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Uddered now when he took her in his arms and each night she fell asleep not knowing if she would wake alive For Tidemill was no her gracious home but her if she would wake alive

for tidemill was 
Tidemill was longer gracious home but her prison and unless she iscovered its eveil secret it would be her grave. The Tide MillBeverly Gillian was still in a state of shock from the mystifying eath of her parents when she wed handsome planter alex this when she "Wed Planter Alex "handsome planter Alex man offered Bev the love strength and safety she esperately and longed forBut when she come. S to the great plantation Tidemill as Alex's bride hopes turn to horror Suddenly was not the man she thought she to horror Suddenly Alex was not man she thought she but a sullen savage stranger ruled by his tyrannical mother and subject to strange Alien dark spell Beverly sh.