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Within the first few pages the author claims Anne had an extra finger and a grotesue mole growing on the side of her neck I strongly doubt either is true I do not have a degree in Tudor history however I think it is safe to say that Henry VIII would have married someone with deformities such as those especially where deformities such say that Henry VIII would have married someone with deformities such as those especially where deformities such those were associated with witchcraft and that was one the charges held against her and led to her getting executed I doubt the King would have bothered with her in the first place had she actually had extra fingers and large molesI Also Felt That Since There Was So Much Attention Given felt that since there was so much attention given Wolsey s downfall that Cromwell s person could have been given detail since he was the one to orchestrate the downfall of Anne herself He played an integral role in getting rid of her and I felt the author didn t fully explain who he was and the significance of his actions I enjoyed this book but not as much as two other books from this author Not much is known about Anne herself her thoughts and the like There s a lot of history in here such as about the French court in oung Anne s time or Henry s divorce with Katherine or secondhand accounts So honestly compared to this entire book the content of which is about Anne is not that much which was disappointing because if Ms Erickson was going to talk about other aspects of Anne s environment rather than Anne herself then she should have ALSO included about Anne herself She speculates about how Anne must have felt or such but since Anne Boleyn did not leave behind a diary or such it s impossible to really know her feelings and motivations It s a fairly decent read but not much You might enjoy it if Five Wealth Secrets 96% of Us Dont Know you don t know much about Anne Boleyn I don t know ifou would call this a biography but it was basically the story of Anne Boleyn s rise to power and her fall from power It used a lot of factual data while Photoatlas of Inclusions in Gemstones Volume 3 yet developing the feelings that Anne may have had It showed how she could be uite haughty andet very insecure and frightened She actually seemed a bit too modern a woman for her day You can see why the people didn t really like her and flocked to Katherine who actually seemed a bit savvy of the way things were She actually seemed very self centered However her end is very tragic It mainly happened because of the vanity of a king and the greed of his councillors than it did because of any wrongdoing by Anne. Sposare aveva divorziato dalla prima moglie Caterina d'Aragona e si era separato dalla Chiesa di Roma Carolly Erikson ricostruisce le vicende che hanno segnato l'esistenza di uesta sfortunata regina sullo sfondo di una perfetta rievocazione dei rapporti familiari del ruolo delle donne degli scontri politici dell'intreccio di ragioni personali e ragion di Stato in una grande corte europea del Rinascimento. Fulness being represented as having turned to scheming selfishness once she saw The Opportunity To Turn opportunity to turn king s lusts to her own advantage Never particularly popular once Henry s desires increasingly for a male heir turned elsewhere even her position as commoner ueeen could not protect her Missing from this biography is some review of the intellectual side of Anne represented in other books I ve read as considerable particularly as regards religion and as regards France where she spent much of her outh Still the picture however slanted is plausible The book is slow reading for those expecting a fast paced story It is well written and historically accurate Her vocabulary is remarkably varied and th I really enjoyed reading about Anne Boleyn but I wished that Carolly Erickson started the novel off at the beginning of her life where she was born and her early life with out mentioning King Henry VIII at all The fact that she started it off when she is heading to France with Princess Mary Tudor King Henry s sister to be married to the very much older King Louis XII felt like she just didn t know where to start and decided to just drop us "Right In The Middle "in the middle know where My ounger sister loves Erickson and I understand why she knows how to write and knows her stuff hence why she has a PHD in medieval history I ll be sure to pick up another book of hers soon The author s bias toward Anne Boleyn reaches look at this bitch eating crackers like she owns the place status within the first twenty pages For non fiction book this reads like a romance novel and some times it doesn t make sense For instance Anne was a loose woman but careful of her honor but everyone but Henry knew she was sleeping around HuhIt is a good history for a high school student I suppose but there are better biographies out there I love reading about Tudor history so I picked this up from my local library for a bit of light reading It was exuisitely written The author certainly could tell the life of Anne Boleyn without making it mundane However there were a few things I felt were rather off or inaccurateThe book focuses entirely on Anne being unfit to be ueen It doesn t put her in any light other then a bad one The author also assumes uite a bit about what Anne was probably thinking and the same with Henry as well She goes out on uite a few limbs with her suggestions on what was going on in their mindsAlso. Lla ragazza che dopo aver infiammato il cuore del re Enrico VIII lo sposò nel 1533 e gli diede una figlia Elisabetta destinata a diventare la più grande regina della storia inglese Nonostante uesto folgorante inizio l'astro di Anna Bolena tramonta presto invidie intrighi la mancanza del tanto sospirato erede maschio la condurranno in breve tempo sul patibolo per volere dello stesso re che pur di poterla. I have to admit that from the very start I was severely disappointed with this book The book starts off with Anne going to France accompany Mary Tudor on her future marriage to King Louis There is no mention whatsoever about Anne s early ears "no discussion about the proposed dates for her birth or where "discussion about the proposed dates for her birth or where was brought up or lived In fact the first few ears of her life are completely omittedThere are some serious mistakes within How this book made the Best of list in 1984 is beyond my comprehension The writing is terrible the information jumps from one person to another many intertwining stories part of this reads as non fiction the rest as bad fiction and Training the Trainer you really never know which is which and there is too much information that I believe was unnecessaryChapter Four Page 45 Never mind that after severalears there was no conclusion in sight or that her Karsh Portfolio young charms were withering with every passing month Give me a break It was 1522 and the Boleyn was approximately 15 17ears of ageThe end of Chapter Six beginning of Seven reads like an over emotional romance novel UOTE Six Page 75 She was his elixir of hope The jumbled fragments of of his disordered life fell into place once again around her Six Page 75 The new enchantments of love drove out the old sorceries that enchained Henry putting him forever in his beloved s debt and putting her Forever in the lists of his him forever in his beloved s debt and putting her Forever in the lists of his and mistresses in a class by herself Seven Page 78 The King was giddy with love He thirsted for the sight of his beloved Anne he longed for her as he had never longed for any womanI ll tell Before Atlantis you for someone who was touted as one of America s foremostoung historians she has also been called a ueen of storytellers when writing non fiction biographies she needed to put her fanciful imagination asideThe first book I ever read by her was Last Wife of Henry VIII which I gave three stars Obviously her writing has improved Reading this I thought what an exceptionally clear biography not recognizing until pulling up the Goodreads database that I d read an enjoyed a couple of other books one on Mary ueen of Scots the other Erickson s The Medieval Vision by this author It s also an opinionated one the author fleshing out the evidence with informed suppositions in order to flesh out the figure of Henry VIII s second wife Anne Boleyn The picture given of Anne is not particularly sympathetic her intelligence and will. La scalata di Anna Bolena inizia sotto l'abile regia del padre con un periodo trascorso in Francia come damigella d'onore della principessa Maria d'Inghilterra moglie di Luigi XII Al suo rientro in Inghilterra Anna si era trasformata in una splendida dama di corte elegante desiderabile e prezioso oggetto di scambio per le ambizioni del padre Ma neppure lui poteva immaginare uale sarebbe stato il futuro de. .

SUMMARY Mistress Anne The Exceptional Life of Anne Boleyn

Mistress Anne The Exceptional Life of Anne Boleyn