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Tokyo Mew Mew à la Mode OmnibusE story itself is rough But when you only have two allotted volumes in which to try developing and showcasing a new MC and forming an entirely new plot it s going to be on the rough side But I do still feel like I ve grown a little attached to her character now that I m older and can roll with it even if I feel like we see very little of her combined animal DNA actually play into her character And while I m lukewarm on her I absolutely love her Childhood Best FriendDesignated Love Interest Tasuku is toothache inducingly sweet and fun and has loads of personality that Masaya Aoyama frankly lacked If I m being honest he is easily the most fun of the new charactersWhen I was younger I also remember not being a fan of the sudden switch from an alien menace to superpowered teen villains for whatever reason But the I think
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it now a of the tropes and elements of the original TMM echoed Sailor Moon and other magical girl series that came before it but ESPECIALLY Sailor Moon very closely whereas the shift in aLM to a superpowered human threat feels like a nod to the concept of Western superhero comics And if I m being real I actually enjoy and appreciate that a lotAdditionally I feel like the statement that Ichigo ust accepted Berry as the new leader of the feel like the statement that Ichigo ust accepted Berry as the new leader of the Mews without issue and welcomed her so warmly being BS or unrealisticis honestly a very shoddy view of things It s very indicative of a total disregard for the growth in Ichigo s character throughout the previous series in addition to who she was to begin with Sure it seems a little convenient and perhaps we Western readers like inter group drama and conflict because UGH the early 2000s girl hate trope was rampant everywhere but honestly it makes a LOT of sense for who Ichigo is as well as the overall messages throughout the entire franchiseAll in all the story is rough the characters could use work and it feels like the ending ust abruptly happens out of nowhere but I still feel like this seuel isn t half bad and it gets way crap than it deserves PROS look it s an adorable play by numbers magical girl manga that s the seuel to ANOTHER adorable play by numbers magical girl manga that s enough pros right there I actually don t mind Berry She serves her use as a POV character fairly well and grapples with different aspects of her personality life than Ichigo didCONS All of the cons revolve around the fact that it was canceled too soon Ikumi was obviously plotting for the series to last longer than it was hence the rather leisurely pace of the first volume compared to the RIDICULOUSLY RUSHED ending I m sure that if the manga had at least one volume Berry the villains would get some much needed character development. Sn't bad enough there's a new gang in town the Saint Rose Crusaders They've made it their mission to destroy the Mew Mews and they're starting with Berry This omnibus edition collects Tokyo Mew Mew à la Mode volumes 1 2FINAL VOLUME. S lo deber sobrevivir para contarlo sino ue tambi n deber de averiguar poru se siente tan rara cada ue se encuentra con su amigo de toda la infancia Tasuku Primero ue nada debo de decir ue entiendo amigo de toda la infancia Tasuku Primero ue nada debo de decir ue entiendo u a muchos de los fans no les gusta tanto esta serieEl plot cambi radicalmente Pero aunue eso me duele enormemente debo de decir ue este manga es bueno por una de las cosas ue m s me pueden gustar en todo el mundo mundial cuando leo MARY SUES Y SELFINSERTSBerry ES UN OC de alg n fan De ver s ue es como todos esos personajes ue le a en fanfictions D Es sumamente linda con casi ning n defecto Su belleza es extra a Ni muy muy ni tan tan Asiste a una escuela para se oritas de la alta sociedad aunue ella no es una view spoilerAunue parece ue no es tan dif cil entrar como uno pensar a en un inicio porue luego todas las otras Mew Mew tambi n ingresar Tipo para no dejar a la l der sola y desprotegida hide spoiler didn t like the book because the plot of story seemed too cute beyond measurekinda reminded me of sailormoon and her gangif you were into mindless graphic manga illustrations with no meaningful plot lineand if you were in only for marvelous illustrationsthen this book s for youUnfortunately it wasn t my cup of tea So many memories and so much childhood nostalgia I wish we had seen of the original mews though 35 This was cute but it ended too abruptly The resolution with the main villains was too rushed and unsatisfying There wasn t even a big confrontation between the Saint Rose Knights and the Mew Mews I usually get anecdotal with these reviews of manga that I last read back in middle and high school and I suppose in the case of TMMaLM this isn t going to be an exception When the original two volumes were released by Tokyopop I remember pretty much everyone ragging on this little seuel Nobody cared for aLM saying that it felt tacked on that Berry was a Mary Sue Replacement For Ichigo That Ichigo for Ichigo that Ichigo acceptance of her was too unrealistic and that the plot was overall less engaging and interesting than that of the series predecessor Only my friend Jenny was a fan of the seuel series having been devastated when TMM ended and she genuinely argued in TMMaLM s favor Back then I was definitely in the critical camp of the less than impressed hatersHowever with the release of the omnibus editions and my recent desire to revisit old manga series I recall reading for the sake of giving them a second chance it didn t feel right to hunt down these omnibus volumes and not pick up aLM And now having gotten through it I can say that I actually appreciate this story a lot as an adult than I did as a teenagerLet s be real here Berry is still a character I m a little lukewarm on and th. And can leap small builings in a single bound But her new super powers come at a price with their leader Ichigo studying abroad in England the Mew Mews need Berry's help fighting the remaining chimera terrorizing Tokyo As if that wa.

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