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Peaches for Monsieur le CuréOn comparable I would suggest to the opening of Capote s Breakfast at Tiffany s This without a doubt is the kind of writing I would like to be able to do if I were a novelist but since I m not it simply has me on my knees The plot is ingeniously crafted I tend to become impatient with novels that introduce extraneous plotlines that lead nowhere or that end in an nderwhelming manner it seems a poor return for the effort of reading However in this respect Peaches for Monsieur le Cur is as tight as a good thriller it pays to attend "To The Small Details In "the small details In Joanne Harris shows considerable psychological insight in the details from which she constructs her characters They are beautifully observed and mirror interesting aspects of ourselves Chocolat took place during the fast of Lent and explored the theme of sensuality versus abstinence For Vianne s return to Lansuenet sous Tannes Harris chose to set the story during Ramadan wittily echoing the first book while simultaneously exploring some of the big differences between Catholic and Muslim sensibilities and in her sensuous descriptions of food Moroccan and French Harris will have your mouth watering Once again Vianne and Pere Reynaud are the principal protagonists But this time Monsieur le Cur despite his ongoing struggle with acceptance and tolerance is not the villain he is instead the rather misunderstood victim and Vianne his initially nwitting helper It is a clever plot twist And one that allows Harris to play with our sensibilities catching s off balance as she shows how in forming ick judgments of him we are actually not all that different from himThis is a book from a writer who is at the top of her game and I heartily recommend it When Peaches for Monsieur le Cur landed on my doorstep for review I wasn t particularly enthusiastic I remembered seeing the movie Chocolat ite some years ago purely because Johnny Depp starred and not being overly impressed however uite some years ago purely because Johnny Depp starred and not being overly impressed however a few pages of this novel I was hooked and hated having to put it down even brieflyPeaches for Monsieur le Cur is the third book in the Chocolat series following on from Chocolat and The Girl with No Shadow Vianne Roux Anouk and Rosette are living in Paris when on from Chocolat and The Girl with No Shadow Vianne Roux Anouk and Rosette are living in Paris when letter arrives from Luc Clairmont within which is a letter from Armande despite her death than 8 years before In it Armande pleads for Vianne to return to Lansuenet with the conviction that that the townspeople. Uale la invita a tornare a Lansuenet il piccolo villaggio nel sud ovest della Francia dove tutto è iniziato nella cioccolateria che aveva aperto otto anni prima Armande ora è morta e nella lettera scrive all'amica che alcuno ha bisogno del suo aiuto A Lansuenet molte cose sono cambiate Adesso le concerie al di là del fiume sono abitate da numerosi musulmani ,

I am glad I read if "ONLY SO I CAN NOW SAY "so I can now say Joanne Harris is now out of my system I have definitely outgrown her writing This book was an extreme disappointment The plot was an interesting take on the moslem issue and could take on the Moslem issue and could been very powerful If only the voices had been right and actually had some substance Vianne Rocher came across as a busy b Author Joanne Harris shows readers what often and nfortunately causes division between differing cultures and spiritual traditions then brilliantly nites them with very real very human similaritiesPour yourself a hot cuppa tea and settle in because as mystical magical and decadent as Chocolat every page turn in Peaches for Monsieur le Cur is euivalent to opening an exuisite jar of sun infused peach jam I m still not Sure I Really Wanted Anything To Be I really wanted anything to be to Chocolat remembering my second read of The Lollipop Shoes leaves me distinctly nimpressed however compelling Joanne Harris makes her writing while you re actually reading it but as The Riddle of the Yellow Canary usual I was bewitched for a while I m not entirely certain about the choice of topic it s always tempting for white women to take on the subject of the niab and of the position of women in Muslim communities I evennderstand the temptation But I m not sure it s a good thing when we need those women to tell their own stories if we want to Inside the Asylum understandStill the issue of race and religion in France is a current one and Joanne Harris put her finger right on it And Vianne was her enchanting self and even Reynaud was this time a character you could sympathise with and even come to love a little The magic of food and the importance of community were well portrayed assual and Harris Plastic usual gift for describing said food and making you want to eat it was on displayEnjoyable enough to read but Perhaps best not thought about too much I am fascinated by the character of Vianne Rocher not least because I live with her real counterpart And rarely at least in my experience has an author created a character who so evidently has a life of her own But if Vianne seems to have channelled her way into Joanne Harris writing she has also brought it to greater and greater heights Peaches for Monsieur le Cur is the third book in the Chocolat series yet without a doubt the most exuisite The first few pages are sheer poetry transporting the reader in a magical way with just enough literary artifice and a happy absence of literary pretensi. Il giardino delle pesche e delle rose rappresenta il seguito di Chocolat il romanzo di Joanne Harris da cui è stato tratto l'omonimo film di successo Vianne Rocher adesso vive a Parigiando il vento inizia a soffiare Vianne percepisce che Where Poppies Grow ualcosa sta per accadere Un giorno infatti ricevena lettera inaspettata È da parte di Armande sua amica di vecchia data la. .

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