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It had a lot of bds. FECT SHE IS THE EXACT Fect She is the exact Defiance And Submissive defiance and submissive like With that they accept her a test subjectFirst they collar her It’s not what Lena expects so they get the pink strip of leather around her neck with hardly any trouble She spots the set of needles and feels them prick her skin but she soon has other things to worry about Seth and Kayla take Lena back to her oom where she’ll be spending much of the experimentIt’s a nurseryTheir experiment will test how long it takes to egress an average college girl into an adorable toddler She tries to struggle but the collar weakens her turning Lena into a docile if defiant baby girl She is soon diapered and forced into fingerless mitten. .
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I liked this book.
 Seth And Kayla Have 
Seth and Kayla have jobs as teachers at a local great jobs as teachers at a local They own their house and are happy with one another but something is missing They both long to be dominant and in control But since they both have these feelings they decide they need someone new They pick a student They intend to diaper humiliate and dominate this girl She is going to be their baby slave girlLena is a star student She might not make a lot of friends at school but she is determined to succeed "So When Professors Seth "when Professors Seth and Kayla Kline approach her about a special project she eagerly signs up without even eading the euirements She goes to their house at the assigned time They interview her and decide that Lena will be per.

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    EBOOK/EPUB [Baby Cage] OK this is not a classic book that colleges will soon reuire in all English Lit classes but it was a fun read in this genre If you like a story about a girl being forced into babyhood then give it a read It is about a husband and wif

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    EBOOK/EPUB [Baby Cage] I liked this book It had a lot of bdsmhumiliation in it

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