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Heroes Adrift (Hero, kDine and SonEachnew the world as it was meant or ought to be One had a past the other a future and each one bore the culture to save the race in his hands Mama spoiled black man will you mature with me Culture bearing black woman whose culture are you bearing p 269The fundamental problem between them laid out by SonYou turn little black babies into little white ones you turn your black brothers into white brothers you turn your men into white men and when a black woman treats me like what I am what I really am you say she s spoiling me You think I won t do all that company shit because I don t now how I can do anything Anything But I ll be goddamn if I ll do that p 270Sadly the end of the relationship as Jadine throws him back his dime Pick it up She said it again and didn t even sit up She just lay there stroking her raw silk thighs the color of natural honey There was sealskin in her eyes and the ladies minding the pie table vanished like shadows under a noon gold sun p 273Jadine s regretsNo time for dreaming although sometimes late in life somewhere between the thirtieth and fortieth generation she might get wind of a summer storm one day The scent of it will invade her palace and she will recall the rush of wind on her belly the stretch of fresh wings the blinding anticipation and herself there airborne suspended open trusting frightened determined vulnerable girlish even for an entire second and then another and another She may lift her head then and point her wands toward the place where the summer storm is entering her palace and in the weariness that ruling ueens alone now she may wonder whether his death was sudden Or did he languish And if so if there was a bit of time left did he think how mean the world was or did he fill that space of time thinking of her But soldier ants do not have time for dreaming They are women and have much to do Still it would be hard So very hard to forget the man who fucked like a star p 291Gruesome but so well writtenA gull negotiated the breeze and swooped down on a black starfish The gull pecked it flew away and returned to peck again and again until finally the starfish yielded the magenta string that was its heart The man watched the gull tear it out with a great deal of interest p 293 Highly symbolic of the broken relationships between nearly all of the characters at this point But particularly in Valerien s deception in the innate character of MargaretThere was always something majestic about SonHaving nothing uiet to do with his huge hands except finger his original dime he opened the envelope and looked at the pictures of all the places and people he had loved Then he could be still Gazing at the photos one by one trying to find in them what it was that used to comfort him so used to reside with him in him like royalty in his veins p 294And unfortunately too late Let her go asked Son and he smiled a crooked smile Let go the woman you had been looking for everywhere just because she was difficult Because she had a temper energy ideas of her own and fought back Let go a woman whose eyebrows were a study whose face was enough to engage your attention all your life Let go a woman who was not only a woman but a sound all the music he had ever wanted to play a world and a way of being in it Let that go I can t he said I can t p 298This was a fantastic novel which I recommend along with The BLUEST EYE AND BELOVED MY TWO FAVORITE TONI Eye and Beloved as two favorite Toni booksFino s Toni Morrison ReviewsThe Bluest EyeSulaSong Of SolomonTar BabyBelovedJazzParadise I m wondering how many 1 and 2 star ratings came from readers thinking this would be a good Caribbean vacation beach read I also wonder how many of them were clueless to the meaning of the term tar baby Sigh There should be no need to discuss that it s rather obvious that well ALL the characters black white and mulatto were tar babies Inextricably stuck to who they are no matter where they are they cannot escape themselves their pasts their childhoods In fact WE ARE ALL tar babies And just like the characters in the book it is how we deal with what is inside us that determines how we cope with the circumstances of life on the outside I love Morrison s almost overwhelming poetic intensity For example early in the book when introducing Margare It is difficult to explain the force that permeates Toni Morrison s books I felt drunk on words by the end of this bookIn this book s foreword Toni Morrison writes All narrative begins for me as listening When I read I listen When I write I Listen For Silence listen for silence rhythm rest Then comes the image the picture of the thing I have to invent to invent the headless bride in her wedding gown the forest clearingI took these words to be instructive and tried to read this story this way It is difficult than one would think to listen before envisioning but what an enriching experience Toni Morrison is amazing She is the greatest of all time in my opinion but really which other author could Escaping the Endless Adolescence: How We Can Help Our Teenagers Grow Up Before They Grow Old keep me entertained and awestruck on Every single page for five consecutive books I must preface all reviews of her writings with total praise and veneration because her work demands nothing less I did not expect this since Tar