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Germans as war closer to the end was also very interesting The voice of this book was genuine and honest Brendan Foley has undoubtedly worked wonders with his journalism skills and his excellent telling of Bill Ash s story This is a remarkable fascinating book that shines a spotlight on that small rare breed of soldiers who were willing to take extraordinary risks for the sake of freedom I hope they make this into a movie and I go so far to suggest it is a must read for anyone interested in WWII real life stories A superb book about a real life Steve Mcueen uring World War II I was lucky enough to be sent a signed copy from the great Mr Ash himself after writing to the co author after reading this great book A classic of the genre I am trying to recall how I stumbled on this non fiction book I just id a uick search of wwwnewsfrommecom and verified Mark Evanier recommended it It took me three weeks to get through it but I am very happy I Alphas Abused Mate did It takes a while for me to get through a book like this because it is a time in history that is soepressing for me How an entire country like Germany could go insane and ecide to slaughter half the population and take over by force the other half is sad frustrating and chilling It makes me angry It makes me hate the people who could o this They were a country fueled by hate and they tortured people as badly as any society in history although they share company with others of their ilk So enough about the backdrop of the story this is a story of a hero A true hero An ordinary person who Climate Smart Agriculture (Natural Resource Management and Policy Book 52) decided he hated bullies He hated them enough to give up his American citizenship and cross the boarder into Canada so he could join the war effort before the rest of his country came to their senses and realized bullieson t leave you alone just because you leave them alone The first part of the book is his life before the war the epression hit him hard enough that he became a hobo wow the next part is how he became a great fighter pilot the last half is how he became an escapologist with enough thrills and escapes that if you put them in one movie nobody would believe it He is obviously the model for the Steve Mcueen character in the Great Escape although in point of fact that was one escape he idn t take part in This is a five star book of a five star person Read this whenever you want to put your life in perspective and realize how amazing we have it Read this whenever you want to remind yourself for as many bullies and evil Empires As The Nazis There as the Nazis there heroes and survivors like William Ash A hard read for people like me A must read for everyone Under the Wire is told in sections 1 Saint Germain On Alchemy depression era hobo jungle 2 joining the RCAFair strikes 3 herosheroines of the French resistance 4 1942 45 life in prison camps America was strictly isolationist and if you signed up in Canada you forfeited your USA citizenshipWilliam Ash is a prototype suggesting the Steve Mcueen the Cooler King character in The Great Escape He never cries or complains of his suffering much He actually minimizes all that Noroes he Chasing the Red Queen demonize the Germans The Gestapo were the worst but the Luftwaffe not so bad who followed the Geneva Convention It s about which guard can be bribed Lots of the story is funny in good contrast to the meaner parts ex when he is beaten up Easy reading Would recommend for reluctant reader boys or WWII completistsI had had a mental picture of a Spitfire but in real life it was much smaller than I expected A compact finely engineered bundle of power and grace a Platonic ideal of a perfect aeroplane From the elegant curve of its wings to the in line engine tucked away behind its elongated nose the whole structure had style Long noses whether on British gentry borzoiogs or Spitfires have always seemed very aristocratic to me. E makinga riveting story of bravery by one of the last of his generation UOTES Ashs book is full of such wit and held together with the sort of wry adventure story that begs to be immortalized on film as a cross between Tom Jones and The Great Escape Metro News Toronto 4 of 5 stars A remarkable story Toronto Sta.

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Under the WireDespite the fact that this will be the third posting of the year for me this was actually the first book that I read in 2013 and it World War II has always been one of my favorite reading topics probably because I was born just a few months after the war ended I ve read hundreds of books about the war and some of the most compelling stories were about Allied POW experiences Books like Free as a Running Fox and The Colditz Story showed just how Haylee determined many POWs were to escape When co author Brendan Foley offered me a review copy of Under the Wire I was glad to acceptIt s the remarkable story of American Bill Ash who grew up in Texasuring the Great Depression then volunteered to fight the Germans Even Before The US Entered The even before the US entered the Joining the Canadian air corps then shipping out to England in 1941 Ash had his share of aerial combat before his luck ran out and his Spitfire was shot The Columbia Guide to South African Literature in English Since 1945 (The Columbia Guides to Literature Since 1945) down over northern France in 1942 Spending the next three years in a series of POW camps in Germany Poland and Lithuania Ash became an expert escapologistespite the Hijacking the Brain dangers and the risk of being captured and beaten or killed by the Gestapo As a result of failed escape attempts Ash became a regular resident of the Cooler the infamous solitary confinement cells in the POW campsUnder the Wire is an absorbing account of life in the POW camps including the endless planning for escape by men like Ash who went stir crazy when cooped up behind barbed wire At best life in the POW camps was a miserable experience with inadeuate food and medical care frigid winters in ramshackle huts with little winter clothing and the maddening aggravation of lice bedbugs and fleasPOWs came up with some remarkably ingenious ways to escape but to me the most intriguing were the tunnels The logistics reuired plus the excavation of the tunnel itself were amazing feats with theetailed planning and preparation of civilian clothing forged 僕のヒーローアカデミア 3-4 documents maps and compasses whileoing all of this under the watchful eyes of the guards Reading about the actual tunneling was The Path to Gay Rights downright claustrophobic with men working long hours in totalarkness in near suffocating conditions facing the constant