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E had gathered between her feet and was slowly spreading the dull reflection of the lamplight shimmering across it like paracelene This novel is made up of many intersecting voices in different tenses sometimes intersecting in the same paragraph each relating a different point of view with each point of view giving us a different perspective on a story that extends through space and time between the Second World War to the war in Bosnia between France and Italy and Mexico The language shifts between an almost clinical objectivity like a film script to a sensuousness verging on the melodramatic Unlike similar novels I have read mostly by male authors Clair Obscur is anti masculinist The central narrative about a daughter searching for her dead mother is predominantly feminine and skeptical toward heterosexuality It s male characters are almost all unlikable intentionally so I assume But the women in the story aren t weak or sentimental but they are ALSO NOT DRIVEN BY A HOLLYWOOD SENSE OF ACTION not driven by a Hollywood sense of action everyday details make up the substance of the book Description is a way of returning the the world to a sense of the familiar from the alienation experienced through depicted human relationships in American films The Exception Of #the of like Maya Deren Reading Clair Obscur actually reminded my of Deren a lot and maybe French writers like Marguerite Duras or Natalie Sarraute Its motifs repeat obsessively while fragments of stories gradually combine to produce a panorama in which most everything finally comes to relate A book to read slowly Good stuff all the way beautiful cover illustration as well Highly recommended E International Film Festival“This lyric open ended novel spans several ears in the early 1990s and ranges from Prague to Trieste and Bosnia in a meditation on time loss and recovery” The Prague Po.

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Ortunity As soon as I receive and read the book we will be sure to edit this and write a proper review Thanks again Reminded me a lot of the novels of HD or Hiroshima Mon Amour and Death in Venice cut up Many very dream like journeys in place and in time Sarajevo Venice Trieste Paris Marseilles Casablanca Martiniue Veracruz World War 2 the present Some parts that stood out I sit there watching as the girl beside the woman stirs from her sleep or not asleep at all turns looks #Directly At Me Smiles #at me smiles aware of my interest don t ask me how then lowers her eyes nudges her body slightly further forward on the seat turns back to the window and crosses her legs Right leg over left so that her thighs are left bare above the stockings right up to the sex which alone is in shadowUnlike M the girl wasn t smiling The shape of her mouth pulled straight across as though inwardly she d been gritting her teeth jaw clenched her eyes wider than appeared entirely natural It was as if her whole expression represented a kind of act of desperation Innocence frayed with culpabilityMeret was leaning against the wall laughing pulling Chiara towards her into her arms Suddenly she kissed her Her mouth was slack and somehow shapeless and tasted of gin vermouth and cigarettes Chiara recoiled from the embrace and immediately Meret slid down the wall into a sitting position Her bare feet jutted from beneath the torn hem of her dress as she laughed helplessly And then a hissing sound and a rush of water on the flagstones Meret lifted the hem of her dress for Chiara to see how she d pissed herself looking up in childish astonishment A pool of urin. Between forensic realism and poetic psychology like the films of Resnais and Bertolucci its language freuently evokes Written from a screenplay that won honourable mention at the 2009 Alpe Adria Triest. I won this book in a goodreads giveawayUnfortunately I didn t love this oneSome things to know this book in a goodreads giveawayUnfortunately I didn t love this oneSome things to know ou buy it1 It s written in second person which freuently caused me to lose that willing suspension of disbelief The book might say something like the following You look into the eyes on the screen and feel the deep jealousy of a jilted lover Unfortunately I #Don T Know If I Ve Ever Felt Like A #t know if I ve ever felt like a lover and I suspect I m not the type who really ever would feel that way Therefore the fact that it says ou meaning me makes me think something like I don t actually feel jealous Maybe I should make myself feel it Is this a normal jealousy though or do jilted lovers have a different sort of jealousy I ve never been jilted but I wonder how that might feel I wonder if the way boyfriend was counts as jilting It s similar probably but not uite a perfect match And then I have to force myself back into the story2 Clair Obscur is a bit melodramatic and it s full of purple prose I tend to like my language functional before it s beautiful I m from the Strunk and White school of writing which means I hate all of those flowery but ultimately needless words This isn t a book for those of us who think that way3 It s interesting than engaging I think about what the author is trying to accomplish and I think that s interesting than the actual story isI m not gonna lie I didn t finish Sometimes I think that makes reviews a little invalid so take my opinion however Interviewing Users you want to I m just tellingou my experience of it I just wanted to say that I m very excited to have won the giveaway that just ending today I also wanted to thank ou for the opp. Set against the backdrop of the 1990s war in former Yugoslavia Clair Obscur presents a sustained reflection on memory guilt fantasy and desire in late twentieth century Europe Its cinematic prose ranges.

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Clair Obscur