Baby is one of her less popular books but as it turns out this is my favorite of her books so far and not only that it is now one of my favorite books Period My goodness the story was wonderful Jadine and Son insert never ending paragraph on how much I loved them and how drop dead gorgeous they both are and how my heart bled at the end and oh my god that chapter when they were in New York and Dear God in heaven do send me my sexy ass man to strut around New York with too I digress I should venown that Toni Morrison would write a love story like no other unlike the usual corny cliche drivel Welcome Tar Baby welcome to the club of the small number of books that I reread every year for obvious reasons I love them times ten This book This book Absolutely magnificent Toni Morrison I love you Understatement. Black man she has dreaded since childhood; uneducated violent contemptuous of her privilege As Jadine and Son come together in the loving collision they have both welcomed and feared the novel moves outward to the Florida backwater town Son was raised in fled from yet cherishes; to her sleek New York; then back to the island people and their protective and entangling legends As the lovers strive to hold and understand each other as they experience the awful weight of the separate worlds that have formed them she perceiving his vision of reality and of love as inimical to her freedom he perceiving her as the classic lure the tar baby set out to entrap him all the mysterious elements all the highly charged threads of the story converge Everything that is at risk is made clear how the conflicts and dramas wrought by social and cultural circumstances must ultimately be played out in the realm of the heartOnce again Toni Morrison has given us a novel of daring fascination and powe. ,

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Or germination Haydn and Liszt for strong sprouting After that all of the plants seemed content with Rampal s Rondo in D By the time he sugared his breakfast coffee the peonies the anemones and all their ind had heard forty or fifty minutes of music which nourished them but set Sydney the butler s teeth on edge although he d heard some variety of it every day for forty years p 11Typically poetic Morisson prose with a beautiful metaphorA house of sleeping humans is both closed and wide open Like an ear it resists easy penetration but cannot brace for attack Luckily in the Caribbean there is no fear The unsocketed eye that watches sleepers is not threatening it is merely alert which anyone can tell for it has no lid and cannot wax or wane No one speaks of a uarter or half moon in the Caribbean It is always full p 43and againthey were all reflection like mirrors chamber after chamber corridor after corridor of mirrors each one taking its shape from the other and giving it back as its own until the final effect was color where no color existed at all p 73Toni truly has some incredible analogies Oh I m fine I guess but her voice was flat like a wide river without any undertow at all p 97Margaret is one of the many women that facing abuse in their childhood resolve to never be a victim again even if it means taking out the violence on her own in All around her it was like that a fast crack on the head if you let the hunger show so she decided then and there at the age of twelve in Balti never to be broken in the hands of any man Whatever it took nife blades or screaming teeth Never p 124Great sense of humor hereThe avocado tree standing by the side of the road heard her and having really seen a horse s shit thought she had probably misused the word p 127And just after I love how the avocado tree interacts silently with JadineJadine dusted off the back of her skirt and turned toward the house The avocado tree watched her go then folded its leaves tightly over its fruit p 127Another powerful metaphorbecause they were simply there all open unprotected and unmanipulable as Yardman s was stretched like a smokehouse cot where hobos could spend the night A back where the pain of every canker every pinched neck nerve every toothache every missed train home empty mailbox closed bus depot do not disturb and this seat taken sign since God made water came to rest p 139I really loved this image And it suits this character so wellBut heavy clouds grouped themselves behind the hills as though for a parade You could almost see the herd assemble but the man swinging in the hammock was not aware of them He was dwelling on his solitude rocking in the wind adrift p 165Again same character and wonderful analysisThe conflict between nowing his power and the world s opinion of it secluded him made him unilateral But he had chosen solitude and the company of other solitary people opted for it when everybody else had long ago surrendered because he never wanted to live in the world their way p 166Toni was an environmentalist as well as a feminist at heartThat was the sole lesson of their world how to make waste how to make machines that made waste how to make wasteful products how to talk waste how to study waste how to design waste how to cure people who were sickened by waste so they could be well enough to endure it how to mobilize waste legalize waste and how to despise the culture that lived in cloth houses and shit on the ground far away from where they ate And it would drown them one day they would all sink into their