threat of cave ins just to advance the tunnel a couple of feet a Karen vs Alien day All of this knowing that only about one in a hundred escapees actually hit a home run meaning they made it back to EnglandMy hat is off to men like Bill Ash who even after being shotown continued to wage his own private war against the enemy An interesting WWII story by Ash an excellent writer Of interest to me is that time at the end of the war when there was no law no one was in charge there was no infrastructure no food Gendered Citizenships distribution system in place and all the people in Europe soldiers farmers prisoners children the wounded had to survive I think we should pay attention to that period of no law to see what people haveone and can Alien Disclosure at Area 51 do An amazing memoir about a serial escapologist from German POW campsuring WWII Bill Ash escaped a Singing the Law dozen times from terrible conditions and tragic experiences yet maintained his compassion humor and humanity Beautifully written and full of hope in times ofespair A Brilliant Book again emonstrating that Fact is stranger than FictionAt the time of this writing William Ash is 95 his story is told with the Gifted Aid Of Brendan aid of Brendan who just happens to be writing the screenplay for the film that has been option that will make this incredible story a thriller of filmFrom the advanced information about the release of this book comes the following information that in many ways summarizes the book well Born in Dallas in 1917 WILLIAM ASH worked his way through school and college uring the Great Depression graduating from the University of Texas at Austin to the heights of elevator operator then Hobo At the outbreak of war in Europe he rode the rails to Canada and enlisted in th. An enthralling memoir of WWII adventure fighter pilot fugitive in Paris Gestapo prisoner and ultimately a great escape artist Bill Ashs story is unforgettable From the lean We Sell Drugs days of Depression era Texas to the thrill of being one of the few who flew Spitfires from aeath Problem Solving in Data Structures Algorithms Using C++ defying crash landing in Occupied France. E Royal Canadian Air Force in 1940 A Spitfire pilot he saw action over England and France He was shotown near Calais in March 1942 and evaded the German forces for months with help from the French Resistance but was captured and badly beaten by the Gestapo and sentenced to eath as a spy Bill was sent to a succession of POW camps in Occupied Europe from which he escaped on a regular basis becoming one of the greatest escapers of the war At war s end he was awarded a regular basis becoming one of the greatest escapers of the war At war s end he was awarded MBE For His Escaping Activities his escaping activities went on to work for the BBC in India and Britain He became a writer and a past Chair of the Writers Guild GB Married to the academic Ranjana Ash he lives in London where he stayed after the war Given the background of the story which everyone has noted by now the beauty of this book is the manner in which it is written There is a fine balance between fact and embellished humor and the authors Brendan Foley s keen skills polish the prose well understand the arc and flow of a suspense thriller well Overriding it all is the personality of Bill Ash whose erring Women and Sustainable Agriculture: Interviews With 14 Agents of Change do and escapist skills confounded even the most alert of the officials of the various enemy attempts to keep him incarcerated There is a lot of Mark Twain flavor in this story and that is about a high a compliment as can be given Ash is also obviously filled with a great streak of human kindness that makes this ear story endearing It takes heroiceeds Crossing the color line in American politics and African American literature danger guts and wily coyote madness to pull through every incident that confronted Ash This book will enter the realm of the best WW II books ever written It is bound to enter the best seller list soon Bravo to Ash and a big Bravo to Foley Grady Harp Iidn t expect to like this book but I Rebuilding did Itetails the Second World war experiences of a Texan born in 1917 who joined the Royal Air Force in 1940 and flew Spitfires before being shot Intro to Alien Invasion down in 1942 and becoming an inveterate escaper from POW camps Because of his nationality freuent long spells in solitary confinement following escape attempts and close friendship with several of the Great Escape escapers he has been offered as a possible model for the Steve Macueen character in the film However he was not involved in that oneActually the real story is fascinatingThere are lots of things Iidn t know For example how amazingly casual they were about life and Therapy of Love death wandering around occupied Paris working as a farm labourer all while on the run then being in the hands of the Gestapo And about theeath marches at the end He comes across as incredibly likeable British officers Democratic Phoenix: Reinventing Political Activism don t always and it s a wonderful story I m glad to say he s still alive aged 95 and lives in England I approached this book as a courtesy to the author whose service in World War IIeserved in my opinion some attention What a marvelous surprise and elight to find it an entirely engrossing well told story of several slices of American History some of which are not often told While the main story chronicles Bill Ash s experience flying Spitfire Fighter Planes For The RAF His Day Of Reckoning When planes for the RAF his ay of reckoning when was shot Narcissistic Mothers down and his remarkable experiences hiding from the Nazis in occupied Europe and then after captivity his numerous escape attempts other aspects of the story were very interesting too He grew up in Depression era Texas with a spirit of wanderlust and adventure As a youth he joined the transient hobo community hopping trains and learning to survive with uick wits creativity and courage Littleid he know how well this would prepare him for his experience as an escape artist from Nazi prisonsUnlike many WWII books that recount the horrors of prison camp and the brutality of the enemy Ash and his co author Brendan Foley have opted for an emphasis on the spirit and resourcefulness of Ash and his fellow prisoners and their ability to find humor even in the midst of their terrible situation Th. To capture and torture by the Gestapo imprisonment in the Great Escape camp Stalag Luft III and years spent becoming a serial escape artist this is the wartime memoir of a true hero a real life Cooler King Recounted in a wonderfully honest and self eprecating voice William Ashs Under the Wire is a classic in th. ,