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This book was amazing by taking all the stories and putting them together so instead of wanting to go get the next issue its right there the book filled with cliff hangers and suspense i recommend this to some one who likes 1% 5% normal talking 90% action and 4% narrative this to some one who likes 1% romance 5% normal talking 90% action and 4% narrative as fun as some of the other comics I ve been reading Cap feels a little stuffy I enjoyed the crossovers with some of his old Invader pals and the final issues with Spider Man Some of it is pretty silly as you d expect from that era and from the fact that there are a lot of fillers in here But there are some gems in here too Especially the art by John Byrne and Mike Zeck and some of the stories by Stern DeMatteis and Michelinie make this #run worth to be even for captain #worth to be Even for Captain life has rarely been this eventful Battling the robotic Dragon Man above New York considering running for President and saving Manhattan from fiery destruction at Batroc and Mr Hyde's hands is all in a day's work And.

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Captain America Epic Collection Vol 9F the Mike Zeck run For the #best part was the art between and #part was art Between Byrne it s a visual treatThe stories vary and cover a wide range of themes and villains You get uite a bit dealing with the supporting cast for Steve Rogers along with his issues of trying to maintain a ob as a commercial artists which never uite sit well with me There s a minor significant moment where Cap gets his star spangled motorcycle and I ll have to research but there s a story that I think is when Spider Man finds out Cap s identityAgain most of the stories were the straight bad guy plot that the good guy stops Some were entertaining and some were average and most were fairly wordy as was typical for the time period but all worth reading at least for the artwor. Em is his greatest foe the Red Skull has a very different script in mind Finally Cap has to prevent Morgan MacNeil Hardy from rewriting the American dream COLLECTING CAPTAIN AMERICA 1968 247 266 ANNUAL 5 CAPTAIN AMERICA EPIC COLLECTION VOL Ediscovered I was especially by the cute romantic moments between Steve and new love interest Bernie Rosenthal who I d always had a soft spot for All in all a fine 80s collection of superhero comics Una voluminosa raccolte di storie Le prime nove ossia la run di Stern e Byrne sono tra le migliori di sempre Poi una serie di storie singole alcune di alta ualit come Greymoore Castle disegnata da Colan altre meno Le ultime storie del volume sono le prime di De Matteis e Zeck buone ma inferiori a Stern e Byrne This book restored my faith and love of Captain America even if a few favorites were missing and a few plot lines were a little silly This TPB covers the full Roger SternJohn Byrne run none of which I have read and about half A trip to England proves to be no vacation either as Cap encounters the vampire #BARON BLOOD AND THE CHILLING GHOST OF GREYMOOR CASTLE #Blood and the chilling Ghost of Greymoor Castle home in the States our hero learns that Hollywood plans to make a Captain America moviethe only probl.
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