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Ack mid way through Primal Law He is

a mysterious oner 
mysterious oner the Alpha Pack is sent out to investigate The Alpha Pack finds this goth raising the dead in a cemetery to ask the recently departed about the circumstances of his death Kalen is a vastly interesting characterOnce again "readers are given just enough of this sexy " are given just enough of this sexy man to eave us salivating for his book He eaves the compound because he senses a malevolent danger urking He believes it to be The Game of Love lurking in the nearby town where the object of his affection MacKenzie is out for the evening with friends I am justoving Kalen I want his and MacKenzie s book now They just oving Kalen I want his and MacKenzie s book now They hot together in this ittle novella They have just one amazing night together Readers get to see the first ayer of his protective armor peeled away by Mac I think she is going to be the balm that helps heal his poor abused and neglected soul I also think she will be what triggers whatever hell is in his near future It is however one thrill ride I am ooking forward to going on Carla s ReviewKalen Black in the youngest and newest member of the Alpha Pack He is a Sorcerer Necromancer and black panther shifter making him extremely powerful and dangerous Kalen also has a horrid past some of which we earn about in this book He hates to be touched and he also believes himself not to be a good person It thinks he is not capable of being oved or The Lady in Pink loving someone in returnDr Mackenzie Grant works for the Alpha Pack She s been attracted to Kalen but since she s older than him and works with him she doesn t think it a good idea to mix business with pleasure Until Kalen comes to her rescue Kalen feels a great evil in the area and finds o 4stars Too damn short I need Mac and Kaelen get to know each other but not as much as I dike I have a feeling we Eyes ll see themater This review was posted at Under The CoversThis has been such a surprising series for me I really ike it There s shifters there s magic and a whole ot of alpha males I can honestly say I was eagerly anticipating this short story because it features the goth Sinner's Heart like new recruit of the Alpha Pack Kale. Aone wolf But when a paranormal creature threatens the ife of Dr Mackenzie Grant Kalen must use all of his abilities to rescue her This brush with. ,

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N Black Why the anticipation you may ask this is roughly 60 pages First The Description Ms Tyler Gave description Ms Tyler gave in book if this is roughly 60 pages First the description Ms Tyler gave us in book one Kalen is that he ooks Spirit of the Wolf like a mix between Adam Lambert and Cris Angel yes eyeliner and all For some reason I m all in with that Then there s the fact that this 23 year old is EXTREMELY talented He s a sorcerer first and foremost but he s also a necromancer and ummm he shifts into a black panther Did I mention before I may have a thing for black panthers HOTWhen he first joined the team in book one I could kinda sorta see that he had a crush on Dr Mackenzie Grant She s one of the few humans working at the Alpha Pack compound Of course she has a crush on him too So on her night on the town meeting some girlfriends at a bar Kalen gets a bad feeling that something will happen and decides to follow her to keep her safe Aaaaaand maybe see what else happensOf course things do go sour and Mackenzie and Kalen have to fight another creature but the biggest problem will be in the future Someone wants Kalen And that someone won t stop at anything to get him even if that means going after the woman heusts afterI can t wait to see the rest of their story These two are just adorable together Isn t it torture that we have to wait for their book No their book is not 2 we have to wait until 3 And there s a twist in Kalen s past that I wasn t expecting thrown in there He s definitely had a rough A Vineyard Christmas life for such a young man And yes he is alllllll man A bit of time getting to know Kalen I m usually not a fan of novellas I only read them if they re a necessary piece of the story arc inonger series such as this one Everything seems cut short impassive or happening too fast given their Een Bijzondere Vorm Van Osteosclerose length Not much space to develop plots and characters So all things considered Black Magic was okay it was good to finally see of Kalen s character and his powers he intrigued me from the first book Iove a hero who can play and kick ass with magic I m ooking forward to his and Mac s story I hope we can see emotion and depth thereP That girl definitely has her work cut out for her with this on. Death excites a passion between them and after a night of intense pleasure Kalen eaves Mac with a mysterious gift that just might save her ife again. Recruited by the Alpha Pack Kalen Black Is Still Very Black #Still Very A Lone #very a one But when a creature threatens the Hot Shot (North Ridge Book 3) life of Dr Mackenzie Grant Kalen must use all of his abilities to rescue her This brush with death excites a passion between them and after a night of intense pleasure Kaleneaves Mac with a mysterious gift that just might save her Math Basics 6 life againI did not really care for this story Probably because it was not a real story It was the beginning of Kalen and Mac s story It ended on a not happy note and the next book isn t even about them so if you read in order you have to wait for your resolution Ok totally intrigued by Kalen This is going to make me want to rush through Aric s story so I can read his Very good for a novella 45 Stars Really This novella picks up shortly after Primal Law and focuses on newcomer Kalen Black and Dr Mackenzie Grant and it is such a tease Kalen s storm and the return of a dreaded enemy puts Kalen Mac in close uarters and ratchets up the dangerevel for this and the next installment I Voyage to the Underworld (Star Wars Missions, loved that Mac was a cougar among the wolves and thought the insecurity of Kalen in junior alpha mode was kinda cute This shorteft me panting for Kalen Mac s full The First Ghost length read but this is a series must be read in order or you miss aot It s ab excellent read and unfortunately too doggone short It didn t even take an entire sitting I enjoyed Book 1 in this series I must admit to being a ittle disappointed when I saw this novella was about KalenNow don t take it the wrong way et me finish I was extremely intrigued by Kalen in the first book I Simple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits!: 4 Keys to Unlock Your Business Potential love a tortured bad boy with a mysterious past throw in the ability to shape shift into a panther and I am sold Right there and then I m inove But then I saw that Kalen was getting a Novella A NOVELLA Surely there must be to his story and subseuent HEA than thatThank God I had faith and read this because it s a teeny ittle preuel to the full story It sets everything up for Kalen s story to develop and I am hooked Completely and utterly now how exactly do I join Alpha Pack Readers are first introduced to Kalen Bl. An original Alpha Pack novella featuring the sexy sorcerer and panther shifter Kalen Black Recruited by the Alpha Pack Kalen Black is still very much. Black Magic Alpha Pack #15

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