mandorlo Abbas io l’avevamo soprannominato Shahida testimone perché passavamo così tanto tempo tra i suoi rami a guardare gli arabi gli brei che ormai AI Weiwei: Beijing Photographs, 1993-2003 era un compagno di giochi si meritava un nome L’ulivo a sinistra di Shahida The Bubble Economy: Is Sustainable Growth Possible? era Amal speranza uello a destra ra Sa’dah felicità” Palestina metà degli anni cinuanta Mentre il conflitto arabo israeliano infiamma Ichmad – dodici anni un talento non comune per la matematica un’ammirazione sconfinata per Albert Einstein – scopre per la pri. Ouldn t The Social Machine: Designs for Living Online endure any I was wrong bad things just keep happening and the loss and suffering was overwhelming Yet I am glad that I kept reading actually I couldn t put it downIchmad the oldest son through a rash and immature decision has to become the caretaker of his family who live in this occupied village He isxtraordinarily intelligent and as the story Collision Course: Endless Growth on a Finite Planet enfolds he becomes anxtraordinary man The only way to save his family is for Ichmad to leave and go to the university studying and working and sending nearly 10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 10 (Software Studies) every penny home While the focus is on Ichmad and his family s suffering the author who is an American Jewish writer also depicts the loss and suffering of Ichmad s Jewish professor who has lost his family This story is about than the conflict it is about family friendship loss and it is about forgiveness that Ichbad s father teaches him It is heartbreaking but yet offers up hope It s anmotionally tough book to read but well worth it Heart breaking reality based But it didn t hit me the way it should be I m in between 3 4 stars Nevertheless this book has many beautiful lines Courage I realised was not the absence of fear it was the absence of selfishness putting someone lse s interest before one s own Don t allow guilt to nter your heart because it s a disease like cancer that ll at away at you until there s nothing left It s about his sentence isn t it Tell me what it says Fourteen years That was 730 weeks rounded down 5113 days 122712 hours 7363720 minutes 441824200 seconds Which figure sounded like the least amount of time I took a The story follows Ichmad a Palestinian boy and his family I have never read a book before from a Palestinian perspective but I m so glad I have now This a brutal and truly heartbreaking read but I would recommend The Almond Tree to anyone Amazing book Well done Michelle for bringing us an alternative perspective Disclaimer I do not feel that I am ducated Why Photography Matters enough to judge this novel against real and documented history The political situation in Israel Palestine and the surrounding areas is complicatednough without me taking a ham fisted swing at it therefore I will only be looking at this novel as a work of fiction and weighing it accordinglyThe Almond Tree made me roll my Doreen Valiente Witch eyes so hard and so often that they now swing freely in their sockets I have googlyyes I look like a certain cookie jonesing monsterThe book begins with a melodramatic bang and Duty Free Murder ends withmpty platitudes It s just one long litany of predictable plot device tragedies deaths accidents beatings Asperger - Leben in zwei Welten : Betroffene berichten: das hilft mir in Beruf, Partnerschaft Alltag explosions misunderstandings both great and small than shouldver happen to just one family in a small village It seemed as though Ms Cohen Corasanti couldn t trust her readers to feel sympathy for anyone other than Ichmad s family so Hsi K'Ang and His Poetical Essay on the Lute everything bad that could possibly happen is centered completely on them If I had been able to see other families with dynamited houses or starving children it would have had a much greater impact upon me and the story in generalAdditionally I couldn tngage with any of the frustratingly one dimensional characters Baba is saintly Mama is traditional Abbas is angry IchmadAhmad is good Israeli soldiers are inhuman monsters but Israeli people are wonderful once they see the truth of Ichmad s humanity and overwhelming genius Characters who are good are saintly characters who are bad may as well be supervillain masterminds bent on world dominationTake for Venous Catheters example the character of Nora Not only is she a blonde and blueyed first year law student at Harvard who could have been a beauty ueen but she s the loveliest girl he s ver seen she helps abused women get restraining orders she works in a soup kitchen she taught English in a Palestinian refugee camp and she and her parents went to South Africa to protest apartheid Just two or three of those characteristics would have been nough to get the point across Yes she s a good person But heaping the goodness on only makes her seem less realistic and like a figureheadAbbas Ichmad s younger brother has skin the colour of burned cinnamon black unruly hair and long arms He s angry at the world and frankly it s not hard to see why Ichmad is a mathematical prodigy who receives the most attention the most praise and special tutoring in order to help his gifts flourish The only special characteristic Abbas seems to have is charisma a way of speaking with people but after a horrible accident he is relegated to
