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Check ut the Reporter Group site for my review at I ll round up to four stars n this ne though if I could break it down granularly I d go with a slightly lower gradeThe House Brief Lives of Moses All Stars are a Jewish basketball team traveling the United States in a converted hearse to make money playing games during the Depression There are seven players six Jews andne Irish American who just wants to play They grow long beards to play up their part which Texas Manhunt (Chance, Texas only invites hatred and incivility in the places they visitEach man is running from something with an end destinationf Los Angeles at least for the trip though several f Them Want To Keep Rambling On After want to keep rambling n after TOUR ENDS ROSEN DOES A NICE ends Rosen does a nice Deception of individualizing each man they all have theirwn stories and personalities though the book is told in first person through the eyes f Aaron. America anni Trenta Nel periodo buio della Grande Depressione e del nazismo Aaron Steiner giocatore di basket in crisi con la moglie decide di accettare la proposta del suo amico Leo finito nei guai per una storia di scommesse mettere insieme una suadra di basket itinerante per una tournée che da New York li porterà fino a Los Angeles Sono tempi duri e in ballo ci sono molti soldi così al. Steiner Steiner s marriage is crumbling in the wake f the loss The Bride in Blue of a daughter who died three days after birth due to serious medical issues which would have made her life miserable He s unhappy enough with his wife that he has an affair withne The Life Lucy Knew of his high school students Though he doesn t love her either he invites her to join him in LA when the trip ends It s yet another poor decision in a long listf themThough each player is flawed they also each have redeeming ualities and you do root for them to do well The Lone Sheriff or at least do the right thing They face prejudice at every turn with than their sharef misadventure including ne horribly depressing event THAT I WON T GIVE AWAY I won t give away you ll know it when you hit itOne f the strong themes The Troublesome Angel of the book is prejudice and how ugly and pervasive it is in society I ll guess most Jews have it easier. L’impresa decidono di unirsi anche Brooks e Mitchell gli amici di sempre Ron un rapinatore di banche e i due «pivelli» Kevin e Saul I sette giocatori – tutti ebrei – si imbarcano su un carro funebre con una stella di David dipinta sulla fiancata e cominciano la loro avventuran the road nel cuore dell’America profonda combattendo a loro modo

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The House f Moses All StarsNow in America than they did in 1936 but there still plenty Of Prejudice In This prejudice in this make this message did in 1936 but there s still plenty f prejudice in this country to make this message too relevantThe biggest fault I found with the book was Rosen s habit The Makeover Prescription (Sugar Falls, Idaho of getting a little heavy handed with that message There were several episodes that felt manufactured such as Aaron s conversation with a black player after a game his completely random visit with a hermit in an ice fishing tent the Jewish generaln the army base they visit in Colorado and maybe a couple The Million-Dollar Question others There s enough hatred being thrown at these guys throughout their journey that these contrived conversations don t really further that message and in a book that s nearly 500 pages long somef these seem like they could have been tightened right ut f the bookI read a lot f baseball books and always appreciate when the baseball parts are re. Tters con barba e kippah attraversano le sabbie rosse e le distese innevate del Midwest passando tra campi profughi riserve indiane e fiere di provincia sotto la minaccia della povertà e dei gangster di Chicago che inseguono Leo da un capo all’altro del paese Un viaggio alla ricerca di una seconda ccasione in cui la passione per il basket si mescola all’a per l’America degli The Hidden Kingdom (Wings of Fire Graphic Novel) outsider.

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