EBOOK (A Sissy StoryFeminized For Her 'How he became a lesbian'Male Chastity Forced Feminization Female Domination Forced Feminization) ´ Sabrina Jen Mountford

A chastity device Peter isn t altogether keen on the idea but his strong attraction to Connie and a fair amount of alcohol break down his resista I ve really njoyed A Sissy Story It s a very complete story with all the ingredients to make a delicious sexual journeyAll characters are uite recognizables and have very interesting lives and that makes them common and journeyAll

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are uite and have very interesting lives and that makes them common and to readThe storie is absolutely remarkable with comings and goins all the tima making impossible to leave the reading for you never know how the tale is going to turn An xcellent job by Miss Mountford Highly recommendable You probably need to read this with low xpectations and no real knowledge about crossdressing men and transgender women There are also a lot of typosI was a little confused at first by the blurb I didn t realize the feminization was forced on him Peter never really agree to it but doesn t want her to leave himI wasn t familiar with a few things and researching them was interesting by what I found it doesn t seem like breast forms are glued on like described in here thoughThere are also inaccuracies about transgender women Hormones can t feminize a masculine voice they usually have to go through speech therapy and according to interviews transgender women say they have better and deeper orgasms Excommunication: Three Inquiries in Media and Mediation even when they still have a penis and transgender men said it felt better before. Reassignment He can't resist her always putting off the thought of being castrated as something that might not happen In thend Connie's patience with her 'project' is running out and he has to make a choice lose Connie or lose his testiclesThis is a very adult rotic love story between a lesbian and the man she wants to make into 'her girl' This is a pure fantasy not intended to be realistic but contains scenes of feminization sexual scenes and a short rape scene strictly 18 plus please. ,

Really njoyed this book The set up was different from anything I ve ver read before A lesbian and a straight guy ve ver read before A lesbian and a straight guy had never ven dressedThe writing was good and the characters likeable Some hot scene s between our girlsI ve never read much about the whole castration kink before as I like my only boy bits lol Overall an njoyable read I d recommend The main thing that struck me about this one was that it was a such a great idea for a forced femme story The build up doesn t drag on too long and seems realistic if a little bit fast at least at first She kind of lost me a bit when they spend the night together and the next day he s 100% From Notes to Narrative en femme all the time I had to seriously suspend disbelief at that point His feminization races along so fast within days he s gone from being 100% male to beingssentially transexual If you need it to be realistic then this might spoil it for you As an unrealistic fantasy read it s great though and the frightening pace and regular threat of castration is Guitar Makers: The Endurance of Artisanal Values in North America exciting The dialogue I had mixed feelings about sometimes it was kind of simplistic and repetitive but other times I thought it was greatI didn t like thending so much I thought her girlfriend s sudden change in sexual preference was almost bizarre but I can see why SJM might have done this it kind of makes it really humiliating for the guy who became a girl for her only fo. During a powercut Peter God's Choice: The Total World of a Fundamentalist Christian School ends up being talked into going for a drink at a gay night club It's the last place hexpects to find love but when he meets Connie he feels a strong attraction As he gets to know her he realizes they are soul mates and perfect for one another in all but one aspectHe is a man and she is a lesbian They Hard Bread (Phoenix Poets (Paper)) enjoyach others company so much they meet the next day anyway as friends but as time goes on Connie begins to wish Peter was a girl He has uite feminine features so. R her to decide she needs a real man afterallAs such this is really a 45 for me I don t think it s Sabrina s best it s a great idea though and it some fantastic little moments in it I just think it could have been made of it could have been longer and it could wrapped up differentlyI think cross dressers forced femme fetishists and castration lovers will all get something out of thisMaia A 35 star read definitely for those who love a good dub con sissification story There is no one who is at good at it as Ms Mountford Her stories are titillating and deliciously dirty In this one it s perversely wrong and going into body modification through a sexual reassignment I like it I like how Peter turned into Petra The way Ms Mountford designed him it made perfect scene Connie is uite the cruel cunt I didn t like her But I njoyed what she did to Peter I think it s awe The premise for this book is
fairly original and 
original and A somewhat androgynous looking guy and a lesbian meet through a mutual friend at a neighborhood pub and really hit it off They Have Lots In have lots in and njoy ach other s company There s just that little problem of conflicting sexual orientations that is a barrier to them becoming the perfect couple Since Connie is the forceful of the two she uickly decides that they can make this work All Peter has to do is let her feminize him and place his penis in. That night after a few glasses of wine Connie talks him into participating in an xperiment which involves being fully feminized and locked into a Kali's Teeth Bracelet chastity device He agrees because he finds her so attractive Connie becomes convinced she can turn Peter in the girlfriend she's always dreamed of She takes his hand and leads him slowly into the world of femininity but is clear from the start that one day she xpects him to have his testicles 'whipped off' and full gender. .

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A Sissy StoryFeminized For Her 'How he became a lesbian'Male Chastity Forced Feminization Female Domination Forced Feminization

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