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W trainer in the army and basically So Far Those Are The Main Characters far those are the main characters book started off with Fred and Jet poaching and Fred is sentenced six months to jailThen Major Sassoon takes jet for the army and she trains to become a seekdirectional dog They both go to a mission in Dunkirk the army base was attacked and they had to evacuate Both Major Sassoon and Bess were shot by enemies while waiting to board on the evacuation ships Jet was held for six months in a veterinary ennel after her mission During that time Fred was released from prison and later joined the army Bess was then introduced to sergeant Ken Hogans who brought Jet to be with him for civil defense training

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far that was the events that took place in the book I cant really tell who the authors audience wasI would make a hypothesis that the audience was primary students and any law enforcement or the dog activists I say this because the book is about a dog that is forced to leave his owner and taken to the army and is trained to become this all important dog that helps the army in missions This book was interesting to me a student so i think its meant for any student As well as any person who has an interest between wars and dogs To me the theme in this book is an emotional interest between wars and dogs To me the theme in this book is an emotional between man and dog shows that what ever struggles happen both will triumph in their own way Also this book is for enjoyment to whomever the audience is It shows the view of the Jet the female Labrador Also the struggle of being a dog in the war and the attachments between the different men and the dog That is the authors message in my opinion So far i highly recommend this book to al. Her in good stead This is the fast paced story about a remarkable dog whom the reader soon comes to lov. .
This was one of my Favorite Books When I Was books when I was id The story is great following around a well trained black lab as she assists her soldiertrainer in a few different war canine functions There s just Enough Grit Blood And Death To Make grit blood and death to make clear there s a real war going in but it s light enough that it won t give children nightmares What it will give children is a fierce desire for a good dog Heart stirring a heroine to want the best for amidst the inhumanity of war My Full Review WarDogByMartin BoothSo this review is for the book WarDog By Martin Booth the grade level is 7 9 This book is about how dogs in the military came to be it tells a story about a black labrador who is off to serve her country in WW2 And her "Journey Through All The Chaos Of WarThe Central Idea I "through all the chaos of warThe central idea I is about love and how such a little thing as a dog can make a difference on how you do things and what you would do for that dog or animal There are some things in the book that shows this very well Like when Fred joined the army just to find Jet and to be with her for one last time It also reveals how much Fred loves Jet and cares for her Another incident is when Turpin and Jet got ba A great book for middle grade readers about WW2 without the details of gore and horror in war books for older readers I think both boys and girls alike would really get into this with the fighting action and of course the heroics of Jet the War DogA word of caution some adult guidance would be needed to explain some of the terms used during the 1940 s Some of the military words would be unfamiliar to younger readers and some terms such as the one used for a female dog would need. Jet a black Labrador was well trained by a young English poacher Fred Parry When Fred is caught and jail. ,

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To be explained for readers who had only heard it used in a derogatory context I spotted War Dog when I was doing our annual library inventory I don t now how I missed reading this treasure before now It is worth than a five star rating It reminds me of Michael Morpurgo s War Horse though the black Labrador Jet doesn t relate the story in his own voiceIt is a great example of historical fiction The story is very Cute the story in his own voiceIt is a great example of historical fiction The story is very Cute book written from both the Dog s and person s perspective Makes it clear that there is a cost for war This story shows the true meaning of love for a dog and from a dog It shows that animals are smarted then we think thaey are and that they will follow you anywhere if you give them a loving hand It was an amazing book about dogs in the an amazing book about dogs in the These are my favorite ind of books I think this a beautiful book about a dog who works in the military it s heartwarming to see a dog be brave and save the day at times It melts my heart to see Jet be a companion to all the people serving in the war and follow them as they go through tough times in the war It s a good book about friendship and how it go through tough times in the war It s a good book about friendship and how it never end I have not finished reading the entire book but so far this is the most interesting book i have read about a dog Obviously the main character is the dog Jet Throughout the book her name changes from Jet to Bess to Jess The dog is a two year oldblack female Labrador She is a poaching dog obedient well trained house oriented dogThen there is Fred the poacher who happens to be the rightful owner of JetThen Major Sassoon the dog trainer in the army Then there was sergeant Ken Hogans the family man that is Jet s ne. Ed shortly before the outbreak of World War II Jet is reuisitioned by the army where her training stands.
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War Dog by Martin Booth