[E–pub Free] Mind Control 101 Author Ellen Dominick

Tory. H of my Skin Is Tingling Then Before is tingling Then before can pull away he grabs me by the waist pulls me into his ap and dips me into a deep and ong kiss His

"tongue forces my "
forces my apart and his grip is so strong that I can't move at all I'm surrounded in the smell of him his cologne his sweat Trevor's stubble scratches at my skin as he pushes his ips even harder against my own I even arch my back hoping that he'll take it farther than just a Professor Astro Cat's Human Body Odyssey little kissBut then just as suddenly as he started he stops Heets go of me and sits in the chair with his eyes closed totally calm It feels ike I dreamed it all up but my SWOLLEN LIPS AND WET PANTIES TELL ME OTHERWISE I lips and wet panties tell me otherwise I might have stumbled onto something very interesting. Mind Control 101

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Sho. College students Trevor and LINDSEY ARE TAKING AN INTRODUCTORY PSYCHOLOGY are taking an introductory psychology when they are assigned a group project together Lindsey has always had feelings for her big brother's best friend and hypnosis might be just the way for her to get than just a good grade She convinces him to drop his clothes show off his muscles and fill her to the brim with something a ittle sexier than his school smarts Can she keep herself from pushing him over the edge and will their hot after school activities be enough to get them An AEXPLICITThis Sexy 7000 Word Story Contains Explicit Scenes Of AEXPLICITThis sexy 7000 word story contains explicit scenes of sex masturbation fingering vaginal sex huge creampies mind control and hypnosis of a young college student by a girl. Rt Who has been waiting a ong time to get what waiting a ong time to get what wants It is of adult nature and meant for readers over 18 years of age EXCERPT I know that I should probably stop I should wake him up and just finish this assignment but I want to give it one try“You've always had a crush on me haven't you” I ask “Yes” Trevor says His voice is ow when he says it and I can hardly believe my ears How could I have missed that all of these years It Gives Me A Little Bit me a ittle bit courage for one try“You want to kiss me don’t you” I ask I almost expect him to break out of the trance and freak outYes he says again I decide to take the riskI walk over to him hold his head and slowly kiss his Bloodleaf lips I feelike every inc.

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