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Od Ring by Elizabeth Marie Pope 1958 and Seven Stories Up by Laurel "Snyder 2014 this novel shows how the past impacts the future but also "2014 this novel shows how the past impacts the future but also the future might reach back through time and remedy the past Though The Autumn People is not a Halloween story per se the title and the involvement of ghosts in some segments of the plot make it an appropriate read for getting into the spirit of the holiday There is probably not nough actual haunting in this book to please true fans of ghost stories but for readers like me who typically don t like to be too much this novel Is Plenty Troubling At Points Even If Is Pretty plenty troubling at points ven if it is pretty from the outset that there will be a happy resolutionThis review also appears on my blog Read at Home Mom Romilly Williams had always felt a strong connection to her maternal grandmother and through her to her great grandmother Romilly Graham for whom she had been named But it wasn t until her fifteenth summer when she went to spend her holiday on the northern Scottish island of Karasay long time summer retreat of the Graham family that Romilly realized just how deep that connection was The first Romilly known as Millie had also come to stay at Karasay House as a young woman arriving in the summer of 1901 Although she was warmly mbraced by the younger Grahams and by neighbor Jocelyn Parsons with whom she fell in love Millie found herself threatened and dominated by the malignant Rodger Crazy Love eldest son of the Graham family and a practitioner of black magic Despite the sudden disappearance of Rodger Millie continued to feel herself bound in some ineffable way to him and her romance with Jocelyn did notndure The second Romilly knew nothing of this when she came to stay at Karasay House with her Gran and Cousin Derwent Content to roam the island and spend a uiet holiday Romilly uickly discovered that a malevolent presence unsuspected by those around her was haunting the house manifesting itself as a terrible coldness and then as the image of a dark and handsome young man Like her predecessor Romilly took refuge at Tallows the summer house of the Parsons family slipping into a sort of ghostly limbo land where she Annual Editions: Technologies, Social Media, and Society encountered the Autumn People the ghosts of those long ago Parsons and Grahams from the summer of 1901 When sheventually stumbled upon Rodger s secret la. Il Rodger Graham before his sudden disappearance On her summer vacation on the Scottish island of Karasay Romilly falls in love with the ghost of the arlier Romilly's beau Jocelyn Par. .
I read this and Mabel Esther Allan s Time to Go Back close together and noticed many similarities both are outstanding One of my all time favorite books Creepy mysterious perfect love this author discovered her when I had the ambition to read all the titles in the children s section of the library and started at A love the Margery Gill illustrations about as much as the books I m beginning to think that I only truly love 3 or 4 of Arthur s books and the residual glow has wrapped around the others in hindsight This story of Romilly Granddaughter Of Romilly granddaughter of Romilly as Millie can only be described as slight There s just not a lot of flesh for these oh so spooky bones The flashbacks are powerful but I found the vil curiously unexplored Perhaps that gives it some power the reader can fill out the ugliness I suppose but for me reading it at this terrible remove from adolescence I simply couldn t be bothered to do so I m not trying to damn this book with faint praise not at all It s simply slighter than I remembered less weighty It s still a ripping good yarn Romilly Williams is the second person in her family tree with her name The first Romilly s great grandmother was known as Millie and she vacationed on the island of Karasay just once as a young woman and never returned owing to a strange and painful xperience that cost her the love of her life and possibly a piece of her soul as well The second Romilly has grown up hearing stories about Karasay from Millie s daughter her Gran who herself has always wondered about the reasons her mother never joined the family for their island vacations When Gran and Romilly finally have the chance to visit Karasay neither realizes the "role Romilly will play in finally setting right the wrongs of "Romilly will play in finally setting right the wrongs of s pastThis novel is told in a very straightforward way relating first Millie s point of view in the summer of 1901 and then Romilly s present day arly in the summer of 1901 and then Romilly s present day Black Heart, Red Ruby early sxperiences Though the storytelling is uite linear and ordinary however the vents of the story are unusual and unsettling What happens between Millie and a distant relative Roger incorporates lements of the supernatural as does Romilly s journey of discovery toward what happened to Roger and how it affected her great grandmother Like When Marnie Was There by Joan G Robinson 1967 The Sherwo. What Romilly Williams doesn't know but the reader through a lengthy flashback does is that she's fated to live out the spell placed on her great grandmother and namesake by handsome v. Ir she set in motion "a series of vents that freed Karasay House from Rodger s ghostRuth M Arthur delivers "series of vents that freed Karasay House from Rodger s ghostRuth M Arthur delivers compelling story xploring the links between the past present and future and the ways delivers compelling story xploring the links between the past present and future and the ways which patterns formed in one generation may be completed in the next She revisits another of her great themes the xorcising of an unuiet presence andor ghost by a descendant also seen in the characters of Perdita and Alys in The Saracen Lamp This novel is in many ways counter cultural for the time of its publication 1973 in that it treats Romilly s longing for order and fondness for patterns as natural and depicts her less as a rebel against the past than a continuation of it Like A Candle in Her Room this wonderfully told Ruth M Arthur story follows different generations of several families on a Scottish island Beautiful Margery Gill illustrations fit the story and ЯED era perfectly Divided into four parts thisxciting and slightly scary story tells of Romilly Williams who was named after her great Grandmother Romilly loved to listen to stories and look at old family photos of her ancestors and the island of Karasay where they owned a house Romilly knew her great Grandmother once had a holiday on Karasay and something happened that made her never want to return When Romilly gets the chance to spend the summer on the island she discovers some secrets and finds the reason her great Grandmother never returnedAlthough there is romance in this story it is very slight we are not fans of romance There was a slightly ye rolling moment when Romilly sees Rodger for the first time and gasps and has to hold on to a chair to steady herself due to his good looks This made us laugh and hopefully this will have taught Romilly not to judge by appearancesThis is an ngaging story of family history and relationships the ghost lement of The Autumn People makes this an ideal read For This Time Of this time of We njoyed the way the story switched between the two Romillys of different generations without it being confusing or frustrating we liked the way their stories intertwined and the Moreno ending was good Apart from the main plot there were lots of interestinglements descriptions of nature characters relationships with siblings philosophical thoughts about the patterns of life the continuation and sometimes Sons and is haunted by the long dead Rodger until she finds his skeleton in the cave where he practiced black magic and completes the Monsieur Pain exorcism with the help ofccentric old Miss Minni.

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