Alien n Outlaw Galactic Alliance #2 [Pdf]

Ok just me Should you Sure But read the first in the series to get a better layout of the land Enjoy yet another purple alien book This had a much stronger sci fi world building than the first book in the series I think because it was ssentially a road trip and we got to see the characters move around the universe and interact with people on different worlds I liked that a lot Lots of bed action here and I The Lady in Pink enjoyed the physical differences and how the sex between different species was incredibly hot Darien and R kos arextremely likeable characters There s a sweet chemistry between them and the relationship that Develops Works On A Lot works on a lot levels I m curious where this series will go next Addison Vaughn Sven There s a lot of potential here for stories I hope we ll get them If you njoy your MM romance with a sci fi twist this might be a book for you This could be standalone but you ll get a better feel for the world and characters if you read "the first in the series I ll write as proper a review as I can "first in the series I ll write as proper a review as I can a bit but first allow Spongebob and Patrick to show you how I looked like almost the ntire time I was reading this book Yup Giggled and almost managed a blush I did and was going to post something on Facebook at some point xcept I figured no one in my friends list really would appreciate a grown ass woman giggling over a lavender penis No you heard right There was a lavender penis involved as well as some naughty inter species man lovin and pretty decent world building all of which managed to save this book from a 3 star rating despite an unsatisfying nd part with the MC s HEA roadR kos aka Ricky is a buff lavender skinned alien who goes on a bit of a road trip or should we say space trip to temporarily Sinner's Heart escape some arranged mating thing and toxplore his attraction towards human males While on a planet called Elora Ki he meets and helps Darien a futuristic Robin Hood leave the planet and get away from some pissed off mob people They go planet hopping have some wild sexy times and we get to giggle and sigh over some awesome differences between human and alien anatomyLet s start with the part I loved most about this book because I prolly won t be able to discuss anything lse Ricky s man parts It says a lot about me that the main reason I adore this story is because of something between an alien s legs but there you go It s not just the fact that Ricky has view spoilera self lubricating lavender penis that tastes like licorice and moves at will hide spoiler I ve been kinda on a hit with the recent books I ve read What a juicy amazing and differently interesting book I really really loved it This book actually made me stay until 3 am to finish it Absolutely loved very moment reading this one I was completely mesmerized Let s not beat around the bush Darien is a thief But in his defense he s a philanthropist thief He ran away from home very young and has been on his own for a very long time He s not Darien must contact the mbassy to get his alien lover the medical care he needs As Darien finds himself accused of kidnapping and Ricky fears his family's disappointment can the two protect their growing relationship Or are their differences just too great44000 wor. Alien n Outlaw Galactic Alliance #2REALLY njoyed this I really A Vineyard Christmas enjoyed the characters Injoyed the world building

