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Narrative does not attempt to correct the misperceptions of the pilots and aircrew at the time but corrects them after the anecdote as appropriate Of course on the frontline and aircrew at the time but corrects them after the anecdote as Of course noone on the frontline has the big picture There is some criticism of senior command as is to be xpected and hopefully the lessons shown will continue to be applied An Black Heart, Red Ruby excellent account of a little related aspect of the Falklands war The book tells the story of the part played by the unsung junglie helicopter pilots invery aspect of the South Atlantic campaign Excellent book Would have liked to have seen the angle of have we learned some of the lessons for RW support covered Almost missed the part about the outcome of the lone SF soldier carrying the M16 but noticed on the last pages that he was never ID d Thanks to those who told their stories and to the author for telling them so well I noticed there were some stories left untold Was that due to scope boundary lack of contact with those involved or decision not to tell the story due to sensitivities of Those Involved Eg The Ditching involved g the ditching to birdstrike with large loss of lif. Ntine high command in Port Stanley The constant mortar fire faced while supporting troops and vacuating casualties The hair raising head on attacks by Argentine jets on British helicopters The New Plant Parent: Learn the Ways of Plant Parenthood extraordinarty courage shown during thevacuation of the bombed landing ship Sir Galahad' The secret nighttime low level missions to insert and resupply SAS and SBS using night vision gogglesIf you liked Apache Vulcan 607 and Chickenhawk you'll love Scram The word Scram was used to warn other junglies to go to ground or risk being shot down by their own side as Argentinean jets blasted through 'bomb alley'. This is a perspective of the Falklands Conflict From The Perspective conflict from the perspective the helicopter pilots involved It does offer another perspective and does add another piece to the jigsaw that makes up the Falklands War The author arrived towards the Dreaming Me: An African-American Woman's Buddhist Journey end but at a recent reunion decided to collect the memories of the helicopter pilots the Junglies and put them in one placeMost well written books on the Falklands contain the same three themes mis management luck and bravery The retaking of the Falklands was a plan very much made up as it went along and many of the ships the troops went in were due to be scrappedsolddecommissioned as has been pointed out if the Argentinians had delayed their invasion by a month then Britain would have been unable to respond as they didOnce at the Falklands there were many poor decisions made and theventual victory came through luck and the sheer bravery and determination of the troops involved Helicopters are the workhorse of the military moving stores troops and ammunition and sadly recovering the wounded Sometimes referred to as taxis that might be fair as long as. In April 1982 Harry Benson was a 21 year old Royal Navy commando helicopter pilot fresh out of training and one of the youngest helicopter pilots to serve in the Falklands War These pilots nicknamed 'junglies' flew most of the land based missions in the Falklands in their Sea King and Wessex helicopters Much of what happened in the war the politics task force ships Sea Harriers landings Paras and Marines is well known and documented But almost nothing is known of the young commando helicopter pilots and aircrewmen who made it all happen on land and sea This is their 'Boys Own' story told for the You assume a taxi would take you in zero visibility to the front lines under nemy fire and then not xpect a tipThere are some very interesting and hair raising stories here and it is obvious that the Junglies did a fantastic job and could have done an ЯED even better one with co ordinated air management Harry Benson is objective in what he tells us you feel at he is holding back a little on his personal views and if you are interested in the life of helicopters at war then this along with thexcellent Apache by Ed Macy is are interested in the life of helicopters at war then this along with the xcellent Apache by Ed Macy is the book for you This is an ssential addition to anyone with an interest in military aviation The narrative takes an overview of all the helicopter operations in the Falklands so is naturally not deep in some detailsThe author does a marvelous job of describing the basics of helicopter flight and gives an indication of the training given to young men before they are sent to war He hides nothing of the fear and horror involved in combat operations and gives an indication of the coping methods used by the aviatorsWritten well after the conflict the. Ery first timeHarry Benson has interviewed forty of his former colleagues for the book creating a tale of skill initiative resourcefulness humour luck and adventure This is a fast paced meticulously researched and compelling account written by someone who was there in the cockpit of a Wessex helicopterFew of these pilots have spoken publicly about The two helicopter crashes and ventual rescue following a failed SAS mission high up on an in hospitable glacier in South Georgia The harrowing story of the Exocet strike that sunk the transport ship Atlantic Conveyor The daring missile raid on the Arge.

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