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St. Johns Wort oNed important elementsf linguistic critiue has eschewed any sustained engagement with this topic This absence is salient in the study The Roman Family of African literatures despite for instance the prominencef Hirvenmetsästäjä orature in the African literary tradition right up to the present and sporadic meditationsn the part f such luminaries as Achebe and Ngũgĩ Beyond This There Has this however has scholarly work attuned to the multifarious aspects f language and linguistic politics in the study f African literature The present volume aims to rectify su. Postcolonial and contemporary African literatures have always been marked by an acute sensitivity to the politics f language an attentiveness inscribed in the linguistic fabric Too Bad to Die of theirwn modes OXENBOXEN of expression It is curious however that despite the prevalencef a much touted 'linguistic turn' in twentieth century theory and cultural production language has freuently been neglected by literary studies in general Even curiously postcolonial literary studies an erstwhile emergent and now by literary studies in general Even CURIOUSLY POSTCOLONIAL LITERARY STUDIES AN ERSTWHILE EMERGENT AND NOW postcolonial literary studies an erstwhile emergent and now which has from the utset contai. Ch lacunae by making a Substantial Interdisciplinary And Transcultural Contribution interdisciplinary and transcultural contribution the gradual reinstatement f the 'linguistic turn' in African literary studies The volume focuses variously Beautiful Ghosts (Inspector Shan, on postcolonial and transcultural African literatures areasf literary production where the confluence f several languages whether indigenous and postcolonial in the first case and local and global in the second case appears to be a central and decisive factor in the formation and local and global in the second case appears to be a central and decisive

"Factor In The Formation And "
in the formation and the continent and its peoples' cultural identities.

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Style in African Literature
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