In This One Even 
this one Een Bijzondere Vorm Van Osteosclerose even the first and I REALLYnjoyed Darien and Ricky and their sexy times together Great sci fi mm romance series July 29 2014Story 5 starsPerformance 4 starsOverall 45 starsJanuary 8 2016Story 5 starsPerformance 45 starsOverall 5 starsapril 27 2016story 5 starsperformance 5 starsoverall starsApril 27 2016Story 5 starsPerformance 5 starsOverall starsAugust 10 2016 5 stars I m loving this series so much The sci fi lements and romance are perfectly in sync never too much of one or the other R kos was alien nough to make it blazing hot fun reading of him and Darien as they forged a believable connection Each of the MC had been seeking something and found it in ach other Glad we got to visit the culture on R kos planet which I d been curious of since book one as well as a cameo from Jathan from book one Another thoroughly ntertaining read I look forward to reading book 3 soon 400 for the book 300 for the audioWelcome back to Elora Ki that uasi Wild West frontier townplanet where anything goes and representatives from the Galactic Alliance and the Ankylos Hot Shot (North Ridge Book 3) empire commingle sometimes for political discourse and sometimes other I liked revisiting this world which was first introduced in Spice N Solace You could if so inclined read it as a stand alone but why would you Contrary to the previous installment I can t recommend the AB Chad Maxwell has a great tone of voice and does a reasonable good job of differentiating characters but after the first few chapters where I was uitenjoying the audio he seemed to get bored and started this sort of flat narration but worse yet it seems he was Math Basics 6 embarrassed by the sex scenes and sort of just rushed by them Dunno The AB stopped working for me The book is a whole other story R kos is a younger son a Prince from the Ankylos ruling family He has always considered himself a bit different from his siblings and his society in general The Ankylos are described as both hive and herd like which doesn t uite suit R kos who would like time and space to do his own thing To such a purpose he has run away Elora Ki away from familial duty to marry and conform While sitting in a bar hoping to better acuaint himself with the ways and s humans hencounters his Darien Lancaster He s a trader a pirate and a sometimes thief with the proverbial heart of gold but importantly scent tells R kos that Darien is his mateI loved how this installment continued and Voyage to the Underworld (Star Wars Missions, expanded on the world building of the previous book I loved that R kos or Ricky as Darien dubs him isn t some super alien He s a super tall smooth lavender skinned Prince but he s not a fighter in fact he s practically bind What he is is curious kind accepting and fiercely loyal which is a boon for Darien who has no one and hasn t for a very long time I particularly liked the last 20% or so where we get to see the inner workings of Ankylos society As a little push to go read this now I ll leave R'kos son of the Ankylos Emperor isxpected to settle down But he's much attracted to human males than to his own species Eager to xplore his forbidden longings he steals a ship and heads to Elora Ki to see if he can find the right human guyDarien robs the corrupt. Ou with thisview spoilerthe Ankylos have a self lubricating cock or rypoda "And It Can Move "it can move will like a small hand hide spoiler An alien and human mating Oddly its uite sensual and uniue specially with the liuorice flavour part of the story which was weirdly interesting I had no idea what to make of it at first lets just say it came as a surprise a good one Lol Ricky has some potent and special assets he knows how to use them much to Darien s delight Darien is in heaven happy with his little alien and who could blame him Cute likeable and very ntertaining A fun read without being too strange or off putting that s saying something coming from me as this wouldn t be my usual read Recommended 35 4 stars overall This book was a little bit uneven in terms of my njoyment I loved the first 50% or so when R kos and Darien were getting to know Simple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits!: 4 Keys to Unlock Your Business Potential each other The next 30% was lessnjoyable for me because it focused on the outside forces keeping them from being together than their relationship I felt like the story kind of veered a little too far off Course In These Parts The in these parts The 20% was good though because it came back to center and focused on our main couple again and what they needed to work through in order to find their HEA The story brieflyR kos a lavender skinned alien from another planet has ssentially run away from home in a search for adventure and human contact He s lived a rather sheltered life as the son of the mperor In his visits to human planets his curiosity was piued by humansand human desire Luckily for him almost immediately after his arrival on a human planet he meets Darien a trader who s on the run for Humanism engaging in some less than aboveboard activities The story follows them as they make their way off planet on Darien s trading route When misfortune strikes themn route however they have to call for backup and that s when the REAL TROUBLE STARTS AFTER ALL AN EMPEROR S SON trouble starts After all an Smokin' Hot emperor s son t go missing for long before someone starts looking for himThe charactersI loved them R kos was such a sweet gentle giant The differences between his alien race and humans were differentnough to be fun and Placing Memory entertaining without being totally outlandish and gross A number of those differences were focused on the ahem sexytimes aspect of their differences In a good way of course I was giggling and saying Oh no they didn t when R kos revealed his view spoilermobile penis hide spoiler Ixpected much from this book based on my friends Lasombra enthusiastic reviews You know who you are and I still love youven if I didn t love the book as much as you It took me a long time and a few re starts to finish this galactic tale Issues simplistic writing style funky narrator odd plot Liked Hot sex Comparison of alien and human genitalia mating practices and living styles Easy readlisten Fun for all prehensile penis Yes you heard right Is it waving at me Well hello there you handsome purple limber length of goodness Not a uote from the bo. To give to those in need but now he needs a ride off Elora Ki stat Pursued by drug lords he accepts help from the amorous stranger who calls himself Ricky As they fly together along Darien's route their friendship uickly turns into passionBut when Ricky is injured. ,

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