[Pdf/E–pub] How We Lived Then A History of Everyday Life During the Second World War by Norman Longmate

How We Lived Then A History of Everyday Life During the Second World War

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A history of World War II in which Churchill Eisenhower Roosevelt and others scarcely get a look in is always "worth a ead So often histories of war either take an overview approach or "a ead So often histories of the war either take an overview approach or specifically military approach or they focus on a specific group a specific battle or theatre of war But this book is very much about the ordinary man and woman in the street and their wartime experiences ather than high level politics and military manoeuvres Even the Blitz as woman in the street and their wartime experiences The People from the Sea rather than high level politics and military manoeuvres Even the Blitz as extraordinary event gets very little time it is very much about the day to day experiences of wartime the minor and the mundaneLongmate who himself lived through the war as a teenager takes a thematicather than chronological approach each chapter focusing on a different aspect of life on the home front St Lucy's Home For Girls Raised By Wolves rationing the black out wartime weddings evacuation schools garden airaid shelters pets holidays travel sports and entertainment even personal hygiene It eally brings home just how total a war it eally was there was almost no element of life that continued unchanged and undisturbedLongmate collected a huge uantity of personal Mr. Majeika and the Dinner Lady and Mr. Majeika and the Music Teacher reminiscences for this book and every chapter every page is full of memories and anecdotes from his contributors These personal accountseally give life and immediacy to the narrative and very often. Although nearly 90% of the population of Great Britain emained civilians throughout the war or for a large part of it their story has so far largely gone untold In contrast with the thousands of books on military operations barely any have concerned themselves with. The banal uality of them makes it "Even Poignant For Most People Didn T "poignant For most people didn t t see the bigger picture and the day to day petty inconveniences and deprivations were their most salient memories of the war And yet in many ways these are the most interesting elements
of the wartime 
the wartime because they are most epresentative of Ninth City Burning (War of the Realms, real life andeal people 25 stars MemoirW 225 U 25 T 225 3263 Exact 246A collective memoir of WWII from the point of view of English civilians Published in 1971 it is an uncommon viewpoint upon the war Mediocrity and insipidity make its ecommendation limited An island nation mostly abandoned by Its Allies Fights Off The allies fights off the continental empire with austerity hard work and cooperation Sure the military especially the air force did its work But Longmate focuses on the lives of ordinary civilians often letting them tell their stories in their own words I enjoyed the first hand accounts of ationing blacking out building shelters and joining everything from the fire brigade to civil defense units and knitting circles This was the lived experience of my family so I will never tire of learning about it Exceptionally good Chinaberries and Crows read The book is oral history in content but not in form as Longmate brilliantly weaves hundreds ofeminiscences into a compelling narrative No aspect of Eng. The individual's experience The problems of the ordinary family are barely ever mentioned food ationing clothes ationing the black out and air Blessed Are the Wicked raids get little space and everyday shortages almost none at all This book is an attempt toedress the balance; to tell Lish wartime life goes uncovered what they ate what they wore and how they made do The last chapters are of particular interest to me dealing with the films they watched the songs they sang the broadcasts they heard and the books they ead The chapter on wartime eading has given me leads on many titles some of which may turn up on Goodreads by and by HOW WE LIV World War II was in many instances the defining event for modern Britain It lasted 6 long years two of which they were fighting Germany alone Norman Longmate gives us an encyclopedic look at what it was like to live in the UK during those years From ationing which lasted until 1954 to mandatory national service for anyone under the age of 60 to the nightly bombing during the Blitz and later attacks by V 1 and V 2 Stories from a Siberian Village rockets to the friendly but still disconcerting invasion of over a million foreign troops one can only have boundless admiration for the British people who not only managed to keep on going but who wereemarkably cheerful about itToday we fight ugly little wars in faraway places and no one except the families of our all volunteer armed services make any kind of sacrifice It s instructive to ead a book like this to see what people had to do when they were literally with their backs to "the wall trying to save western civilization. He civilian's story largely through their own ecollections and "wall trying to save western civilization. He civilian's story largely through their own Grauwacht recollections and their own words Mr Longmate hasecruited an enormous volunteer army of home front veterans who sent him their wartime ecollectionsHe has brilliantly sifted and assembled the precious debris Guardian. .

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