own waste and the waste they had made of the world and then day they would all sink into their own waste and the waste they had made of the world and then they would now true peace and the happiness they had been looking for all along p 203Yet another beautiful passage Imagine yourself in that dark all alone in the sky at night Nobody is around you You are by yourself just shining there You now how a star is supposed to twinkle We say twinkle because that is how it looks but when a star feels itself it s not a twinkle it s like a throb Star throbs Over not a twinkle it s like a throb Star throbs Over over and over Like this Stars just throb and throb and throb and sometimes when they can t throb any when they can t hold it any they fall out of the sky p 214A wonderful way to describe loveFor if he loved and lost this woman whose sleeping face was the limit his eyes could safely behold and whose wakened face threw him into confusion he would surely lose the world p 220Love in New YorkHe unorphaned her completely Gave her a brand new childhood They were the last lovers in New York City the first in the world so their passion was inefficient and ept no savings account p 229 But there is a warning thereinefficient and no savings account will come back to haunt themI think that easily the most unlikable character in the book is former beauty ueen former sadistic mother 50 year old MargaretMargaret awoke very early that morning having had the dream she ought to have had it was unspeakable She rose at once the wonderful relief of public humiliation the solid security of the pillory were upon her p 235Reflections on innocenceWas there anything so loathsome as a willfully innocent man Hardly An innocent man is a sin before God Inhuman and therefore unworthy No man should live without absorbing the sins of his ind the foul air of his innocence even if it did wilt rows of angel trumpets and cause them to fall from their vines p 243I wish I could write dialogs as fluid and realistic as these I guess I didn t want nobody to read em and Liar know where I was But it was too lame an excuse to continue with Is that why youept the empty envelopes too Yeah They had your handwritin on em you now You wrote it that part anyway Franklin Green You got a nice handwritin Pretty Like your mama p 250 There isn t much there but there is a lot thereToni s take on Frank SinatraIf I make it in New York then that s all I do Make it in New York That s not life that s making it I don t want to make it I want to be it p 266 A creed for life Be ItI like this summary of the relationship between Ja. Sts of verbal sparring between Valerian and his wife And there is a visitor among them a beautiful young black woman Jadine who is not only the servant's dazzling niece but the protegé e and friend of the Streets themselves; Jadine who has been educated at the Sorbonne at Valerian's expense and is home now for a Respite From Her Paris from her Paris of fashion film and artThrough a season of untroubled ease the lives of these five move with a ritualized grace until one night a ragged starving black American street man breaks into the house And in a single moment with Valerian's perverse decision not to call for help but instead to invite the man to sit with them andeat everything changes Valerian moves toward a larger abdication Margaret's delicate and enduring deception is shattered The butler and his wife are forced into acknowledging their illusions And Jadine who at first is repelled by the intruder finds herself moving inexorably toward him he calls himself Son; he is a ind of. ,
Everyone nows that Beloved is Toni Morrison s most famous work but I would argue that Tar Baby is better There are so many relationships in this book and so many layers to each of those relationships Love sex race gender class ethnicity even geographythere isn t much Morrison doesn t take on in this beautiful story And of course there are always those heart stopping passages that Morrison s writing never fails to produce Tar Baby is an absolute must read and if you have the privilege of belonging to a book club that isn t shy of a little sex suggest this for your next book I guarantee you will never want to stop discussing it Re read this for a little litery refreshment and I just feel like Toni can do no wrong Clunky ridiculous ending and all this novel is a mountain of incendiary ideas about identity black identity black womanhood black manhood cultural identity childhood trauma motherhood class sex and on and on But seriously what is the ending of this novel Nonetheless I live xxxxxxx The island exaggerated everything Too much light Too much shadow Too much rain Too much foliage and much too much sleep Toni Morrison Tar BabyI think the tropical Caribbean setting and all the talk of candy and flowers fooled me into thinking that this would be one of Toni Morrison s simpler reads It turns out that like with most Toni Morrison books it s impossible to summarize everything there s just too much to talk aboutIn this novel we meet retired rich American Valerian Street living on the L Isle des Chevaliers with his much younger wife Margaret two African American servants and their niece Jadine who is visiting from France A sailor Son who has abandoned ship enters their lives and that s when things get interesting I read this book as a story of many tensions tensions between couples