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The Art of Memoir eThe Deliverance of Evil is a gripping tale of mystery providing the reader with many uestions with most of the answers not revealed until near thend Once I got "To A Certain Point In "a certain point in story I didn t want to put this book down as I wanted to find out who was the mastermind behind it all The characters developed well across the span of time covered by the book with interesting revelations about their personalities and relatable changes in their behaviour I would definitely recommend The Deliverance of Evil to anyone who loves a good crime or mystery thriller and I look forward to reading from this authorIn compliance with FTC guidelines I must disclose that I received my copy of the book for free through Goodreads First Reads I listened to this book in audiobook so some of the comments on the book maybe related to this The book is slow to begin with and I credited this to the fact that I did not like the lead character Having read on I realised that this was part of the plot and you are not really supposed to like the lead character at the beginning In fact I believe he doesn t like himself As the book continues characters are introduced In my opinion there were too many characters introduced and these were hard to keep up with who was who Again this may have been due to the fact I was listening rather than reading the book There are some huge leaps in time but these are kept nicely together by the dates at the beginning of the chapters which I thought was an xcellent idea The tale twists and turns well although there is the typical uiet mid section of the book The book has xciting dramatic nd although I have to admit I had guessed who the murderer was all through BOOK I THINK THIS MAY BE MY MAIN "book I think this may be my main with the book at no time was there a wow really moment I will definitely try something lse from this author but maybe not in audiobook again The book begins in 1982 when the protagonist Michele Balistreri was young fearless and a bit The Deliverance of Evil is a masterful psychological thriller about an dgy policeman’s personal volution or devolution as seen through the lens of a devilish case that consumed him arly in his career and continues to haunt him twenty four years later In 1982 all of Italy was joyous having just won the World Cup after a decades long championship drought while in Rome hard drinkin. Tu sei il male

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O the translator NSThompson for his xemplary work and input I in turn suspected Integrity Restored: Helping Catholic Families Win the Battle Against Pornography each character while I kept turning the pagesI loved it If you are a MysteryThriller fan be sure to give it a try THE DELIVERANCE OF EVIL by Roberto Costantini is simply put the best mysterythriller I have read in a long long time Perhapsver I tried to remind myself that this book is the author s first an amazing achievement The characters are brilliantly brought to life the mystery is deep compelling and so Well Wrought That I Had wrought that I had devil of a time trying to figur Michele "Balistreri Is An Incorrigible Womaniser Working His "is an incorrigible womaniser working his through through Rome s female inhabitants with barely a thought All that changes on the night of the 1982 Football world cup final With the majority of cities population glued to televisions watching the action Eliza Sordi is murdered For Balistreri who is also a cop the remorse at not taking the initial report seriously almost destroys himTwenty four years later another world cup final is on the horizon and Balistreri has one last chance for redemption when a series of murders points to the probability that Sordi s killer is back But will the lessons he has learn t from the past allow him to find the culprtit Balistreri must find his way through political corruption the influence of The Vatican and Europe s vexatious immigration problem to find the mastermindRoberto Costantini has crafted an intelligent and sprawling crime novel The story spans long periods of time and takes on many twists and turns some xpected and many not The plot is complicated without being overbearing with concentration the key with numerous characters Balistreri for one is interesting with his transformation from the callous and unlikeable one he once was to the one who is coming TO THE GRIPS OF HIS OWN DEMONS BY THE the grips of his own demons By the i found myself rooting for him despite his many flaws Despite being over 600 pages this is a great read that will hold your attention to the last word. Lved In 2006 Italy is once again on the brink of a World Cup victory and Balistreri is losing the battle against his personal demons when Sordi’s mother suddenly commits suicide Emerging from a haze of antidepressants and self pity Balistreri is spurred to action and picks up the case again sure that Elisa’s killer is still out there simply awaiting his next opportunity to strike. Areless Few days after he meets Elisa "Sordi for the first time on the ve of football world cup finals she goes missing Her "for the first time on the ve of football world cup finals she goes missing Her turns up after sometime and it is very clear that she had been tortured Her bruised dead body changes something within Michele However he nds up arresting the wrong person for her murder case But that was all in the past for Michele still haunting him till a new case comes into life in 2006 Two girls have been murdered in way that is just too similar to Elisa Sordi s Case Now Michele is xperienced and matured and he vows to find the killer at any costAfter reading this book I am ashamed to admit that I Hadn T Heard Of This Author hadn t heard of this author Book Depository offered me an ARC for Review purpose Shame really to have not known about such an amazing author It took me sometime to really get into the book because Michele Balistreri is a difficult character to like His mentality and attitude towards the beginning was practically revolting He came across as this careless and haughty young man whose attitude toward his work and towards women in general made me want smack him on the head till he had some new perspective Ironically it was the death of a woman that started to bring in the change in him By the time we get reacuainted to Michele in 2006 he has matured a lot making it asier to like himThe plot is amazing A murder in 1982 is connected to murders in 2006 both sets happen around the time when Italy won the football world cup The similarities are undeniable and Michele conscience has been killing him for arresting the wrong person the first time round But then there s to it than meets the ye #In This Case A #this case A that can rock the people of his nation and also nter the Secret Services to rock the already rocky boatThe author has a great style of writing and character build up As a reader I had a great time with the love hate relationship with Michele It was like I was in the book living it Of course some credit also goes G Commissario Michele Balistreri was a brash cop investigating the murder of beautiful young Elisa Sordi Despite the Commissario’s brash style or perhaps because of his arrogance the murderer is never found As the years pass the file goes cold and Balistreri grows wiser if perhaps a little damaged and a little less fearless consumed by the guilt of having left Sordi’s murder unso.