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With the deadly politics f Central America Final book f the Radkin series and previously unpublished A Black Apollo ORIGINAL IT'S GREAT TO SEE THIS DELICIOUS SERIES BACK It's great to see this delicious series back print What the 'New Crime' genre

attempted through books 
through books the Joseph Radkin Investigation Series recently brought back into print by Black Apollo Mysteries was to exchange the cheap thrills f macho car chases and hot lead with a world where criminals can be good guys and villains. ,

A young Mixtec Indian from Guatemala Follows The Trail Of Tears Through follows the trail Disney Manga: Descendants - The Rotten to the Core Trilogy Book 2 of tears through to a migrant camp in the strawberry fieldsf California There instead f refuge he finds himself accused
of murder is 
murder Is the killer r a patsy set up to distract attention from a right wing cult Radkin is lured into writing a story but finds himself used as bait in a mystery that goes far beyond a small farming town Mayan Strawberries combines a fascinating anthropological study. .

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Mayan Strawberries Joseph Radkin Investigations #5
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