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Edward Teller The Real Dr StrangeloveIng hard in their labs attempting to solve serious problems and find useful solutions This book shows those men and women as warts and all human beings who occasionally let their personal feelings get in the way but still manage to do cutting edge research that completely changed the world This is a well written and interesting biography of Edward Teller Teller makes for a complex subject and the author handles things with subtlety and sympathy without holding back from considerable criticism I found the later chapters a little less interesting than the earlier ones but I suspect that that was down to the

rather than the authorWell worth Another scientific giant once well now slipping into obscurity for the typical person Teller was the man led the way to develop the thermonuclear bomb after his work on the Manhattan project that developed the atom bomb that ended the war with Japan Teller was from Europe and had to leave to escape persecution as the Nazis rose to power Some of his family were illed in the holocaust while after the war others languished behind the iron curtain A remarkable the war others languished behind the iron curtain A remarkable brilliant man who made a significant impact. Ry and presidents as they shaped Western policy Goodchild interviewed Teller himself at the end of his life and what emerges from this interview as well as from Teller's memoirs and recently unearthed correspondence is a clearer view of the contradictions and controversies that riddled the man's life Most of all though this absorbing biography rescues Edward Teller from the caricatures that have served to describe him until now In their place Goodchild shows us one of the most powerful that have served to describe him until now In their place Goodchild shows us one of the most powerful of the twentieth century in all his enigmatic humanity. ,

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Ts a much fuller picture of the man and scientist He was indeed extremely conservative and believed firmly that the US should be fully engaged in a Cold War He was one of the strongest proponents of Reagan s SDI program a defensive program aimed at destroying enemy ICBMs To Teller no amount of money was too small to spend on weapons and defenses and he made many enemies with this stance It didn t help that he was outspoken and traveled tirelessly lecturing on behalf of weapons research He hated the Soviet *Union And Spoke Loudly *and spoke loudly often that the US must never trust them and must not sign any peace treaties with them The whole give peace a chance ethos would have been anathema to TellerThe many stories Goodchild tells about Los Alamos the Liver lab and all the scientists involved are uite interesting but i confess his detailed descriptions interesting but I confess his detailed descriptions the physics of atomic and hydrogen bombs and the research into defensive options went way over my head But it was clear to me that Goodchild was familiar with the science and therefore to me at least that made him a measured judge into the many pros and cons of the various programs It s easy to think of scientists work. Ws and personal and professional frustrations that lay behind the paradox of the real Dr StrangeloveGoodchild's biography draws on interviews with than fifty of Teller's colleagues and friends Their voices echo through the book expressing admiration and contempt affection and hatred as we observe Teller's Their voices echo through the book expressing admiration and contempt affection and hatred as we observe Teller's in every stage of building the atomic bomb and his subseuent pursuit of causes that drew the world deeper into the Cold War alienating many of his scientific colleagues even as he provided the intellectual lead for politicians the milita. ,
My wife bought me this book because she new ho much I loved the movie It never really grabbed me though It s not her fault It made me really want to read Teller s memoirs though since most of the early part of the book consists of enormous uotes from it I ll finish this thing tho This is an excellent book about a man who was both fascinating and difficult Nobel Prize winning physicist Edward Teller often called the father of the H bomb He provoked strong feelings amongst his fellow scientists some calling him the most brilliant man they had ever
while others saw him as danger to the very existence of human beings This book is in no way a hagiography as Goodchild describes Teller s life both personal and professional with all the flaws triumphs mistakes shining intellect and paranoia on full display Of course paralleling Teller s life is the creation of nuclear weapons and his role in the research that led To A Modern World Living In Fear Of Total Annihilation a modern world living in fear of total annihilation Stanley Kubrick s Dr Strangelove movie came out it was said that Kubrick based the Strangelove character on Teller and for many years Teller was seen as a caricature This biography pain. One Nobel Prize winning physicist called Edward Teller A great man of vast imaginationone of the most thoughtful statesmen of science Another called him A danger to all that is important It would have been a better world without him That both opinions about Teller were commonly held and eually true is one of the enduring mysteries about the man dubbed the father of the H bomb In the story of Teller's life and career told here in greater depth and detail than ever before Peter Goodchild unravels the complex web of harsh early experiences character fla. ,

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