tensions about old secrets r Tar Baby was the ReadSoulLit read along selection for this year and I am truly conflicted about how I felt about this story Toni Morrison is not an author that writes stories that you can just blow through It takes true concentration and thoughtfulness to work your way through one of her books She will take her readers to some truly dark places and leave you to figure out a character s true motivation which is a good thing Tar Baby of course explores themes of race and tensions among people of the same race through how we treat each other Also the acceptance of being treated less than because that is how you see yourself The interactions among the characters are strange and their reasoning sometimes confusing I am still not sure how I feel about Tar Baby overall but the ending is what did me in I do not agree with the lack of action taken to protect a child at the end I understand protecting yourself and wanting to stay out of the cross hairs of people that you now would be vindictive but when children are involved I think that risks should be taken There are two adult women who chose to not take action for very different reasons but they were both deal breakers for me Tar Baby is one that I am going to need to read several times before I can say that I understand most of what was presented because right now I now that I don t I m sure that I didn t invest the amount of attention to the details that I should have I really regret not participating in the discussion of this one but I didn t feel at the time that my thoughts were coherent enough to even ShareWhere You Can Find Me Monlatable Book Reviews Twitter MonlatReaderInstagram you can find me Monlatable Book Reviews Twitter MonlatReaderInstagram Monica Reeds Goodreads Group The Black Bookcase The opening of this book was a complete surprise to me as a moderately seasoned TM reader it felt just like the start of an action movie some ind of spy thriller only infused with poetic beauty Something of this atmosphere persisted perhaps because of Valerian the white millionaire who somehow wears an arch villain halo even when he s being likeable I also found the dialogue sparky and often humorous the tone freuently lightSo is it a light book Noooooo of course not From the turbulent animistic gorgeous description of the island itself suffering under its colonisation the rivers and trees crying out and mourning and re making themselves stormily something deep treacherous elemental is going on If books give us help if they do than distract then they have to touch wounds dredge up the hidden speak the silencedThe disarray my soul is in now after reading this is a sublime disarray Thoughts emotions collide with force shove each other further apart makin Toni Morrison takes a relaxing Caribbean pace to tell a story which involves sex colonialism and love It is relaxing Caribbean pace to tell a story which involves sex colonialism and love It is tantalzing mix and as always so well written I loved how the narration passed fluidly from one character to the other and how several scenes were narrated by butterflies outside the windows observing the crazy humans Also the dialogs in the story are incredibly realisticIn a nutshell Valerian is a 70 year old wealthy American businessman who has purchased an island near Ha ti where he came for an extended stay with his 50 year old wife Margaret They have two servants Ondine and Sydney Valerian has been extremely generous with their orphaned niece Jadine sending her to SCHOOL AND TRAVELING SHE IS IN and traveling She is in twenties sensual superficial Into these lives Son arrives as a clandestine having jumped a boat and hidden in their house for a week without getting caught In this web of relationships the racism white on black but also black on black comes out as does some sordid family history This results in a climax that sends Valerian into denial and reclusion and Son and Jadine run off to New York to attempt a love centered lifeIn this passage I really like how the plants react to the music played in the greenhouse by ValerianHe turned the switch that brought the Goldberg Variations into the greenhouse At first he d experimented with Chopin and some of the Russians but the Magnum Rex peonies overwhelmed by all that passion whined and curled their lips He settled finally on Bach The author of Song of Solomon now sets her extraordinary novelistic powers on a striking new course Tar Baby audacious and hypnotic is masterful in its mingling of tones of longing and alarm of urbanity and a primal mythic force in which the landscape itself becomes animate alive with a wild dark complicity in the fates of the people whose drama unfolds It is a novel suffused with a tense and passionate inuiry revealing a whole spectrum of emotions underlying the relationships between black men and women white men and women and black and white peopleThe place is a Caribbean island In their mansion overlooking the sea the cultivated millionaire Valerian Street now retired and his pretty younger wife Margaret go through rituals of living as if in a trance It is the black servant couple who have been with the Streets for years the fastidious butler Sydney and his strong yet remote wife who have arranged every detail of existence to create a surface calm broken only by sudden bur. ,
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