under tarps and in refrigerator while Ichmad goes off to Hebrew University with an normous scholarship Whether Abbas is crippled or not seems to depend on whether the plot reuires it sometimes he can only get around by pulling himself across the ground and sometimes he crosses great distances and stands perfectly upright with no xplanation as to how or why There are other problems with consistency throughout the text In Chapter 6 Ichmad specifically says There was no saviour No unclethat would come and rescue us Chapter 7 begins with Uncle Kamal bought us a tent from the village market Ichmad as a character can t seem to decide whether women in his culture should be allowed to choose who they love his younger sister is married off to an older man through an arranged marriage and that s fine but when a young woman is forced to marry her cousin because that directly affects Ichmad he curses his culture for taking from women the right to choose their own spouseThere s no condemnation from Ichmad or anyone Strange Visitors: Documents in Indigenous-Settler Relations in Canada from 1876 else of anything the Palestinian terrorists do and that s very troubling No mention of the invisibility of women or of any problems in his village unless they re specifically caused by Israeli soldiers It s just not realistic at all The narrative needs a balancing voice someone who isn t as supernaturally lucky or gifted as Ichmad Maybe an Israeli whose life was destroyed by Palestinian terrorists just to show that there is always than one viewpoint for any situation If this had been a story about a young alien living in difficult circumstances on a faraway planet and the only perspective was his I would have thexact same complaintI could go on and on but what it comes down to is this I do not think this is a good novel There are no compelling characters no plot occurrence that does not feel contrived or forced and the way in which this story is told is absolutely heavy handed I cannot recommend this book I received a free copy of this book through a giveaway on Goodreads I was late to find out that I won this book last dec 1I just check my mail and found out that I wonThis MADE MY DAY into BRIGHTESTI was really surprise it was my first Witched At Birth (A Paris, Texas Romance, experience to won in giveaway DThank you so much DI mxcited to read it xI wonder what will I learned and realize after reading this book can t wait DRe ditedWhen I received this book last Dec 17 2012I went home really depressed because of my xams I think I will fail I m not really good at science Smalltalk: Die Kunst des stilvollen Mitredens especially in physics Then when i opened our door andntered our house My mom told me that there was a package I saw it in a table i uickly grab it I was likeEh Really It already arrived Wahahahahaha I realy laughed like that YeheyThen I joyously went to my room and open it I was so Burkes Christmas Surprise excited and happy When I had a glimpse of the book Ixpressed OMG Oh my God then I got it I hug it and jump and g I have no pleasure to rate a book with one star so I ll Tales from the Torrid Zone: Travels in the Deep Tropics exceed myself on thexplanationsBefore you complain about my rating or my review on my curated space please read learn and think about the real facts Don t make a judgement based on what someone told you Be impartial and listen to both sides In fact listen to all sides before you decide for yourselfIf you are rude you re going to be flagged If you want to discuss my review do it politely I m always available and you can always convince me I m wrong if you have the correct argumentsRespect and toleration are what make relationships possibleI was almost compelled to say this book is science fiction because it doesn t portrait the Israeli Palestinian conflict but another completely different conflict and I haven t seen any human being in this book There is no one so good and there is no one so bad unless they are psychos We human beings are somewhere in between angels and demonsBut unfortunately I can t joke with this because this book s message is too serious and it is too jumbled to let it pass We need a stop in the dictionary as I ve seen people using the wrong terms in their reviews Israeli used as a noun means a native or inhabitant of Israel or a person of Israeli descent Israelite is a a member of the ancient Hebrew nation sp in the period from the Exodus to the Babylonian Captivity c12th to 6th centuries