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Shattered Heart

Nikki McCoy Ñ 8 characters

The utter despair and hopelessness that Corin felt and made me hurt right along with him The story flows fairly well but did drag for me about three fourths of the way in The ending was very hopeful and you can see the HEA on the horizon but I think that I would have had a little closure with an epilogueLike I said this book is not "For The Faint Of Heart And I Don T Recommend "the faint of heart and I don t recommend book to everyone it is extremely harsh and will not appeal to the average reader but if you like your stories raw and gritty as I do I highly recommend this book It s a good little novel about real slavery in a dystopia I would not say that I was very moved by Corin s fate though This is robably because it seemed to me that his fate with his family at the beginning of the story was much worse than the one with MarkusThe author wrote at the end of the synopsis This title contains extreme BDSM and scenes of dubious consentI don t agree for the extreme And except at the end this is slavery urely and simply not BDSM There was real brutality but not by Markus even before Corin accepted his fateIt s an author I didn t know but I find her a good writer So I give this book 3 stars rounded up to 4 I spent the majority of this book feeling incredibly depressed for Corin It just seemed that he existed for The World To Abuse world to abuse bastard I loved his spirt though and how no matter what was thrown at him he still retained that spark that kept him fighting I really enjoyed the fierce love and loyalty he had for his sisters throughout this story The Chemistry Between Him And Marcus Was chemistry between him and Marcus was good Marcus was definitely of darkhorse here but the last chapter really highlighted his motivations which worked for me This was a hard one for me to read mostly because I just felt so horrible for Corin for most of it Ended well though and I m a sucker for a happy ending Interesting dystopian world with well developed characters and storyline Go into this expecting lots of hurtcomforthurt and noncon sex with a smattering of BDSM 45 Corin has been abused hysically mentally and sexually for most of his life The scenes at the beginning of the bookview spoiler where he s gang raped hide spoile. Te but their cravings for love may not withstand the impending war How far will they go to hold onto their morals and each otherCONTENT ADVISORY This title contains extreme BDSM and scenes of dubious consent It also includes scenes of rape and intense violence.
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Well that was intense The entire book was a non stop ride for me I honestly could not ut the freaking thing down I just had to see what was going to to happen Was Corin going to stop being so stubborn Did Markus really secretly love his boy What What Completely engrossing and ainful and heartbreaking and just lain fabulous Shattered Heart by Nikki McCoy4 StarsReviewed for wwwheartsonfirereviewscomLet me start by saying that this book is not for the faint of heart It is a "Gripping Story That Was "story that was difficult to read at timesIn this dystopian world where slavery is common Corin has had the worst life imaginable His mother was Raped And He Was The and he was the After trying unsuccessfully to end the regnancy his mother wanted to kill him at birth but her husband Scott convinced her to keep the baby so that they will have their own slave They ran their own motel and having a slave one that they couldn t afford to buy would be a great asset to them To say that his mother hates him is a great understatement Corin s only source of happiness and love are his two younger sisters He endures years of abuse because to run away would leave the girls vulnerable to their father He can ut up with anything as long as they are safe The book opens with a twenty year old Corin barely able as they are safe The book opens with a twenty year old Corin barely able stay awake as he is trying to do the chores at the hotel He has had little sleep for the ast four days because Scott has been in a Beyond the Cliffs of Kerry (Bold Women of the 18th Century, particularly foul mood after gambling away their money again He rents Corin out for the night to a group of men Corin is used to being used as aleasure slave by not only his step father but anyone else he and his mother can wring money from Having to service two men a time is not uncommon for Corin but this time his step father has rented him to a group of five nasty men for the night They rape him and abuse him so terribly that Corin can barely move from the internal and external trauma He is still expected to get up and do his chores around the hotel though He staggers to the front of hotel to see Scott groveling to Markus the fierce leader of the territory He doesn t have all of the money to Porto Bello Gold pay what is owed so his mother gives him to Marku. This edition is no longer availableThe ravages of biochemical warfare have devastated the humanopulationBorn of rape and forced to become a leasure slave Corin has only known the kindness of his sisters but his life changed when he was sold to Markus a man. ,
S as ayment Markus allows Corin one minute to say goodbye to his sisters and this scene tore my heart out of my chest and brought say goodbye to his sisters and this scene tore my heart out of my chest and brought to my eyes The ain and desolation Corin felt was alpable and broke my heartMarkus is the ruthless leader of his territory who pain and desolation Corin felt was alpable and broke my heartMarkus is the ruthless leader of his territory who expressionless and devoid of human emotion He is a great bear of a man who is a vicious fighter and an excellent leader He has suffered great loss and will let no one into his heart That he takes Corin as his Kaki vojaki: roman v rimah in slikah personalleasure slave is a great shock to many Markus has never done this before for fear of having any weakness that others could exploit He has been at odds with the leader of the neighboring territory for some time and they are on the verge of war He has lans to eventually free slaves and his nemesis will do anything to revent that from happeningMarkus has had his eye on the beautiful Corin for uite a while and only the fear of having a weakness has kept him from acuiring the young man but he is not going to ass up this opportunity He takes Corin to his military compound and rovides the best medical care ossible for him As Corin heals Markus begins training his new leasure slave Corin has some difficulty acclimating to his new role in life Yes he has always been a slave but having the daily contact and love from his sister s made it bearable and gave him the illusion of some freedom His new Master confounds him He expects the worst and is baffled by the kindness that Markus shows him He tests his boundaries and his Master is uick to enforce his rules and Bear Boy punish Corin when needed He is strict yet he is never cruel and Corin comes to crave his touch In an unbelievable act of generosity and kindness Master gives him what he has always wanted a familyTimeasses and the tension between territories escalates Corin does get caught in the cross fire and it is when his Master offers him his freedom that he realizes that there is no Black Women in White America place that he s felt safer or would want to be Even though the words aren t really spoken the feelings that each man had for each other was very apparent in their actionsThis was an extremely emotional book for me Ms McCoy managed to convey. Known for his ruthlessnessIn the depths of his despair over the loss of his sisters however he discovered mercy in the least likely oflaces the heart of his new Master Together they learn to need that which has always been denied them by the harsh hand of fa.

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