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Love 2.0 (A Cates Brothers Book, eR Basil Gimlet will undoubtedly be the first thing I drink onceif I can My imagination reallynjoyed this section as it was The Fix easy to conjure up what these would taste likeI received this at a free or discounted rate inxchange for my honest review Summer Drink Recipes My first book by this writer and I found it average The lemonades coffees teas smoothies and alcoholic drinks are nothing new they have been around for a long while There is just too much sugar used in most of these recipes specially when around for a Long While There Is while There is too much sugar used in most of these recipes specially when ripe sweet fruit Mix in two cups frozen strawberries to cold watermelon and lime juice in the Watermelon Juice recipe and you won t need ice The Iced French Vanilla Cappuccino is One Of The Better Recipes I Found For That Cuppa of the better recipes I found for that cuppa heating to dissolve the brown sugar isn t necessary Photographs attached to some of the recipes do not match the ingredients listed It is OK but all these recipes and photos are found on the Internet. Illa Smoothie Summer Sangria Jamaica Margarita Spiked Ginger Lemonade With carefully selected recipes well written instructions and an asy to use index you will have verything you need for thirst uenching and crowd pleasing drinks for the dog days of summer and beyond Making the perfect drink is asier than you thought Buy this book today and discover how.

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Great cookbook for refreshing Summer cookbook is wonderful guide for uick and asy refreshing wonderful guide for uick asy refreshing drinks both non and alcoholic varieties Most of the recipes in this book have pictures a major plus for anyone gives us the confidence in our final product I love the coffee recipes already made the iced coffee Loved itI would recommend this cookbook to anyone looking for something new to uench your thirst or bring to the next barbecueThank you for the recipes As I write this I m sweating buckets because it s hot here So please bring on the summer drinks The recipes are asy to prepare and mouthwatering I stopped reading to go make Blackberry Basil Lemonade so delicious and satisfying There s also pictures of drinksThese recipes are a great way to get fruit into your diet It s also The Casa Mono Cookbook easier to stay away from soda and other junk drinks when you have these to turn to Some recipes use sugar but it s possible to look. Dive In And Cool Down With 40 Delicious And Refreshing Summer Drinks Whether you are looking for the perfect beverage for anvening of casual ntertaining or just an iced drink on a hot day Summer Drink Recipes is the only guide you need to whip up mix up and shake up summer refreshment in a snap A simple drink guide filled with both creative and classic Up what the conversion amount is for stevia or whatever sugar substitute you prefer The Ultra Healthy Spinach Smoothie could well be named the ultra yummy spinach smoothie Not verything is healthy but the Mocha Milkshake for xample is so good it satisfies that desire for uite some time at least it does for meI showed this to my SO who made and loved the Peach Thyme Lemonade He also loves the Coconut Banana Smoothie I took sips
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both totally Most of the recipes in the book one or both of us want to tryThis book is clearly written the directions are asy to follow The Addition Of Herbs Really Elevates Many addition of herbs really levates many these recipes Generally the smoothie recipes are simple with a minimal number of ingredients to get maximum flavor You won t need to spend a ton of time chopping and prepping or hunting down ingredientsThere s also some cocktails in here that are clearly wonderful I can t drink because of medications I m on but the Cucumbe. Ecipes you will be happy to have this book on hand year roundOrganized into four chapters covering lemonades fruit juices coffees teas smoothies and cocktails Summer Drink Recipes makes it asy to njoy beverages like Blackberry Basil Lemonade Apple Peach Cooler Iced French Vanilla Cappuccino Mocha Milkshake Chai Punch Coconut Banana Smoothie Strawberry Van. Summer Drink Recipes

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