[Download] Tales of the Great Lakes Stories from Illinois Michigan Minnesota and Wisconsin

Mine Chicago s Great River Harbor and so on As the stories are not organized in any particular fashion you really don t need to read them seuentially And like many short stories some are better than others Select the ones that appeal to you and read those first Having said that I must point out that these stories freuently suffer from the narration style of the time Flowery prose with lots of adjectives is the norm not the exception You also come across some fairly painful observations Here s one from The Light Fantastic in the Central West Country Dances of Many Nationalities in WisconsinIt was an Irish dance even though given by Adolf Baumgartner Men who built the Midwest the giants of industry BUILDERS OF CITIES INTREPID SEAFARERS WRITERS of cities intrepid seafarers writers chronicled the rise of the great metropolises of Chicago and Minneapolis and the immigrants who made AmericaYet beside this ambition and fervor there co exits the spectacular beauty of the shore; the woods and lanes of the Northern Peninsula teeming with game and fish; the rolling farmland of the plains raising up its bou. Tales of the Great Lakes Stories from Illinois Michigan Minnesota and WisconsinHave since eschewed the dances of the Irish and even those of the Welsh and the Cornishmen who are scarcely less pugnacious than their kindred across St George s Channel I eschewed them not merely because of this experience but because of the fights which always go on at them for while the Celts merrily fall upon a stranger with an inarticulate prayer of thanksgiving to the infernal gods who have provided him in the dearth of other they will crack one another s skullsHmmm Anyway if you re provided him in the dearth of other uarry they crack one another s skullsHmmm Anyway if you re to overlook some of the uirks given the age of these tales some of them are really pretty good A few illustrations and period photos are also include. Nty to industrious farmers its pastures dotted with thousands of cows whose milk is destined for the famous cheeses of the region Here you can leave the city and uickly find yourself in a country paradiseA hundred years ago with Chicago rising from the ashes the country was still virgin the source of wonderful stories of daring and courage of exploration and discovery Here was a land for men and women of drive and coura.

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