[Secret Keeper Cooper #12; Cooper Security #5] Read ´ Paula Graves

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Characters are behaving by route There is really no Reason Whatsoever For Annie And whatsoever for Annie and to fall in love they just do because that s their function A couple of pretty people tossed together for 24 hours and I guess that s what happens right This one gets a bit of extra credit for having a hero with a limp and self esteem issues which is a welcome change from our usual alphole marine but we spend sadly little time with this character or on this couple so there isn t much development at all either as individuals or as a pairI liked the cat thoughview

t look for an ending this one because there isn t next installment maybe hide spoiler Wade Cooper next expected to find Missing Annie Harlow in his back ard When he did he called in the family to help keep her safe try to remember the last three weeks of her life She doesn t remember be kidnapped along with her Mom Dad This story was a page turner that kept me turning uickly Miniseries Cooper SecurityCategory Suspense Miniseries Cooper SecurityCategory Suspens. Safety remained the battle scarred marine's top priority Still for a man who'd avoided the risks a relationship was bound to bring could Wade really walk away once this case was closed And what could his future possibly hold if he did. Will the Coopers ever run out of attractive cousins siblings clients etc etc Likely not it seems and it s getting a little silly now This family is getting so complex the idea that they have a bunker to hold them all in case of terrorist attack is laughable and the series is getting so convoluted that each episode is like a random where are they now catalog than an actual novel since every damned cousin pops in for an update at some point It s no Wonder The Family Is the family is so large though I don t think they ever help anyone they don t end up marrying andor hiring Which is good I guess because if ou have anything to do with this clan and don t marry them ou are a series red shirt and will die likely to be found dead in a dark hallway with the metallic smell of blood surrounding ou since that s how everyone dies in these books But don t worry some serious Sooper Spy will be the one to kill Colp you so that meansou ll get bludgeoned expertly before he chows down his cyanide pill sighIn this one it becomes very clear that the. Ed her captors Unfortunately she had no memory of the past three weeks Before long the memories slowly began to return and threats to her life turned deadlier And although her well being was becoming than just an assignment Annie's. Secret Keeper reviewSecret Keeper is the fifth fast paced romantic suspense book in the Cooper Security series written by author Paula Graves In Graves romantic suspense novel Annie Harlowe and her family are missing and the Cooper Security group is investigating their disappearance Not surprisingly Wade Cooper stumbles across the injured woman in his own backyard Annie had somehow escaped her captors and found her way there but without her memory But the memories slowly begin to trickle back and with them come threats to her safety Wade risks his life to protect this woman who holds of him than he cares to admitA fast paced installment to the cooper security series paced installment to the Cooper Security series series Great series really pulls ou in Excellent addition to the Cooper Security series Wade found the missing Annie Harlowe in his backyard injured and missing large chunks of her memory Protecting Annie became Wade s top priority especially as her memory began to return and they discovered just what the bad guys were after Both Wade and Annie Although a missing Harlowe and her entire family were at the forefront of a Cooper Security investigation Wade Cooper never expected to stumble upon the half conscious beauty in his own backyard Thankfully Annie had somehow escap. ,

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Secret Keeper Cooper #12; Cooper Security #5