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The Upanishads yPerson with absolutely no redeeming ualities because every bit of him is as pitiful and fake as possible He is self obsessed and thinks himself worthy of others attentionet critical on him self on a psychotic level He believes in love and Winter Magic yet he uses it to abuse everyone in his life and latches onto someone new without remorse He has that dark twisted past that he inflicts on everyone within arms reach and just blames it on their Fate Nothing is ever his fault not in his eyes and not in the eyes of any other characters which is the worst part of all this but I ll get to thatHe spends the entire series defloweringoung boys breaking up families for his own amusement and just being the ultimate fucking jerk off You would think others in the novels would hate him right They know all of these terrible things half of the time he laughingly admits to all of the terrible things he has done and that it was all for sportBut it s the exact opposite he is seen like he is just the PERFECT heartthrobEveryone and their psuedo mother sleeps with this fucking imbecile and suddenly realizes Oh he s not terrible at all Nothing he does is wrong it just is All because he is our personal sex GodThis guy seriously has sex with Terzian psuedo dad then his newly pubescent son then this son s hostling or psuedo mom And each time he fucks one of them everything makes sense and he is the greatest fucking person in the world with some grand Destiny that has Bird Habitats in Britain yet to be expanded on because Constantine was too busy expanding on his lavish sex scenes that needn t exist in the first placeOn a scale of 1 to Voldemort I d put him a few paces after the Dark Lord At least Voldemort had his fucking reasons but Cal haset to explain his own other than to just watch the people around him writhe in pain and apparently ecstasy at waiting in line to bang him TL DR Rename the series One Har To Fuck Them All and just forget about a real plot and get ready for Constantine s ultimate dream man banging everyone not forgetting the children hide spoiler Storm Constantine is not for everyone And the Wraeththu series seems to invoke one of two reactions either The Guitar Style of Jerry Reed you hate them orou love them I m one of those people in the latter categoryAs a fan of Constantine s works I have read nearly every novel she s written but the three books which make up the Wraeththu series were the first and remain my favorite What s so admirable about these books1 Her characterization Constantine is a master at making the characters real You care about them When they suffer الإيضاح لمتن ايساغوجي في المنطق you feel it When they triumphou cheer for them2 Gender bending This series often gets tagged as gay fantasy when the characters are actually hermaphrodites Granted those who become hara the name the hermaphrodites give themselves were originally human males and many of them exhibit traditional male sensibilities so Riders of the Sea you can certainly read them as gay men ifou want to Personally I find the hara s struggle to come to terms with their new female aspects interesting than thinking of them in terms of being slightly modified gay men 3 Personally I found them entertaining If ou have inner fangirl or fanboy these books are like candyAlthough I love this series they are by no means perfect books Part of the reason is probably because Constantine was still a rather oung author when she wrote them The writing style in her follow up trilogy the Wraeththu Histories written than ten ears later is a lot polished but it all starts hereI also recommend Constantine s Hermetech Re posted from So whenever I think about how good a book is there always appears in my mind a spectrum On one end we have PLOT and on the other end there is CHARACTER I feel like the books that could most objectively be called the best fall right smack in the middle of these two things a perfect mix of plot and characters But to be honest the books I love best tend to be way unbalanced in favour of the character side of things Objectively I can admit that these books might not be the most expertly crafted but I care not at all It s Today the theme for BBAW is Forgotten Treasure I wouldnt say That Wraeththu by Storm Constantine was a forgotten treasure but I m sure a great many readers say That Wraeththu by Storm Constantine was a forgotten treasure but I m sure a great many readers t familiar with it The cover shown here is from the "t familiar with it The cover shown here is from the Omnibus edition There are three books in the series The Enchantments Of Flesh and Spirit The Bewitchments of Love and Hate The Fulfilments of Fate and DesireHere is a little about the book from the Good Reads siteIn this powerful and elegant story set in a future Earth very different from our own a new kind of human has evolved to challenge the dominion of Homo sapiens This new breed is stronger smarter and far beautiful than their parent race and are endowed with psychic as well as physical gifts They are destined to supplant humanity as we know it but humanity won t die without a struggleHere at last in a single volume are all three of Constantine s Wraeththu trilogy The Enchantments of Flesh and Spirit The Bewitchments of Love and Hate and The Fulfilments of Fate and Desire Now there is something I must express here In this future the majority of Wraeththu are male Males that have through evolutionary necessity have the power to procreate I say this becase Wraeththu has many stories of love but they are between men This book has to procreate I say this becase Wraeththu has many stories of love but they are between men This book has recognized by many Gay an Lesbian literay communities I want to let prospective readers who may not be comfortable with these situations know in advance I HOPE this would not disuade anyone from reading itBook One is narrated by PellazHe is a oung boy