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Buried eH the hell out of his characters No *one has itasy few catch a *has it asy very few catch a But stories aren t bleak they can be uite funny Jones reminds me a little of Hemingway a little of Raymond Carver but he isn t really like ither xcept that he s kind of a man s man writer What I mean by that is back when I worked at a bookstore it was harder to recommend fiction to men than it was to women some authors were just safer bets than others Jones would be another safe oneTeachers verywhere will feel satisfied by the story Tarantula a vice principal jackass gets what he deserves There s a series of stories about soldiers in Vietnam Many of the characters in various stories have mental problems abuse the same drugs and wanted to be boxers I found the title story particularly charming and well done regarding boxersI ve read some reviews that say Jones s arlier stuff is better We ll see Uneven Tarantula and A Midnight Clear stand at opposite nds of the sad and tender meets barely restrained rage spectrum and showcase the depth of Jones s range as a writer but they re overshadowed by the macho war stories and others I Love You Sophia Western shocks as does The Comforts of stories and others I Love You Sophia Western shocks as does The Comforts of These stories seem to xpress Jones s aesthetic completely I wanted to like the long story You Cheated You Lied but the narrator s tendency to reduce his sexual ncounters to one liners like I dicked her in the closet seems a little strange a little too asy a little like Jones lacked the writerly chops to focus us in on the strange idiosyncratic details that comprise most sexual ncounters and so tries to make us readers believe his character is too much a man s man an avid reader himself but of Schopenhauer and Playboy magazine On another level though the preponderance of this sort of writing suggests that Jones condescends to his audience offering them a slim reduction of characters he might have drawn somewhat sympathetically less the product of their deranged urges then as troubled individuals struggling and backsliding recovering agonizing forgiving The story nearly achieves this sort of sympathy Nearly The nibleness of the story s plot kept which These stories are filled with interesting defective characters and the writing s xcellent But too many of the ndings left me flat hence the lower than normal rating of 3 stars You Cheated You Lied was my favorite among the 12 stories and a great way to A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, end the book Sim. F despair andxhilaration surrealism and minutely observed realism A Vietnam Vet swims alone across the English Channel to maintain the 'edge' that kept him alive in wartime A young amateur fighter stoically ndures repetitive beatings because he knows boxing shield. This one was disappointing After reading Jones arlier collection The Pugilist at Rest and being completely blown away this one his latest collection of short stories felt stunted Sadly Thom Jones doesn t seem to be growing as an artist The result is a lot of telling without showing the repetition of arlier themes or characters without any new development and a list of unlikable characters paralytically unable to change Although there are some fine stories here I liked 40 Still at Home Tarantula and Mouses a great deal others like A Midnight Clear and particularly *the last story You Cheated You Lied videnced to me anyway a writer *last story You Cheated You Lied videnced to me anyway a writer to commit to developing a novel FrustratingOverall this is still a worthwhile collection specially if you re already familiar with Jones writing When he s writing hot his storytelling is masterful Shockingly wide registry this author leads you from black humour to sheer poetry in his always good some very interesting short stories a genre in which really he xcells Speaking about Tho Found this book on a

remainder table at 
table at Book Revue in Huntington The title rang a bell with me I d heard it mentioned somewhere before I think Not sure where though I glanced through a few pages and the writing looked pretty good The blurbs on the back and the general look and feel of the book also sold me His writing is fluid Words sentences paragraphs thoughts and scenes for the most part flow smoothly along The content is a little dark and rough around the dges One of the stories is about a group of marines heading down to Mexico to get drunk and laid before shipping out to Vietnam There s some pretty crass shit in this story In another story a high school kid with motional problems nds up giving a club footed pedophile his boss a blow job for money Major themes that recur throughout the stories include Boxing Vietnam Sex depression and the drugs associated with depression and being short If the subject matter is nough to make you cringe sometimes Jones s skill at crafting a story is nough to make that discomfort all worthwhile This is the first Thom Jones book I ve read and I was impressed There s something really The Case for Paleolibertarianism and Realignment on the Right earthy about this writing or maybe down toarth It s tempting because of his many boxing stories to make a lot of boxing analogies about his writing but I guess that d be trite at this point Still the writing is really solid and he does punc. Dilapidated fight arenas Christmas in a psychiatric ward chaotic mergency rooms this is the world of Thom Jones whose stories have a passion and depth which put them in a league of their ownSonny Liston was a Friend of Mine a collection of his stories is a mixture

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Ply a not my cup of tea A set of twelve stories about the people living on margins of societyOne good uote from the story MousesHappiness is like the gold IN THE YUKON MINES FOUND ONLY NOW AND THEN the Yukon mines found only now and then it were by the caprices of chance It comes rarely in chunks or boulders but most often in the tiniest grains I m a free floater now happy to take what little comes my way A grain here a grain there What can you ask for I didn t know if Jones could sustain or replicate in his third collection the momentum he built in his staggering first book of stories but he surpasses that knock out collection with twelve new stories about a handful of Schopenhauer addicted ne r do wells and knuckleheads There is a greater depth of character and skillful deployment of tension and release at work in these stories The sheer force of his first collection is tempered by defter story construction and pacing the stories are seductive subtle and less like brakeless trains heading down the tracks toward an inevitable horrible Monsieur Pain end As a result the stories are impactful lingering in the mind long after theirnd Jones seems to stretch his legs a bit here too many of the stories are longer involve characters and subplots a greater motional range and some are ven related dealing with the *same group of characters Perhaps Jones was feeling out the prospects of a novel The uestion is *group of characters Perhaps Jones was feeling out the prospects of a novel The uestion is what we have here is a dynamite collection brutal and funny Standout stories include Tarantula Mouses A Midnight Clear and You Cheated You Lied Thom Jones captures Dick Lit in a prolific way that is both thoughtful and ugly Every short story oozes a touch of masculinity and has the reader astonished that a former maintenance man for Iowa State not only wrote these amazing pieces but also has been able to form a secure career in the literary world by doing soOne of the best books I ve ver read Hands down I love this guy Thom Jones but I hate his name It looks like a really bad career move He must have had to say a million times no not that Tom Jones I m Thom with a H you think Tom What s New Pussycat Jones would be writing books called The Pugilist At Rest He wouldn t be able to see his keyboard for all the panties Okay sorry that probably came across a little snappy But very time very time Thom With a H And his fans like me have to say pretty much the same It s tiresome Also tiresome is that now I ve read Thom Jones S him from the ven crueller world beyond the ring An unemployed man performs gruesome xperiments on mice No one writes better or vividly than Jones about private apocalypses about lives that swing between pain and sensual gratification confusion and visionary clari. Sonny Liston Was a Friend of Mine