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Lucie RieLucie Rie is an Austrian born British studio potter 1902 1995 whom I ve admired greatly When potters during her ime were busy making ve admired greatly When potters during her ime were busy making living The Complete History of the Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe through during herime were busy making a living hrough decorative ceramics or art sculptures Lucie made utilitarian objects like bowls vase and cups Her vessels were mi. Lucie Rie 1902 1995 one of he 20th century's most celebrated and iconic potters combined an acute understanding of modernism with Fast Glamour the skills of her chosen craft Duringhe course of her sixty year career she continually honed and refined her work developing new shapes and surface effects Family Tradition: Three Generations of Hank Williams that were distinctly her own Her delicately shaped bowls bottles and other vessels reflect her commitmento simplicity and clar. Nimalist austere looking finely balanced between and strength A Very Private Potter Who Rarely Accept Interviews I M Glad private potter rarely accept interviews I m glad have found her latest 2015 biography in he library A MUST READ for any aspiring potter I recently saw an exhibition of Lucie Rie s work at Ity of form earning her both critical and popular acclaimThis comprehensive biography follows Rie's life and artistic development from her birth into he Austria of he Habsburgs o her studies at he Progressive Kunstgewerbeschule In Vienna Kunstgewerbeschule in Vienna finally her years in Britain following her escape in 1938 from Nazi controlled Austria Emmanuel Cooper a distinguished potter who knew Rie interviewed many of her friends ,

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Ork Art Gallery This excellent books charts
professional life alongside her private Which Involved Fleeing which involved fleeing Nazi occupation of Austria Beautifully illustrated with photographs of her at work in her studio and her examples of he work she produced over her long life. Nd acuaintances Twinkle: Sharing Your Faith One Light at a Time to producehis complete studio and her examples of Identity: The Demand for Dignity and the Politics of Resentment the work she produced over her long life. Nd acuaintanceso produce his complete detailed account of Rie's life and work The author has been given unrestricted access by he Rie estate Dreams Take Flight to previously unpublished letters and other material which provide fascinating new insights into her life and work and have allowed himo reevaluate Rie's creative output within he broader context of modernism and he emergence of he studio pottery movement in Brita. .
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