living on a small farm with his family They have heard many rumours about the Wraeththu and are suprised when one comes to there small farm It is Cal Pellaz is enthralled with him he feels emotions and desires he never thought possible He runs away with Cal on a Journey that will end with him being turned into a Wraeththu and so much This volume is beautiful and interesting we are introduced to the community of these strange beautiful beings alon with the politics of the Wraeththu communityBook Two is narrated by Swift He is a oungling or Har who lives with his father and hostling who birthed him Cobweb Swift is a very intersting character and we se a diferent aspect of the Wraeththu world Though Swift s father is active in the political world Swift is not effected by it much He ives a uiet pampered life Then Cal shows up at his family s doorstep Cal is reeling from the events of book one and is at Swifts house to lick his wounds and take advantage of the former affections Swifts father still holds for Cal Swift s life is continually uphended due to Cal s affects on his family Swift s chilhood also ends as he and his magics are needed for a battle that is raging betwen the humans and the WraeththuI lovd this volume Swift is one of my favorite characters it is also very interesting to see Cal described through another characters eyesIn Book Three we finally get the narrative voice of Cal He has faced his demons and now moves on to the Wraeththu capital to reclaim Pellaz Cal is such a great character He is the trixter the Stormbringer his original deceptions have driven Pellaz away but Cal decides to face his demons and Pellaz once It is an amazing climax to a great triology that I look forward to rereading Storm Constantine has created a marvelous universe and a wonderful cast of characters Lovers of fantasy and magic will love this series. LeHere at last in a single volume are all three of Constantine's Wraeththu trilogy The Enchantments of Flesh and Spirit The Bewitchments of Love and Hate and The Fulfilments of Fate and Desir. Ct that gender differences caused the end of civilization Yet the books are proof that even though the new beings don t have a defined gender personality determines how they behave and there s still a gender divide in the new society This story is a treatise on human behavior carried out by non humans GeniusA book that makes me think superbly developed characters that stay with me as friends or enemies a story that grabs me and does not let go All the reuirements for a five star read Highly recommended One of the most phenomenal stories I ve ever readWarning This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS Rating 1010PROS The depth of the world building is incredible In fact there were times especially in the first 100 pages when I became pretty lost because many of the things the characters conversations referred to were completely foreign to me Throughout the book I couldn t read than a couple of pages before something original and uniue came up in the story a character trait an element of the setting a ritual etc and I had to pause to consider it The writing is very very good lyrical and poetic and beautiful Constantine uses a wide variety of unusual words to create an exotic tone and the book has a somber contemplative feel to it with numerous references to things that would happen to the characters many ears later after the specific instances related in the story There are so many interesting characters in these stories and all of them are unbelievably strong Some are pathetic in their selfishness and adherence to fading ways of life but they each have their own strength some uiet and reflective and others loud and brash and strident The majority of the main characters undergo major transformations all of which are fabulously depicted Each of the three books in this bound volume is told from a different perspective and I found each point of view intriguing than the last The narrators voices not only evolve as they mature and experience the triumphs and disappointments of their lives but also remain uniue enough that their narrative voices are easily distinguishable from one another sCON At times the sadness of the characters became so prevalent that I succumbed to bouts of mild depression while reading because I was identifying so closely with their struggles particularly their romantic struggles Not every relationship that I wanted to end happily did and some that did took a LONG time to wind up that wayOverall comments For some reason I stalled about halfway through the first volume and sort of had to force myself to continue reading I am SO glad I did though this is simply a fantastic story The idea is so intriguing the characters so complex and the entire fictional world so mystical and enthralling that I envy those people who have et to read Wraeththu and still have its discovery in their future This book has affected me in a way that few others have ever There s really not a whole lot of good about these books While the premise itself is compelling its execution is nonsensical and offensive The plot is meandering at best and the characters are mewling saccharine things with haphazard and inconsistent characterizations The writing style itself is dry with a lot of strangely placed commas and while Constantine s dialogue has improved to serviceable by the end of the third book it remains stilted and unconvincingI picked up the text out of curiosity I wanted to know how it would play with gender Which um it actually doesn t The Wraeththu are basically dudes with flowerparts instead of pensises and gender is a strictly binary concept where most of the female gendered Wraeththu are looked down on insulted and essentially written off Indeed all three narrators are described as androgynous but still manly dudes with a few tacked on passages about how there is female in all of ussomething about cryingwatermoondarknesswhatever The actual women in the