bc b and some consider it to be an old fashioned and sometimes offensive term for Jew Palestinian as a noun a member of the native Arab population of the region of Palestine including the modern state of Israel Jew is a member of the people and cultural community whose traditional religion is Judaism and who trace their a member of the people and cultural community whose traditional religion is Judaism and who trace their through the ancient Hebrew people of Israel to Abraham Muslim is a follower of the religion of Islam I don t agree in calling this conflict Israeli Palestinian IMHO we diminish the whole dimension of the conflict if we stick with the name given to the land Is this about land Yes But it s about a sacred holy land This conflict has deep roots in religionNo one has never heard of a Catholic wanting possession of Israel or PalestineSo let s lift the bride s veil and call it by its correct name This is a Jewish Muslin conflictI ll not discuss who is right or who is wrong mainly because I believe both are wrongAnd if no president of the United States of America no prime minister of Israel or no Palestine authority have reached an agreement so far no great diplomat or no representative of the United Nations could nd this daily battle until now it s not me that will hand you the solutionBesides this is a book reviewI fervently wish that I m wrong but this book is a loaded gun in the wrong hands The accusative of violence like that of love destroys the in between crushes or burns it renders the other defenseless strips itself of protection In contrast to this stands the dative of saying and speaking which confirms the in between moves within it Then again there is the accusative of the singing poem which removes and releases what it sings from the in between and its relations without confirming anything When poetry and not philosophy absolutizes there s rescue Hannah Arendt Denktagebuch on free translation Thinking Diary or Book of Thoughts vol 1 of her Notebooks p 428 August 1953In short for those who doesn t know Hannah Arendt is A German Jewish born political theorist she managed to The Go-Girl Guide escape from a concentration camp where she was held because of her ideas and moved to America She wrote wonderful works but her most famous one was Eichmann in Jerusalem A Report on the Banality of Evil due to her sharp criticism of how Eichmann trial was held in Israel In this work Arendt also criticized the way some Jewish leaders acted during the Holocaust This caused and still causes a considerable controversy andven animosity toward Arendt and her work in the Jewish community She was criticized by many Jewish public figures charged with coldness and lack of sympathy for the victims of the Holocaust which was never her intention She had regretted using the Ne regarde pas expression banality ofvil until she diedA small Unworldly Secretary, Untamed Greek explanation on the uote Elegantly used as grammatical idea to hold two different thoughts together the accusative and the dative are two of German s four grammatical cases in which pronouns and nouns are changed or given specificndings to signal their relationship to another part of a sentence Roughly the accusative case is used when something is the direct object of a verb when in action when one thing dominates to use a trendy word or accuses another On the other hand the dative case is used for indirect objects and originally with objects to which or to whom something is given or those who submit or are under the action of the other the accusedIncidentally acknowledging the submission or the guilty accusation doesn t mean one is nulled by the dominator or that the dominant again the trendy word is always a brute with no respect for the other with a thirsty for pain and blood Let s not fool ourselves Domination and submission xist on very relationship Parental marital commercial and so on Well balanced and used with wiseness and respect they are what makes a relationship work They have an inner poetry when not measured by outside standards but by their ownDetermining the forces of a relationship or of a conflict no matter how unalterable those may be is a freedom that few achieve to reach This acknowledgment Ma volta cosa siano la violenza Beautiful Creatures e la paura La sua famiglia viene costretta dall’esercito israeliano a trasferirsi in un misero fazzoletto di terra rallegrato soltanto da una pianta di mandorlo unica fonte di sostentamento ristoro Ma i problemi non sono finiti uando il padre di Ichmad viene imprigionato con l’accusa di aver nascosto delle armi spetta al primogenito prendersi cura della madre dei fratelli Ichmad deve trovare un lavoro in fretta Suo unico conforto il mandorlo in fondo al giardinoAnno dopo anno ingiustizia dopo ingiu.
American Theorists of the Novel: Henry James, Lionel Trilling and Wayne C. Booth
The Almond Tree

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