book are few and far between and mostly serve the purpose of the slightly melancholy but wise guides for the spiritual journeys of the Wraeththu and no lady is ever allowed to express even a shred of bitterness about their eminent genocideYou would think in a trilogy a lot would happen but it s mostly just a lot of the aforementioned spiritual journeying The narrator of the first book Pell finally achieves his Important Political Office only for the book to end and switch to the perspective of Swift "WHO ACHIEVES HIS IMPORTANT POLITICAL OFFICE "achieves his Important Political Office for the book to end and switch to Cal who ou guessed it spends the entire text struggling with psychological demons in the most unfathomably boring way possible only to achieve his Important Political Office There s no sense of urgency or movement to the plot and what s Constantine neatly skims over any of the interesting political intrigue in order to have her characters angst about their insipid lives some By the end of it no one has really accomplished anything of note and the seeds of what might be an interesting story have been sown It really felt like a very boring set of preuels rather than a trilogy with a plotThe characters that move the plot are similarly uninspiring There s something repellent about each of the main characters though Swift is by far the most palatable Personalities change drastically and then snap right back to how they used to be and some characters grow and develop but never in a terribly organic way Cal is the most baffling culprit who is sadistic but also a big softie but also a cynical jerk but also likes to have serious aruna which is magic sex but not really magical sex which is something else with people but also magic sex but not really magical sex which is something else with people but also to having violated a lot of people in the past and wants to go to Immanion but also never wanted to go to Immanion and so on Also the constantly shifting romantic entanglements are tiring and at times absurd The whole thing makes for overall a very dull packageReally I think the work is pretty seriously dated in regards to its ideologytheoretical underpinnings and maybe I m being too harsh in that regard but then again I m not sure I particularly care On the whole the series reads as a meandering pseudo philosophical piece of slash fiction written by someone who didn t what to dead with the existence of women full stop A pretty torturous read all told I wanted to like these books really I did The poetic writing style the atrocious dialogue the strange and enticing premise it all seemed so rightPellaz is a great main character he goes through so much hardship but remains himself through and through He has a great personality the most realistic of all the characters and I really enjoyed listening to his storyConstantine has a tendency to throw a lot of pretty words and phrases together that are in the end just empty phrases One of those Time was so fleeting moving uickly on into the unknown Writing in the Dust: After September 11 yet it was slow and agonizing holding us all captive in continue this for a full paragraphYes time exists and it moves on Canou Because I would like toBut the ultimate destroyer is the nightmare of a character that is Cal Let me sum him up for Engine Performance Diagnostics you and spareou the tormentSpoilers and harsh words ahead so bewareBEGIN RANTview spoiler Cal is the most pathetic irritating piece of shit that rivals even that of Edward Cullen with a matching eye colour that is over describedHe is the definition of a contradiction a perfect example of all of the worst personality traits smashed into one. Er and far beautiful than their parent race and are endowed with psychic as well as physical gifts They are destined to supplant humanity as we know it but humanity won't die without a strugg. This book is great brain candy for me Except for the scope of the epic at 774 pages not counting appendices it s a great uick read ou don t have to think too much about Of the books I would have to say that the second is probably my favorite because it deals with a character that is born into the world after the Wraethu have taken over and remolded the worldIt s postapocalyptic punk with ueer romance and magic thrown in Some of the new language Constantine creates is spot on The caste systems city and character names and tribe definitions are fantastic Just the mental exercise of carving up known continents into new tribal areas is one of the reasons I love re reading this brick of literature However some of the language made me laughThes I m re reading this seriesIt s wonderful I m glad a friend recommended it to me Best thing about this series is how the characters change and evolve over the decades At least most of them as ou will find out if Erebus you read this bookThis book is about evolution the evolution of a mystical hermaphroditic race Constantine creates a fascinating assortment of characters especially Calanthe who change grow suffer and learn as these stories progressMy favourite one would be Calanthe s story but it s also fascinating to see the world through the eyes of the innocent Pellez as he goes from being a human boy to a Har The second book is in the perspective of a Harling the first generation to be born from Hara who never thought they d find themselves able to bear children You see the world through his somewhat alien eyes and see how he adapts to change The third book is the best It s about Calanthe who is a dynamic character my favourite in the book I definitely recommend reading this book ifou like stories about gender issues or books with rather well done mystical sex scenes The only problem with this book is the language does get thick and decadent at times but it s a delightful decadence that goes well with good music and perhaps wineRead it again in 2013 It s still so GOOD I love this book so much And read the next series too So much CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT This is my second review of this book because hell it deserves two I technically finished this book last RTA - CIP B702.6 - Renault Clio III, phase 1 de 09/05 a 03/08 year except for the last chapter today But I am happy to start theear with this book especially as on the Eve of January first I shook my partner awake he has also read this book and knows the details and in a post champagne haze in the middle of my best friend s darkened living room started rambling to him about how this book was really a grand extended metaphor regarding the trans experience Ala how The Matrix is supposed to be and generally lines up as a metaphor for the coming outbeginning transitioncoming into The Tale of Atterberry The Faire Pendant Series your transness experience I know some might get tripped up here because how can a race of beings who are by default all male stand for all the variations on trans people But that s just the thing When we first learn of the concept of transness as well it seems for most people a very linear and not particularly nuanced concept Onceou are in it HERBALISM WORLD: This book includes: you realize it is a world just as complex as the oneou have leftSo Wreaththu are described as exclusively male but as I was blathering to my partner regardless of what word is used to describe them they also have all nuance of gender and some may even be disappointed that many are just as traditionally gendered as humans just as trans people are often seen as gender outlaws when that is many times not the case at all Wreaththu are all male but many are coded as heavily female even with names that most Western people would associate with women some are heavily coded masculine male with war mongerish names and then ou have the non binary Wreaththu right down to the non binary names Non binary ppl be naming themselves shit like Ash Tea Brick aha In this case Cal And PellFor reference I would describe Cal and Pell as non binary characters not having particularly stereotypically gendered personalities though Cal is arguably uite a fuckboy but he does give birth so that evens all that out a bit imoSo just as cis people are sometimes baffled that trans people are not performing gender so differently as they might expect wreaththu despite being a new race and making their own rules in many ways seemed bound to the rules and traditions of the world they ways seemed bound to the Rules And Traditions Of and traditions of world they stepped out ofWreaththu are also extremely tribal like trans people who must to some degree exist on the edge of cis society and must now stick together dip online and ou ll skirt the truscum and the tucutes the pre op and post op crowd the passable people the non passable people the dogdads and the redpilled girlsthey also draw on old tradition while being completely clueless on some others super relatable if Transport on earth (World of tomorrow) you are a non binary parent who has ever tried to raise a child and how doou explain everything to them anywayI don t know where I am going with all this and I figure having written this some 30 odd ears ago this was not Constantine s aim at all still reading this book esp as a non binary trans male who "has given birth I found it strangely prophetic and moving one thing I could ve done without on this "given birth I found it strangely prophetic and moving one thing I could ve done without on this reading was Cal s contemptuousness and haughtiness towards his time in Piristil another parallel of trans people being in water work I think someone of his self assuredness would not be so sueamish towards such things All in all I absolutely and forever love this book and i m happy to enter this ear of 2020 having read it AGAINFor some strange reason the entirety of this large book I kept pronouncing the name Wreaththu like rhyming with Chuthulu coughs AnywayWreathuthu are a new breed who began by incepting only the best brightest and most beautiful teenage human boys Once the boys and it can only be boys are turned their body changes they become the strongest part of women and the weakest part of men Wreathuthu do not age as humans do they are hearty they are immune to most disease and poisons they have a rigid tribe and caste system Older higher ranking members teach and advance the دیگر کسی صدایم نزد younger to learn all manners of mind control and healing techniues Wary of love that dangerous and volatile human emotion the race eschews it and though members can pair off sexual congress is encouraged in a non monogamous way to promote closeness and even to create magic All members are capable of both giving seed or hosting a Wreathuthu child The process so much less involved than human conception means neither party need be so long burdened with the hosting The body has improved the mind has improved the gender roles have relaxed blurred and at times become entirely erased but of course even with their improvements Wreathuthu are not perfect The book is divided into three smaller ones narrated in turn by Pell Pellaz Swift and Cal Calanthe Two are incepted Wreathuthu who still faintly remember their humanears one is a pure born none are immune to the gamut of emotions fear rage helplessness self doubt longing pride despair and even love The Gay Lord of the Rings written for adults Not for everyone these books are an acuired taste The writing style tends to the gothicPost apocalyptic world with a new race born to replace human beings These new creatures are hermaphrodites and can choose the gender they want to exercise when having sex in essence making women irrelevant to survival of the species The need for the new species is based on the fa. In this powerful and elegant story set in a future Earth very different from our own a new kind of human has evolved to challenge the dominion of Homo sapiens This new breed is stronger smart. ,

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